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Mother calls for prayers for restoration of reproductive organs of child raped at three years old.


A three year old Pakistani Christian rape victim named Saiba will have to wait till Saiba reaches puberty before she will be assessed for the potential to restore damaged reproductive organs.  Her mother Catherine Bibi is calling for prayers for the complete recovery of her daughter within that period. 

On the 24th July 2017, Saiba and her mother Catherine were taken by Mehwish Bhatti lead Pakistan officer of the BPCA to National Hospital Lahore for a medical examination of their health.  The fees for the hospital assessment were paid for a concerned donor from New Zealand.  Saiba was given a psychological assessment and was also checked physically for long term affects of the brutal rape she suffered at the hands of a Muslim neighbour on December 17th 2016 (click here).

We took Catherine and Saibato a gynaecologist Dr Saadia Shaukhat and Child specialist Professor Dr Haroon Hamid who confirmed that although her general health is fine, Saiba's reproductive organs are still defective as a consequence of major trauma and infections from stitches that were applied to initial wounds.  A more thorough analysis and no operations can be undertaken until Saiba reaches puberty leaving mother Catherine feeling great anxiety as she waits to ascertain whether her daughter can ever conceive a child.  Catherine has asked for prayers from Christians across the globe as she seeks a miracle recovery for her daughter. In an emotional appeal she said:

"My daughter does not deserve any of the pain she has suffered and will suffer for many years yet.  Saiba was left bleeding and broken by an evil man whose violence has left her with deep emotional and physical scars for longevity.  

"Doctors may struggle to heal my daughter but through God anything is possible and I believe he will heal Saiba one day.  Please join me in praying for my daughter who will one day through her healing be a testament to the power of the living God."

Dr Shaukhat has advised Catherine that she must undergo a hernia operation for complications that arose from several c-section operations.  Results from all her tests were not positive and Catherine has been diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes millitus, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction and asthma.  It seems lack of finance culminating is no previous medical assessments had led to many syptoms being ignored resulting in very poor health for Catherine.

Dr Shaukhat informed Catherine that Saiba should undergo psychological assessment with a professional as she is exhibiting some signs of mental trauma. For now Mehwish Bhatti is continuing a program of Bible based counselling.  However, if symptoms worsen we will approach a Christian professional for advice.  

Catherine was being assessed for respiratory problems and symptoms relating to heart problems that had prevented her being able to attend a court hearing on 13th July (click here), resulting in a court adjournment that has delayed justice for her daughter.  She met with a cardiologist Dr Aamer Mansoor who undertook several examinations including; Random Glucose, Chest X-ray, HCV PCR RNA and Lipid profile. Catherine has been informed that she has an irregular heart beat and is awaiting results from an electrocardiogram.

Catherine was able to attend a further court hearing on 29th July as she pursues justice against paedophile rapist Muhammed Abbas, however  due to.the non-appearance of any defence solicitor for Mr Abbas the case was again adjourned.  Another court hearing date of 16th August has been set by the presiding Judge at Chistian Session Court.  We call for your prayers for some justice to be served for Saiba and for the conviction and incarceration of a dangerous paedophile.

Saiba's family remain in our care and have expressed gratitude for your help.  If you would like to help sponsor Saiba or other victims of persecution in Pakistan you can donate to the BPCA by clicking (here)

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