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Lack of men in churches of Pakistan has to be addressed


British Pakistani Christian Association sent brother Leighton Medley and his wife Pana to Pakistan on a revival and outreach mission in March/April.

We sent Leighton to Muridwala. BPCA will continue to visit this community through brother Leighton to provide solace, assistance and to bolster our work of sowing God's word and strengthening the faith of Christians.

By Leighton Medley

On the 6th April, we visited 192 Chowk, a small Christian village adjacent to Faisalabad, actually quite near to where I have been before during my previous visit, which was at Muridwala. This community are only a small fellowship of believers, but the Pastor is an extremely keen man and was desperate to get some much needed biblical teaching to this hungry community.

I preach on the Parable of the Rich Fool from Luke`s Gospel chapter 12:13-21, largely because of my awareness of the love of money that sadly many Christian communities in Pakistan are afflicted with. The translation was by Mehwish, who did an excellent job, and the community were made to be aware of the perils of the love of money and material wealth. In fact, quite interestingly, the Pastor showed his disappointment that more people weren`t there, as he felt and quite strongly, that this was a message that many Pastors needed to hear due to the avarice and greed overwhelming many of the so called church leaders.

The bibles we hand out are gratefully received, and I`m actually cautiously optimistic for this village, a lot of them did actually possess bibles and were willing to share them out amongst those who were less fortunate. The Pastor has expressed an interest in calling us to return, in order to provide further teachings from scripture. That`s the interesting thing here, I`ve noticed that the parables preached are going down quite well, this has made me really realise why Jesus used parables to teach the local people during His day.

However, one weakness which still pervades these communities, is still the shortage of men present ready to hear the Word of God. This is an area we must pray for, I know it seems to be cultural, but again, how are we going to find the next generation of leaders, if the young men don`t attend upon the preaching of the Word. We may look in future, at the possibility of a seminar for the men, in order to teach them what they need to know about being a Christian man. As far as the women, there continues to be a real hunger for the Word, and it is they who are leading the way, we must pray for the balance to be redressed somewhat. But, we give glory to the Lord, as He is continuing to move in this marvellous country, and long may this continue.

In Christ

Brother Leighton

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