Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


United Ecumenical Catholic Church in the UK dedicate regular Monday Mass for Pakistani Christians

Father Chris praying at our Redbridge Easter Parade. A truly God inspired meeting with Father Chris of the Ecumenical Catholic Church in the UK at our Redbridge Easter Parade, we have maintained prayers and communication for one another. Father Julian, one of four clergy serving in the Portsmouth area, has been so moved by the suffering of Pakistani Christians, he has today initiated the first of many regular Masses to be offered for the persecuted church in Pakistan. Our regular monthly updates on the torrid situation faced by Christians will help Father Chris and Julian to focus down on the needs of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Wilson Chowdhry Cha...

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Asia Bibi Appeal trial date set for fourth time.

This morning we received a text from Advocate Mushtaq Gill based in Lahore. He has informed us that the appeal hearing for Asia Bibi has been set for a fourth time and will now be heard on 27th May 2014. Many of our regular readers will no doubt be skeptical of this date and concerned that once again the presiding judge will fail to attend the hearing. That is why we ask concerned humanitarians of all faith to sign our petition below. The petition calls for the Government to ensure that judges are made to feel safe enough to allow justice to prevail in this ongoing saga for innocent Asia. We seek a Presidential Pardon for Asia if the judiciary is not bold enou...

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Easter day rape of 7 year old Pakistani Christian girl!

Victim Saira recovers at Alama Iqbal Civil Hospital Here is a report of another Christian girl that was raped in Pakistan. The report was received from Advocate Mushtaq Gill and is copied in verbatim: Sialkot: On Easter Day, Saira,a Christian girl (7 yrs), was raped by one Muslim man Mohammad Fakhar Alam alias Phool in village Mahly Ki Tehsil Daska District, Sialkot. The little girl was not hospitalized for three days despite severe bleeding .Two Muslim Landlords Mr. Ahmad Yar Nagra and Mr.Zulifqar Nagra pressurized her family not to file a complaint against the rapist. On 22 April the FIR NO.152/2014 under sections 201,376 PPC was registered against the rapist...

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Text message allegations against Christian couple leads to further death sentences.

By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Today April 4, 2014, a session court in Toba Tak Singh announced two further deaths sentence for Christian couple, Shafaqat Emmanuel and his wife Shagufta Kauser. Both were caught up in a blasphemy law case for apparently sending sending blasphemous text massages to a local Imam in Gojra. Gojra is the same city in which seven people were shot dead and over 100 homes and two churches burnt to the ground, during 1st August 2009, in one of Pakistan' most severe attacks on a Christian community. This attack also lead to the formation of the BPCA. According to World Vision in Progress, additional session judge, Mian Amir Habib a...

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Another three year old Christian girl raped

Rape of women and young girls is unfortunately increasingly very common in Pakistan, and often Christian women are an especial target. Most go unreported to the police. We have reported on just a few of these cases, and a few months ago five year old Sumbal was snatched and raped off a city street. It is not clear whether the girl was a Christian, although Christian activists have been among those protesting over the case. A year before we reported on a 9 year old Christian girl gang raped by three Muslim boys. Sometimes boys are sodomized too, including several years ago a rogue police unit or officer who raped and murdered teenage boys. Recently a thirteen yea...

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Muslim thug pistol whips Christian and three nephews for refusing to convert

Another case from the aftermath of the Peshawar bombing, which saw a swathe of blasphemy accusations in it's wake, alongside considerable solidarity from some parts of the Muslim community. In Islamabad a Boota Masih, described as a 43 year old 'low level government worker' (most likely meaning a cleaner or sweeper) was discussing terrorist attacks including the Peshawar church suicide bombing with his three teenage nephews and some Muslim neighbours when a man called Nadeem, known locally as a ruffian pulled up with accomplices on motorbikes. They joined in the conversation, but then Nadeem started to repeat the usual Islamic claim that Christians had corrupted th...

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Donations to the BPCA pay for the Annual Fees for 6 Students

Jonathan Sohail (Father), has suffered injuries that prevent him earning enough to support his children through school. Our donations will pay the school fees of Ashban Sohail his son who is a student of F.S.C. in Edward College. The BPCA has paid the annual School fees for six victims of the Peshawer bomb attack. The recipients were unable to cover these expenses due to death or injury to the main bread winner in their respective households. This work is addition to the numerous medical fees, food supplements and restorative aids we have provided to other victims. Some of which are detailed in the links below: http://www.britishpakistanichristians.org/blog/pes...

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Peshawar victims continue to receive supplies from BPCA, however we desperately need further funds to complete our relief programme

We have provided wheelchairs and mattresses to over 30 victims. Over the last month the BPCA have visited over 103 victims of the Peshawar bomb attack. Many of these casualties of the unprovoked attack, have relied on our food parcels and medical supplies, due to an ability to work and earn form themselves. Moreover, whilst visiting we have compiled a list of items that victims have personally requested, items which they feel enable them to cope with the unfortunate situations they find themselves in. We will be posting a complete list of needs by tomorrow and pray that some of you feel moved to donate towards our relief work which is providing essential support...

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Hundreds of Lahore Christians flee burning blasphemy mob

Mob member burns Christian Property (Photo from CNN) In yet another case of blasphemy allegations being used as a pretext to attack whole Christian communities, a mob of two to three thousand burned close to a hundred Christian houses in the Badami Bagh district in northern Lahore earlier today. The incident started when a Muslim man, Shahid Imran, accused a Christian sanitary worker, Sawan Masih (a man in his mid 20's aka 'Bubby'), of blasphemy. Imran claims that his friend Masih, twice over the last two days made blasphemous comments about the Islamic prophet, whilst Masih is reported as saying that the accusations came after he, Imram and another friend got into...

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Our Relief Aid work in Peshawar

Mansoor Gill with some of the food supplies to be distributed to local victims of the Peshawar bombings. Prem Masih has lost three grandsons Tony, Amir, Zamir and one granddaughter Prem masih is holding one of his grandson picture whose name is Zamir who lost his life in the bomb blast. The loss of three children from this family has caused great sorrow. The BPCA will be continuing its relief fund to help this beleaguered community. Donations will pay towards false limbs, support for orphaned children and counseling for families grieving for the bereaved and injured. If you would like to donate to our relief work our bank details are as follows: Sort Co...

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