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Nissar Hussain in Australia with BPCA reaching out to share his UK persecution experience after quitting Islam with Ex-Muslims and churches



The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is pleased to announce that Australia is hosting honoured guests Wilson Chowdhry and apostasy hatred survivor, Nissar Hussain.

Nissar Hussain is a man born and raised in the United Kingdom who became a Christian convert when he defected from Islam. He lived in Bradford and local Muslims, in what can only be characterised as a macabre and diabolical hate crime, repeatedly brutalised him and his family.

At one point he was hit thirteen times with a pick axes outside his home and suffered a broken knee cap and shattered hand. He had previously been smoked out of his home and eventually was forced to leave his home after Bradford police stated they could no longer protect him – a poor indictment on the state of extremist expansion in the UK.

His story of survival, tenacity and courage against extraordinary odds captivated the nation and we are pleased to announce that both Nissar Hussain and Wilson Chowdhry will be speaking at the: 

'Losing Your Religion Conference' for Ex-Muslim in Melbourne, Saturday 9 February between 1:30pm and 10:30pm at the Bayview on the Park located at 52 Queens Road Victoria, 3004.

Wilson Chowdhry will be sharing details regarding a recent report submitted the UK Home Office, Hate Crime Enquiry into Islamophobia.  Our report includes research undertaken with many apostates in the UK who have been brave enough to come forward and describe the persecution they have faced for quitting Islam. We hope that evidence alongside our recommendations will create greater awareness of the plight of apostates within the UK and enable the UK authorities to devise a holistic programme to improve their quality of life.  In our opinion the research allows a more balanced study of Islamophobia and the underlying reasons for this that can help create a more harmonious society for future Britons.

This event is meant to create a platform for secular apostates to vocalise the pain, suffering, humiliation and hurt interwoven into their narratives of survival. Many Muslims leaving Islam, become atheist, or agnostic and the organisers of this conference have graciously invited two British Pakistani Christians to speak. We are thankful for this opportunity they have given us to share Nissar's experience with their gathering.  

This is an event to generate awareness about a marginalised and often vilified section of society. In order to attend the event please purchase tickets (click here)

We would also like to host other events with Nissar Hussain because his story is so compelling. As a Christian convert who endured enormous adversity after dissension from Islam he inspires us with his courage and desire to help others. His testimony is a riveting one, that is known to bring revival to churches.

We are sure that many churches across the nation would be profoundly moved by his poignant, harrowing and emotional story of how he traversed the odds and rose like a phoenix from the ashes to utilise his testimony to help others and ensure that no other apostate suffers a similar predicament.

Please contact us to book events or if you are able to host Nissar and Wilson as they are still in need of billets in Melbourne & Canberra, at admin@britishpakistanichristians.org

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