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Pakistan teen bomb survivor who won her fight to walk again calls on Australia to take Pakistan to task!

A Pakistani Christian woman of 20 years whose fight to walk again after being hit by bomb shrapnel led to her travel to Australia for treatment, has called for improved asylum access for persecuted Christians in the west.  Kashmala Munawar (20 yrs) was left with shattered bones in her left leg and had to have her right leg amputated as she struggled to become mobile again, after two Muslim bombers detonated incendiary devices at All Saints Church, in Peshawar on the 22nd September 2013 (click here). After initially being advised she would not walk again a charity named 'Children First Foundation' came to the rescue of Kashm...

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Christian man sentenced to death for alleged blasphemous What's app message

The FIR that condemned Nadeem James A Christian man arrested in Lahore for an alleged blasphemous what's app message sent to a friend has been sentenced to death on Thursday 14th September 2107.Nadeem James who hails from the Father Colony of Sara-e Alamghir, in the district of Jhelum had an argument with a Muslim friend Yasir Bashir on 4th July 2016. A few days later as the dispute simmered on, he was accused by Mr Bashir of sending a blasphemous poem by Whats app. Read full story (click here) On the 10th July 2016 Nadeem was charged under sections 295c and 298a of the Pakistan Penal code - charges of blasphemy which have the penalty of death. Please sign ou...

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Britain has become a war zone say's BPCA Chairman

Smoldering remnant of Parsons Green incendiary device. After another terrorist attack injured 18 innocent people travelling on the London Underground, BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry expressed his fear that Britain had become a war zone. Today at around 8.20 an incendiary device was activated on a District Line train at Parsons Green station.  Hundreds of passengers fled away from the area in a panic.  18 people were taken to hospital by emergency services and a further 4 people later self admitted themselves to a hospital, it was reported by the BBC. Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association...

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Peace Building Event Breaks the Silence on Human Rights Abuses Against Pakistani Christians

A Canadian BPCA volunteer was invited  to present as a local example of women affecting peaceful change by the regional Alberta & Northwest Territories animator of Caritas Development & Peace, Ms. Monica Nico. The event Women at the Heart of Peacemaking 'May Peace Be With Her' , which was held at Neuman Seminary and College in Edmonton, Canada on September 9th: "...celebrated women’s peace initiatives around the world and learn what we can do to advocate in our communities and support their frequently marginalized efforts," and "... paid tribute to the women who build peace in communities around the world in a way that recognizes their i...

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Christians in Australia hold candlelight vigil for Pakistani teenager killed at school for being Christian

Australian Christians will meet outside the Parliament of New South Wales on Friday 15th September 2017, to commemorate the life lost of a Christian teenager killed by Muslim pupils because of his faith, and to show solidarity with his family who are seeking justice for their son, whilst also highlighting the ongoing persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Event:       Candlelight Vigil for Sharoon MasihDate:         Friday 15th September 2017Time:         6pmLocation:  Parliament of New South WalesDetails:     Please bring candles Sharoon Masih an incredibly bright student from an impoverished Christ...

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Funeral of Mr Abdul Toheed RIP (13th September 1959 - 30th August 2017)

Abdul Toheed a much loved Pakistani Christian who lived in East Ham, sadly passed away on 30th August 2017.  Abdul was an extremely accomplished singer and performed magnificently leading Ilford Asian Choir at their first performance at Redbridge Easter Parade 2017 - attaining one of the biggest crowds of the event.  British Pakistani Christian Association would like to extend our condolences to his family and friends.  May God give him the rest he assuredly deserves. Abdul Toheed's family and friends would like to invite anyone who knew him to show their last respects at a funeral that has been arranged for: Date:           &n...

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Finally Pakistan Embassy in Thailand investigates Sex Pest Ayaz who tried to coerce a young Pakistani Christian women into having sex with him

A brave Pakistani Christian woman who spoke up about the sexual harassment she faced at the hands of a man named Ayaz who is still currently working in a senior position at the Pakistan Embassy has lost any possibly of justice in Thai jurisdiction, but has been given at least some hope that her assailant may be investigated further by his employers.   Ayaz is responsible for machine-readable passport processing and ultimately can say yes or no to applications submitted to him, an authority he tried to use against vulnerable Maherwar Ishaq in his pursuit to have a sexual relationship with her.   When Maherwar decided to apply...

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Two Indian pastors claim alleged blasphemy for smashing Hindu idols is false

Pastor Sanjay and BPCA Officer Pastor Naresh Two innocent pastors have been caught up in a blasphemy row in India.   Both men are charged for being involved in the same incident which involved the burning of images of Hindu gods and smashing Hindu idols, an act they both vehemently deny.   The blasphemy case was registered at Sadar Police Station on 13th November 2014, after a Hindu man named Lalit Dabda from Rajiv Puram Colony, in Karnal presented several affidavits against Pastor Sanjay and Pastor Bajinder both from differing villages in Karnal.  The documents stated that Pastor Bajinder was known for converting ...

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Sarah Champion is brave, but it’s not just white girls who fall victim of grooming gangs

Several Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani Christian groups have written a joint letter criticising Labour’s “weak response” to a frontbencher who spoke out about an evident trend in criminality in sex-grooming cases. The letter, co-signed by Lord Singh of Wimbledon and Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association sets out to defend Sarah Champion, a prominent Labour MP who was forced to quit the front bench after she highlighted that an unusually high percentage of  perpetrators of sex crimes involving street-grooming involved Muslim men of Pakistani origin. The letter was published in the Times Newspaper on September 5th 20...

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Christians faced with spike in waterborne and mosquito-borne infections since floods in Karachi

A spike in the number of infections for waterborne and mosquito-borne diseases amongst the Christian victims of the recent floods in Pakistan, has been blamed on the poor sewage system in deprived Christian communities. On 31st August 2017 Pakistan also joined  a list of countries such as India, Bangladesh and Nepal in what has now been described as the largest flood to hit the South Asian continent.  Over 1200 people were killed throughout the region with at least 25 dead on the last count for Pakistan.   People were killed through drownings as they were caught up in the powerful water currents of the deluge and others were...

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