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Elderly asylum seeker bedridden due to heart attacks and two strokes seeks help

An elderly man who suffered two heart attacks and two strokes whilst seeking asylum in Bangkok is seeking assistance as he can no longer provide for his young family.  Samson Rehmat (52 yrs) had 2 heart attacks in Pakistan in 2012 and then a further two strokes whilst seeking asylum in Thailand has found himself bedridden, and unable to work.  Samson left Pakistan after he was attacked by Muslims after removing a banner that was attached to his home during Eid so that it could be displayed across the street he lived on.  Samson while redecorating his home, removed the end attached to his home and attached it to a local streetligh...

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Exploited asylum seeker suffering from chemical poisoning is desperate to return home for medical treatment

A woman who cleaned birds within a factory setting using a dangerous cleaning fluid, is now complaining of a severe dermatological condition that first caused a rash and pus and has now caused a swelling of veins in her hands and arms with debilitating pain.  Her condition is compounded by her diabetes and high blood  pressure which means often she feels lethargic and has to rest. Naghma Elizabeth (51 yrs) travelled with her family including husband Tariq Iqbal (53 yrs) and son Sahil Tariq (13 yrs) to Thailand on 20th July 2014.  They fled Pakistan to escape a groups of Muslims in Lahore intent on converting them to Islam who were st...

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Humanist denied protection in UK due to lack of knowledge about Aristotle and Plato

Image of Wilson Chowdhry and an officer responsible for the training regime for Home Office asylum and humanitarian protection officers - outside Home Office building in 2017 (click here). A Pakistani humanist has been denied humanitarian protection in the UK based on his inability to adequately answer questions relating to Plato and Aristotle, two of ancient Greece's most influential philosophers from the 5th century BC, who could to some extent be credited with having initiated the humanist movement. The strange rejection of the application of Hamza Bin Walayat is at odds with the majority of humanist thinkers of the 21st century who wo...

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Burial of formerly Hindu wife by Christian man leads to mob arson attack on church in India's Jammu Kashmir region

A Hindu mob torched a church on 16th January 2017 and several shops in the ownership of Christians at Jammu Kashmir, India, after it was falsely alleged that a Christian man had murdered his wife.   Sehal Christ Church, which is affiliated to the Friends Missionary Prayer Band and located at Sehal Village, Seri Panchayat, Nowshera was torched in what was deemed a revenge attack by incensed Hindus, offended by the perceived murder of a supposedly forcibly converted Hindu woman. Seema Devi had committed her life to Christ over two years ago and was a regular member of church along with her husband Rinku Kumar who had converted ...

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IDC urged to release man dying from severe lung condition yet detained in brutal Bangkok IDC

Shahid Asloob (27 yrs), Ulfat Rani (48 yrs), Shawn Asloob (12 yrs), Edward Asloob (14 yrs) BPCA is launching a campaign to free a dying man  from the brutal Immigration Detention Centre of Bangkok. Asloob George (47 yrs) arrived in Bangkok with his family on 17th April 2014 after fleeing a blasphemy allegation that led to his third son being beaten by a mob of around half a dozen Muslims and two of his other brothers being attacked. On 10th November 2015 Asloob George an asykum seeker in Bagnkok was taken to a doctor due to severe pains in the thoracic region and a respiratory problem, the doctor diagnosed it as a minor infection and prov...

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Three girls raped by uncle and two cousins - no action taken by Pakistani police.

A 35 year old Christian convert has been protesting outside the Lahore Press Club office for the last 3 months calling for someone to take action against the rapist of his three daughters, he has made this stand because he say's that police officers are refusing to pursue the case against the known rapist because of a bribe paid to them. Here is a video of Khuram's  protest for justice: Khuram Shahzad Victor (35 yrs) was previously working as a labourer for a football making factory in Sailkot. In 2012 he lost his wife Farzana Sharif who died at 29 years of age, after she had a serious heart attack which she did not survive. Before Farzana died she bi...

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The rape and sodimization of a 7 year old child who was dumped on rubbish pile causes unrest in Pakistan

The death of a 7 year old girl in Kasur, Pakistan has led to international condemnation of the lacklustre police in Pakistan, who are being blamed for their inaction after the child was reported missing. Zainab Ansari has become the focus of an international social media campaign for justice and has dominated much of the international media as bungling police officers in Pakistan are no nearer the arrest of a culprit 5 days since her dead body was found placed brazenly on a rubbish pile (Tuesday 9th January). Chilling video footage of Zainab walking quite calmly with an unidentified male figure hours after she went missing on Thursday 4th ...

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Child survivor of Quetta Church bomb attack Aleeza is in a more stable position but requires prosthetics and ongoing treatment

On the 5th of January Aleeza Ashraf (1.5 yrs) a child survivor of the Quetta Church bomb attack was rushed by BPCA to Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi (click here). The young victim became one of Pakistan's youngest amputees when her foot was severed from off her left leg after unclean wounds were allowed to fester at Civil Hospital in Quetta, where she has received initial treatment. Doctors informed the family that to save her life she would require emergency treatment at a more specialist hospital and named Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi as her best option. A group called PMSL paid for a portion of the flight tickets and BPCA covered the re...

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Justice escapes Christian woman gang-raped and brutalized by three men for two days rescued by family

A Christian woman from  Gujranwala, Pakistan was brutally gang-raped by three men and then left tied in the courtyard of a Muslim man's house until she was found by police two days later. At 3 pm on 28th October Sidhra (20 yrs) travelled from her husband Sunny Masih's (22 yrs) home in Talwinda Musa Khan, Gujranwala, on a visit to her mother in the same village but some 10 km distance away.  Her father-in-law Boota Masih transported her by motorcycle and safely delivered her to her mother's home where she spent three hours talking and helping with household chores. At 6:30 Sidhra left her mothers house after she saw her father i...

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Aleeza Arrives safely at Agha Khan Hospital and begins treatment

Aleeza Ashraf the youngest victims of the Quetta Church Bomb attack is fighting to save her life and with your help we have been able to help get her to Karachi for emergency treatment. The child survivor of only 1.5 year has had her right foot removed to due to a severe gangrene infection that still threatens to take her life and BPCA has paid a £700 deposit for the requisite private treatment needed to save her at Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi. Doctors have already started treatment and it is hoped she will have a full recovery albeit without the use of a right foot, however she is still considered to be in critical condition and your prayers are...

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