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Indian family thrown out by patriarch for converting to Christianity now supported by BPCA


We told you about the family on India who had been thrown out of their home by their patriarch and immediately we received an offer to cover their monthly rent and we have paid our first installment. Since then some further donations have been received and we have bought some blankets and bought a replacement stove and gas cylinder for Pastor Ramesh who generously gave his own to the family.  You can read the original account (here)This week we will also be buying beds for the family and paying one months school fees for the children. 

We bought new blankets for the family.

BPCA's Pastor Naresh provides stove and gas cylinder to Pastor Ramesh.

Some rogue Indian NGO's linked to churches there have taken offence from our group working in India and shedding the truth on the mistreatment of Christians.  They have tried to initiate a slander campaign much like Pakistani NGO's had tried when we were starting our work in Pakistan.  Left with no option we had to get this beleaguered family to sign a note confirming they received the gift from us, so that we can continue to evidence integrity of our work which so many of you now support.

We believe the reaction is professional jealousy and we will simply continue to pray into this situation.

The family expressed their great thanks to you all.  This had made their first Christmas together one that will be tinged with joy.

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