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Six martyrs buried as Pakistani Christians mourn their dead once again

At 3pm (10:00 GMT) today thousands of Pakistani Christians gathered to say their last respects to six of the Christian martyrs killed in the Islamist Attack on Methodist Memorial Church in Quetta yesterday.  The funeral service was presided over by Bishop Daniel Sadiq and at least 2000 Christian men who had come from as far afield as Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi were in attendance. During the ceremony the following victims were buried; Akash s/o Naseem Fazal Masih S/O Siraj Masih Gulzar Masih Sultan Masih S/O Siraj Masih Sonia Nazaf D/O  Noaf Hameed Madeeha Barkat D/O Barkat A...

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Christians pray for peace on earth as US shifts embassy to Jerusalem

With yet another firebombing, this time of a synagogue, in Gothenburg Sweden and then the stabbing of a security guard in Jerusalem's Central Bus Station following President Trump's announcement there are questions mulling about as to whether the American's Embassy move is step on the road to peace or whether it is making things worse. It is a question worth considering. Many people are wondering why President Trump has decided at this juncture to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, but President Trump's rationale on the move seems quintessentially American in that his logic is reminiscent of American innovator Henry Ford, who said, "If you alw...

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Joyous Christmas Festival brought dancing to the streets of Redbridge

Children from Redeemed Christian Church of God aka Liberty Church Ilford, performed a stunning Christmas Nativity play live on the town hall steps.       Videos were not taken professionally but were sent to us by attendees at the event. People could be seen singing and dancing while Redbridge Christmas Festival was live on Ilford Town Hall steps from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday 16th December 2017. At one point an elderly passer-by danced with Christians despite being restricted by a walking stick which was a truly rewarding experience. The event was organised by several Ilford Churches with the help of the Briti...

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Police called to Ilford Town Centre after Allah-hu-akhbar chant played during Christian event set off terrorist panic

While Christians celebrated the birth of Christ in Ilford Town Centre on Saturday 16th December 2017, after having applied for permission with Redbridge Facilities Management Department for a Christmas celebration, a local Islamic group caused a panic by playing the Azan (a Muslim chant used for call of prayer), that triggered fears of an impending terrorist attack. The peaceful family event which was held in Ilford Town centre on Saturday was organised by 9 local churches in collaboration, and was both well attended and appreciated by local residents (click here).  However at around 2pm during a prayer that was being said on the stage, a ...

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Innocent Christians massacred by Islamists during Nativity service in Quetta

9 Christians have been killed and at least a further 57 injured during an Islamist attack at a church in Quetta, West Pakistan, were innocent Christian parishioners were celebrating the birth of Christ during a Nativity service. Extremist are said to have targeted women and children in the brutal attack who make up the majority of victims, in an attack that was designed to create fear, panic and anxiety amongst the Christian community during one of their most important dates in their calendar. The attack occured  at 'Bethel Memorial Methodist Church' Zarghoon Road, Balochistan where 400 Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus w...

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30 Pastors arrested for singing Christmas Carols in Madhya Pradesh

Image of arrested priests and seminarians In excess of 30 priests and seminarians (priest novices) who were singing Christmas carols in a village near Satna Town in Madhya Pradesh were arrested yesterday (Friday 15th December 2017), after a Hindu nationalist group named Bajrang Dal accused them of forcibly converting Hindus. Please sign our petition (click here) A Catholic Priest (not arrested) spoke with BACA, he said: "A group of students training to become priests was moving around Satna town, visiting Christian institutions and singing carols. "Some 15 km from here in Dara Kalan village church they were getting ready for the Christmas ...

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Pastor exonerated from blasphemy charges after judge rules that evidence is not valid

A pastor who was stitched up by land-grabbing Muslims in his home town of Kamahan in Lahore and was set free by Judge Malik Shah at Lahore High Court in the beginning of March 2017, has spoken out against the injustice he faced.  During the proceedings  in March Judge Malik ridiculed the evidence shown by the prosecution against the obviously innocent Christian man.  Judge Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan's verdict reads: "The accused allegedly made an extrajudicial confession … in police custody, therefore, this is not admissible as evidence in court. The Polygraphic test is a weak type of evidence and this cannot be relied upon bli...

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Waris Masih grateful for BPCA's help in taking time off work to recover from murder of 6 year old child

We wrote about a six year old child who was shot dead by a loan shark after a Christian father failed to pay his monthly interest charge on time. We have since returned to the family with your donations and have provided a months rent. Read full original account (here) The family were grateful as this allows the father more time to get his thoughts together as he and his family cope with the grief and loss of losing a child. We intend to provide one more months worth of rent for this family to enable them to pursue justice through the law courts.  Our donations cannot support a lawyer for them but we are praying for justice and God wi...

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Indian family thrown out by patriarch for converting to Christianity now supported by BPCA

We told you about the family on India who had been thrown out of their home by their patriarch and immediately we received an offer to cover their monthly rent and we have paid our first installment. Since then some further donations have been received and we have bought some blankets and bought a replacement stove and gas cylinder for Pastor Ramesh who generously gave his own to the family.  You can read the original account (here).  This week we will also be buying beds for the family and paying one months school fees for the children.  We bought new blankets for the family. BPCA's Pastor Naresh provides stove and gas cy...

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Woman whose head was smashed by three Muslim youth in an unprovoked attack is stunned by the wall of silence

A Yorkshire woman who had her head smashed against a wall so hard that it left her bleeding and unconscious, by three youths she believes to be Muslim, is concerned about the wall of silence that seems to have shrouded the culprits of the brutal crime. During the attack she suffered a large gash to her forehead and serious facial injuries. Nikki Hurst [real name protected] (32 yrs) was brutally attacked at 6.45 on 31st October 2017 in Batley a town in West Yorkshire, while walking to work. You can find her story in most of the main stream media one article can be found (here) NIkki is concerned that local Kirklees police are stalling in thei...

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