Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


The Education System In Pakistan: Discrimination and the Targeting Of the 'Other'

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Sister Farha Javeed the latest fatality from the 2013 Peshawar Twin Bomb attack

Farha Javeed (RIP) 26 year old latest Fatality of 2013 Peshawar Bomb Attack Today we received very sad news that Farha Javeed one of the BPCA supported victims of the Peshawar Bomb attack (click here), has passed away. Farha who lost her father and brother to diabetes before the attack was made bed-ridden and dependent on colostomy bags, as a consequence of the severity of her injury.  She remained brave throughout her illness and retained her faith in God, despite the debilitating circumstances.  Farha now becomes the latest fatality of the 2013 Peshawar bomb attack, an attack so severe that the whole global Pakistani Christian communit...

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The Education System in Pakistan: Discrimination and The Targeting Of the 'Other' Intro

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BPCA facilitates BBC Asia Network radio interview with husband of Asia Bibi, Ashiq Masih.

URGENT NEWS:  Following a telephone call a few hours ago from Dil Neiyyar radio planner for BBC Asia Network, we advise you all that BBC Asia Network will be airing an interview with Ashiq Masih today  Thats right! Today from 7am BBC Asia Network will be airing an interview with Ashiq Masih, the husband of 5 year blasphemy law convict Asia Bibi.  The interview was facilitated by the British Pakistani Christian Association and the original translation was conducted by our newest Pakistan Officer Mehwish Bhatti.   Please tune your digital radios to the hourly news bulletins starting from 7am, or alternatively listen to the main news at 11am and 5p...

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Sherish and Farzana forgotten victims of gang rape.

Mehwish Bhatti shares a simple message of God's love and the hope of new life with the two Christian girls gang-raped in Faisalabad. For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mehwish Bhatti, Islamabad: After so many obstacles with a woman's passion in my heart, I travelled the long distance from Islamabad to Faisalabad.  I did not let the failures or the let downs from my previous trip (click here) deter me.  Yes I was frightened, but I knew by the grace of God I would make it. ...

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Christmas gifts for victims of Peshawar twin bomb attack

Mrs Joseph receiving colostomy bags, incontinence nappies and antibiotic injections to tackle bed sores. 22nd September 2013 was one of the darkest days in the memory of Pakistani Christians. After a twin bomb attack in Peshawar 127 people were killed and over 250 people were injured, in one of the biggest losses of life to terrorism globally. Despite Government assurances few victims have received any level of compensation and children and adults of all ages scarred by physical and mental defects as a consequence of the traumatic event, have had to survive with little help.   BPCA continues to pay the annual fees for six students who were either orp...

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Two fingers broken after beating by Cricket bat, but Christian mother thanks God her daughter is safe!

Mother Nusrat Bibi broke two fingers saving her daughter from open-air abduction. LAHORE: A Christian woman was severely beaten by a Muslim who tore her clothes off publicly and left her with two broken fingers and a broken left arm. The accused man Jafar Khokhar has filed his pre-arrest bail petition in Additional and Sessions Court Lahore, and a date for the hearing has been set for 2nd January 2015. The incident occurred on 6th December,2014 at around 6pm.  Nusrat Bibi along with her sister Rani Bibi and one of her daughter's and a niece were returning home after finishing work at a factory.  When they reached near their hom...

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Ilford is becoming a centrepoint for Christian worship!

A collaborative performance between three churches at Redbridge Christmas Festival. British Pakistani Christian Association led the first ever Redbridge Christmas Festival in Ilford Town Centre on Tuesday 23rd December 2014. The event brought together churches from around London and partners included; Gateway Church, Gants Hill, Holy Nations Church, Pimlico and Kingdom Ministries Urdu Fellowship Ilford.   Despite the cold weather the event was attended by many visitors, many of whom were from a non-Christian background.  People were clearly excited by the holiday period that accompanies Christmas and were struck by the gifted and spiritual singing by worsh...

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The trials of a young Pakistani Christian woman trying to make a change for persecuted sisters!

Mehwish Bhatti a full time English Literature student from Islamabad was so moved by the situation faced by many innocent young Pakistani girls and women that she incessantly demanded an opportunity to volunteer for the BPCA.  Here age of 26 would in the UK define a woman of significant personal growth and development, but in anachronistic Pakistan where the lives of women are more sheltered, she has had to overcome huge obstacles both emotionally, physically and culturally to even contemplate such a pursuit. BPCA has tried to suppress the desire offering her the opportunity to write rather then actively engage with victims, which can be both dangerous and emotio...

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BBC Asia Network records Ilford based "Kingdom Ministries" Punjabi Christmas service

Prinyanka Dahladia of BBC Asia Network can be seen holding mic on row two of this image. Hear BBC ASIA NETWORK FEATURE (CLICK HERE)  go to 10 mins 30 secs. For the first time ever BBC Asia Network recorded a live Punjabi Church service, as part of a feature on South -East Asia Subcontinent Christmas celebrations in the UK.  The feature which will aired on 23rd December 2014 at 1pm, will allow listeners to hear extracts of Punjabi Zaboor (hymns),Christmas carols, prayers and sermons, and contains interviews relating to why parishioners prefer services in their native tongue, which is based on a desire to retain cultural inheritance and not simply ease of u...

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