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lack of bibles and hymn books creates spiritual deficit amongst Pak-Christian believers in Thailand


British Pakistani Christian Association held an Easter Sunday service for the beleaguered asylum seekers living at Delight Condo on the very outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

Over 80 people attended the service the majority of whom cannot attend regular church services anywhere else as Thai churches are still quite tough on Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, but also because most of them understand little of the Thai language and fear arrest from Thai authorities who are adamant Thailand is not a place for asylum.

The service was led by two local Pak-Christian pastors Revd Edwin John and Pastor Shazad and held in their own language of Urdu.  People sang songs from memory as there are few if any Urdu hymn books amongst the asylum seekers. There are few bibles owned by the asylum seekers so often the only time they hear the word of God is via our occasional services.

Kathriya Louis our lead officer also organised the children in a resurrection drama and other sketches which was viewed with great eagerness by attendees.  

British Pakistani Christian Association would like to send 100 URDU bibles to Thailand but are required to raise £440 to do so. If you would like to contribute to this Kingdom building work (click here)
Gifts were given to all the 40 children in attendance  and dinners was served to 85 people by the end of the day, a wholesome meal of biryani rice and chicken curry ensured everyone had a sumptuous and filling meal, during a time of fellowship.  Children were given Easter eggs in baskets with some jelly sweets and some presents.

Kathriya Louis, said:

"In preparing for the Easter dramas and sketches children reinforced previous learning about our faith.  It was a wonderful spectacle to watch and feedback from all those who attended was positive.  

"We spent a little money on treats for the children so that they understood that Easter time is a time for celebration, as Christ rose from the dead through which we earned eternal life."

British Pakistani Christian Association would like to hire a room and fit it out for regular services every Sunday and to establish Thai classes. To be able to do this for these deprived asylum seekers we need to raise a steady £250 a month that will include for the room hire, equipment and for a Thai teachers salary. We believe lessons in the Thai language will endear the local community closer to the asylum community and allow friendships to build. To contribute to this work please (click here)

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