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Ilyas masih father of Sherish and Farzana determined to get justice!


Sarwar Masih a witness, Mushtaq Gill and the father of Sherish and Farzana, Ilyas Masih, determined for justice after submission of power of attorney at Jaranwala Trial Court.

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Today Mushtaq Gill submitted the power of attorney for Ilyas Masih, the father of Sherish and Farzana, two sisters brutally raped in a 12 hour ordeal early this year.  Mushtaq and his team were appointed by the BPCA and we are supporting the family through this difficult period.

The two sisters are now living in a safe house away from the daily taunts and threats they were receiving from other boys and young men in their community.  

The family were threatened by two gunmen, who shot at the youngest son of Ilyas Masih and peppered their front door with bullets, in an attack that intended to frighten them into dropping charges against the rapists.  Police have arrested the gunmen, but fears remain that they will be released on bail in the same fashion as some of the rapists.

This battle will be long and arduous and is a battle between principalities as well as individuals. The BPCA is calling for your prayers for success with this legal battle and for justice for the two sisters Sherish and Farzana.  Mushtaq Gill is working diligently on the case and we also call for your prayers for his safety and the family as they take on a Goliath-sized task.

Ilyas Masih said:

"My daughters have been dishonoured and I will fight through the legal system for justice.  I hope the law courts choose truth over discrimination."  

He added:

"Mushtaq Gill is a Solicitor from outside of Jaranwala. The previous counsel provided to us by a local priest lived to close in proximity and was a friend of our tormentors.  We have the right man for the right job and I thank the BPCA for their help to my family.  May God protect them."

Mushtaq Gill, advocate, said:

"This family has suffered immensely: the father was a broken man when I met him.  He still believes that Pakistan is a fair nation and I hope that the authorities and courts will help us get justice for the young minors and their family."

He added;

"After submission of my power of attorney the case adjourned for 4th April for evidence. The sealed copy of the statements of the two victimised sisters was opened and attested copies were applied. On Monday,all these attested copies of the statements of victims under section 164 PC.  The order of charged sheet and application plus order of bail, will be attached with cancellation of bail petition and submitted in Lahore high Court for cancellation of bail granted by additional and session
judge of Jaranwala.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA, said:

"When I heard the tragedy of the brutal attack on my poor Christian sisters I cried.  When I speak to them now, I see they are working through the horrors of that attack and are slowly recovering.  Sherish, a complete illiterate before coming into our protection, has now learnt the English alphabet and numbers up to 56. Farzana, her older sister, has also made good progress in a relatively short space of time.  We hope not only to get justice for the girls, but desire to give them a new set of skills which will strengthen their resolve, enable them to progress in life, and empower  them to help their family escape poverty too."

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