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BPCA begins home church for Urdu worshippers in Sri Lanka


After a desire for a local Urdu Church in their vicinity a group of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers initiated a home church in Negombo, Sri Lanka, with some help from the British Pakistani Christian Association.  

A group of over 30 individuals met at the home of our lead officer Tussawar Khan.  The service was presided over by Pastor Pervez who is an asylum seeker himself.

After the service food and drink were served and food vouchers were given to the many families which we have now been distributing monthly, since Wilson Chowdhry our chairman visited Sri Lanka in December 2016.

Their are believed to be close to 500 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Sri Lanka but despite the terrors they face in Pakistan few obtain asylum.   After a long period registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  (UNHCR) these victims eventually end up remaining in Sri Lanka under the radar as stateless individuals who are open to exploitation.  In the majority Christian city of Negombo fortunately most of them are treated quite fairly and despite most Christians in Sri Lanka being of Catholic origin they do not distinguish their camaraderie or their support on denominational grounds.  Their is a real joined up approach within churches giving aid on the ground which again runs irrespective of denominational lines.

Sri Lanka as a government are also showing great cooperation with UNHCR allowing registered asylum seekers the ability to remain in the country without fear of arrest and to have free access to health care  However arrests of failed asylum seekers are increasing and those who have failed can be detained indefinitely. Registered asylum seekers and refugees also have some free access to healthcare. 

BPCA had joined with Reverend Angleena of the Methodist Church in Colombo to providing care for the Pakistani Christian community of asylum seekers in Sri Lanka. A monthly Urdu service was held at her church in Colombo however since her second bout of Dengue Fever became almost fatal, Methodist Central have recalled her to the UK where she is now resting before being reallocated to a ministry.

Tussawar will maintain a link with the church and the new minister of the church will continue to monitor his work for BPCA, ensuring good practice is maintained.

If you would like to contribute to our work supporting Christian asylum seekers in Sri Lanka, please donate by (clicking here)

Michael Peter Family
Food Voucher :3000lkr 

Riaz Gulam Family
Food Voucher: 3000lkr 

Mr Ashraf a lawyer and his Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr Value

Dr Aman Fazi Family
Food Voucher: 3000lkr

Prem Masih Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr

Irfan Yousaf Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr

Munir Masih Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr

Mesack Mike Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr

Pastor Pervez Family
Food Voucher: 2000lkr Value

A Mr Zeeshan Khan and his family were given house rent of 14500lkr which was paid to the landlord directly. Mr Khan has  lost 80% of his vision and is a patient for  advanced glaucoma. His mother Irshad Begum is a  sufferer of diabetes , cholesterol, arthritis and has a heart condition.

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