Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Pakistani children waiting in hope for asylum attend underground schools in Bangkok

Nanchanok Wongsamuth a BBC Thai reporter has recently published an article on the lack of education for asylum seekers in Thailand and the underground schools that Charities like BPCA are creating in partnership with the beleaguered community.  You can view the BBC Thai article (here) Our school in Thailand was videoed during our Chairman's trip to Bangkok when he introduced Chris Rogers of the BBC to asylum seekers in 2015.  At the time it was removed from the final edit of the documentary due to being too professional-looking which might have clouded people's judgement of how hard Pak-Christian asylum seekers struggle. ...

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Google calls Jesus a 'nickname' in a search of religious figures

A recent You-Tube post of a woman fielding a question to Google Home about the name of God or the founders of several world religions calls into the question the artificial intelligence behind Google search engine especially when it comes to knowledge about Jesus or Jesus Christ. When she asked about “Jesus Christ” the general response from Google Home is "I'm not sure how to help you with that." (click here) Please sign our petition to Google calling for a correction of their Boolean code (click here) In the  video when the woman asked, “Google, who is ‘Allah’?” The artificial intelligence referenced Wikipedia and respond...

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7 Children rescued from IDC by BPCA volunteer

BPCA volunteer Maqsood Iqbal made a desperate appeal to Thai Authorities after they arrested 7 children during a major raid on Pakistani Christian asylum seekers on Tuesday, seeking freedom for the frightened children.  BPCA believes the arrest and detention of children in this manner to be in violation of several international laws that Thailand has ratified, an act that is in contrast to public declarations made by Thai authorities asserting an end to this heartless abuse. The whole community could not bear the suffering the beleaguered children would have to go through in the IDC and prayed that Thai authorities would show a modicu...

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Unity, Intercession and Worship at London Event next weekend!

Noel Robinson a favourite performer at Redbridge Easter Parade and Christmas Festival has asked us to share his promotional material for a forthcoming worship, intercession and revival event.  We obliged because of the passion that Noel Exhibits for the things of God and his known passion to share the Gospel of our Lord across nations.  Details of how to obtain tickets are included in the link provided below: The Kingdom Worship Movements brings Renewal London Worship encounters and celebrate its 10th Anniversary at City Gates, 25-29 Clements Road, Ilford IG1 1BH This Encounter meeting has travelled the breath of the UK bring a message of Re...

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BPCA pays court fines for 15 arrested asylum seekers with the help of a Thai actor

British Pakistani Christian Association paid the visa overstay court fines for the victims of the immigration raids on Pakistani Christian asylum seeking communities at Onut Soi 58, Bangkok yesterday (click here).  We were able to pay the fines thanks to a kindly Thai Actor named Sakda Kaewbuadee who has been helping Pakistani Christians after being moved by the plight of an asylum seeker he met at the brutal Bangkok IDC, you can read a BBC Thai article about this by clicking  (here).     In the images taken whilst Sakda was paying the fines on behalf of the BPCA he proved outright that the Royal Thai Government is arre...

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A beleaguered Christian family fleeing persecution are calling for release of their father on promised bail after devious Thai officials renege on initial agreement

Shahid Asloob (27 yrs), Ulfat Rani (48 yrs), Shawn Asloob (12 yrs), Edward Asloob (14 yrs) BPCA is launching a campaign to free a dying man from the brutal Immigration Detention Centre of Bangkok. Asloob George (47 yrs) arrived in Bangkok with his family on 17th April 2014 after fleeing a blasphemy allegation that led to his third son being beaten by a mob of around half a dozen Muslims and two of his other brothers being attacked.  The family of Asloob have been pursuing bail for him since his arrest in consideration of his rapidly declining health that has already resulted in Asloob being taken to hospital 3 times under supervised detention over the last two y...

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Christian domestic servant of 13 raped while younger cousin was tied to a bed.

Despite the arrest and charging of serial killer and rapist Imran Ali who murdered 7 year old Zainab crimes of this nature are on the increase in Pakistan. BPCA learned that just over a week ago a 13 year old Christian girl was raped by a coworker at a farm she was working at.  Only the quick-thinking of a  passing neighbour who was alerted by the screaming of her cousin who was also tied up and told she would be the next victim, reduced the time the first victim had to endure her rape and saved the cousin from a similar fate. Saira  was working as a general labourer on the land of Chowdhry Riasat a local farm-owner on Sunday 14...

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Congratulations Pakistan for capturing killer of Zainab - now please also get justice for thousands of Pakistani Christian girls!

Last night hopeful news emerged as Pakistani authorities revealed that the main suspect in the killing of Zainab Ansari (click here) and many other young victims of his sordid rape and murder spree had been identified, arrested and charged. Chief minister of Punjab province, Mr Shahbaz Sharif labelled Imran Ali (24 yrs), of being a serial killer whilst being interviewed by a broad spectrum of international news channels, during a  press conference in Lahore.  Mr Sharif confirmed that the suspect had confessed to Zainab's murder and that DNA samples taken from the crime seen matched samples taken from Mr Ali.  He explained that the inv...

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Lost generation of Pak-christian asylum seeker children to be provided with school

During a chance discovery of a Pakistani Christian Community of at least 40 Pakistani Christian families in a section of Bangkok that Wilson Chowdhry, has not been to before, he spoke with parishioners of a makeshift church and heard the heart-wrenching pleas of mothers who had described the sorrow they feel that their children have been unschooled for over 3 years. The desperate plea and call to action has spurred Mr Chowdhry to consult with trustees and together they agreed to initiate a school for the beleaguered mix of asylum seekers and refugee children, who simply want to have access to learning that they might develop their potential for gre...

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13 frightened children arrested during brutal Thai asylum raids despite Thai Prime Minister assuring end to child detention

Today only hours earlier 7 adults and 9 children were arrested from Onut soi 58 in Bangkok during further raids on Pakistani  Christian asylum seeker families, despite assurances at the 'Summit on the Global Refugee Crises' in New York 20th September 2016, from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, that he would terminate refugee child detention and initiate a robust refugee-screening mechanism. To compound matters a further 2 adults and 4 children were arrested in Ramkhamheng, Bangkok later in the afternoon. Please sign our petition (click here) Pakistani Christian families who were starting their afternoon lunch were interrupted by uni...

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