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Asia Bibi and her family ask people of good conscience to pray for them as a petition is to be heard challenging her acquittal


Asia Bibi's family ask for prayers for their family after being forced to remain in Pakistan while Imran Khan's Government demand that the Supreme Court hears a petition challenging Asia Bibi's acquittal.

After three days of riots, and a petition submitted by religious cleric Qari Salam, the Pakistan government promised to implement legal proceedings to prevent Asia Bibi's departure from the country.

The decision of the Supreme Court Special bench was articulated with forensic precision in a manner than any scholarly person would find it virtually impossible to refute. Their interest was also in upholding the standards of the blasphemy law in a manner that allowed them to justify it and as such they walked a particularly fine line. 

Unfortunately this judicial review has come about by a complaint made by those who wish her ill and the Pakistani government must deal with this petition delicately. 

If is our ardent hope that the Supreme Court review will be handled with the same bravery and skill that the initial decision was rendered. We must continue to pray that Prime Minister Khan, and the Pakistani authorities including the army maintain the will to enforce the rule of law.

Though Britain has played an significant role in diplomatic negotiations the disappointing fact that the UK has yet to offer asylum is hard not to notice. However earlier this year when Pakistan executed assassin Mumtaz Qadri, the body guard who killed Punjab Governor Salam Taseer, 100,000 British-Muslims submitted their own petition weighing in on their feelings towards Asia Bibi, when they added their names to the request that the murderer be made a saint. (click here)

This startling hostility towards Asia Bibi within the UK could be one reason Britain did not offer asylum and perhaps this it is more thoughtful than it first appeared and a kindness after all.

The lives of two other politicians who spoke up for Asia Bibi were also ended by their body guards, and therefore it is paramount that Prime Minister Khan do everything he can to ensure the continued safety and security of Asia Bibi. 

It would be better to release her to the care of another country than to keep her locked in the cell that Pakistan has become for her, but since the Pakistani government has taken this course of action, they must take great pains to keep their promise to protect her life and future from any further harm.

Wilson Chowdhry said:

"Asia Bibi has been reunited with family during a tearful reunion. Their joy is however tempered with fear as they await a decision from the petition to the Supreme Court challenging her acquittal. 

"I don't believe any Supreme Court judge could deny the authority of that decision when there is no right of appeal to any person or entity, and should be summarily dismissed.

"However, the fact Asia Bibi's case is fraught with controversy and political machinations will no doubt play a factor.

"So we must urge people to pray that the chosen judges be bold in their desire to uphold the rule of law over the socio-political factors that could cause a travesty of justice."

At 2pm - 3.30pm on Monday 12th November, outside the Pakistan High Commission a one hours silent vigil will be held for Asia led by Citizengo, Christian Voice and the British Pakistani Christian Association.  We invite people of good conscience from all faiths to join us as we pray for her swift and safe exit from Pakistan.

Pakistan High Commission
34-36 Lowndes Square
Near Knightsbridge Station

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