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Lost generation of Pak-christian asylum seeker children to be provided with school


During a chance discovery of a Pakistani Christian Community of at least 40 Pakistani Christian families in a section of Bangkok that Wilson Chowdhry, has not been to before, he spoke with parishioners of a makeshift church and heard the heart-wrenching pleas of mothers who had described the sorrow they feel that their children have been unschooled for over 3 years.

The desperate plea and call to action has spurred Mr Chowdhry to consult with trustees and together they agreed to initiate a school for the beleaguered mix of asylum seekers and refugee children, who simply want to have access to learning that they might develop their potential for greater things.

Over 20 children in the community from a variety of age groups have been inadequately home schooled by parents without any educational resources or experience of teaching in this manner.  Mr Chowdhry, said:

"There is a lost generation of  Pak-Christian children who will find their future roles in society limited due to a lack of any proper education, whichever country they end up in. Through no fault of their own these children will suffer the ignominy of illiteracy and stifled opportunity - it's heartbreaking.

"BPCA will do what they can do to help but for many our help will be too little too late, I pray God opens doors for them in the near future, so that what they have lost will become a gain.  If anyone can make a deficit into a glorious profit then it is God. 

"On that premise we shall ensure the children obtain a thorough scriptural understanding at our schools as well as more academic learning - that God's promise of his blessing to those who believe will provide a covering for these precious children and young people."

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