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Government caving in to the pressure; terror and lawlessness in Pakistan mean Asia Bibi needs asylum now!


The daughter of Asia Bibi Esham weeps yesterday as she hears that rioters are demanding the death of her mother and forcing the Government to stop her flying out of the malice that surrounds them.


Media emanating out of Pakistan today is saying the government has caved in to the demand of violent rioters who have demanded that Asia Bibi  is put on the 'Exit Control List' (ECL)  that would prevent her from fleeing the malice towards her in her homeland (click here) 

There will also be no opposition by the government to a review petition filed against the Supreme Court's judgement in the Asia Bibi blasphemy case. The radical extremists TLP is said to have issued a very understated apology for if they "hurt the sentiments or inconvenienced anyone without reason".

Dr Noorul Haq Qadri (religious affairs minister) and Raja Basharat (law minister Punjab) were the signatories on the agreement on behalf of the government, and by Pir Muhammad Afzal Qadri (senior leader of the TLP) and Muhammad Waheed Noor (central chief nazim of the TLP).  (click here)

Mobs of fundamentalist Muslims continue to call for Asia Bibi's extra-judicial killing, while threatening government officials and now they are possibly turning on each other.

The situation is untenable for Asia Bibi's family to remain in Pakistan and in order to secure her safety her family and the family of her guardian Joseph Nadeem must be urgently evacuated from their homeland, with immediate effect, as the increasingly unstable environment rises. (click here)

On the evening of 2nd November 2018 Maulana Sami ul-Haq was assassinated in his home by unknown assailants. Reports are that he was home alone at the time while his household servant went out for groceries.

The servant returned to the home to discover his employer murdered and immediately alerted the authorities and notified his family. The cause of death appeared to be the result of multiple stab wounds.

Though in the past Maulana Sami ul-Haq clearly has demonstrated militant views and has made statements agreeing with the sentiments of the current protests and the increased risk against Christians in Islamic countries (click here to read more about his ideology), he was at home and did not appear to be actively participating in the rallies or the rioting.

There are four major Islamist groups but even they do not all agree amongst themselves and have been having open conflicts with each other.  

On 1st November 2018 two men were shot dead by militant group Tehreek-e-Lebaik as they called for the death of Asia Bibi, and the authorities.

Some opinions have been expressed that these groups are taking this opportunity to enact violence against each other so they can establish political dominance. 

Lawlessness is  apparent in cities and towns across Pakistan, with men, women and children openly stealing from food vendors, smashing vehicles and property, while also attacking innocent people.

BPCA Pakistan Leader Officer Mehwish Bhatti said:

"Despite knowing about the riots, one brave vendor desperate to earn a living left home to sell bananas.   He has been attacked brutally and all his produce stolen.  Moreover, his small business stall has ben irreperably damaged.  He will now find it difficult to feed his family  (click here)

All her daughters want is for mother Asia Bibi to return to them.

Wilson Chowdhry said:

"Asia Bibi is currently in a secure location awaiting release, but the ongoing violence makes it impossible to do so with any measure of safety.

"Asia Bibi and her entire family are in need of immediate asylum. She and her family have suffered enough, she just needs a country willing to cut through the bureaucracy,

"It would not do for her, after escaping hanging to die because of the tangle of red-tape!”

"Given the often lengthy asylum process most Western embassies have to expect, her clearly established case should be prioritised - after all it has brought a whole country to a standstill, resulted in the death of two senior politicians and more individuals recently.  Moreover her prolonged stay in Pakistan will inevitably cause many more deaths.

"It is incredulous that thus far Asia Bibi has not been granted asylum anywhere as countries remain entrenched in following immigration protocols, despite the  thousands of people protesting and demanding her death in Pakistan. 

"Obviously she is danger and no one can deny that, she requires urgent protection now and the window of time may have already slipped away! "

In a recent interview Chowdhry underscored:

"She herself is totally terrified, and her family – her husband, three adult children, and two dependent children – are currently beginning the asylum process." (click here) 
He added:

"I am not surprised that Imran Khan's regime has caved in to extremists - this is a commonly recurring socio-political trend in Pakistan.  

"Politicians have historically been hijacked by either the extremist groups within the nation or the military, this situation is simply the status quo as far as I am concerned.  

"We will continue to pray for Asia and call on people of good conscience to seek western intervention into this situation, so that Asia and millions of other Christians in Pakistan are protected."

Now more than ever the Government of Pakistan must be bold and willing to stand up to the bullies in their nation.  The fanatics need to be rounded up and imprisoned not fed and watered and given the opportunity to impose contracts on Governments that go against a judgement made by the judiciary.  By caving in to the demands of these extremists Imran Khan has shown his weak underbelly and that of the existing PTI regime.  

British Pakistani Christian Association, have initiated a petition calling for Pakistan to hold true to their ideals of their constitution and to protect their minorities, in particular, for now, Asia Bibi who should be assisted with her desire to flee Pakistan, a country in which it is untenable for her to remain.  Her supporters can sign a petition that seeks that Pakistan will reject the contract imposed by the rioters and for a western nation to offer immediate asylum to Asia Bibi's entire family and that of her Guardian's.  Supporters of Mrs Bibi can sign this (here)

Her family will be supported by the BPCA wherever they go and if you would like to donate towards our work please (click here)

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