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BREAKING NEWS: Asia Bibi's judicial review set for the 29th of January

Asia Bibi's Supreme Court judicial review date is set for the 29th of January, 2019.  The now infamous petition submitted by Qari Muhammed Salaam on behalf of firebrand preacher  Khadim Hussain Rizvi which seeks to quash the acquittal received by Asia Bibi is the last hurdle in the long running saga of Asia Bibi. The world waits anxiously to see whether the Pakistani government and courts will be true to their word and uphold the rule of law  or whether more delays will ensue.  LAHORE: News of the long awaited judicial review date came via lawyer Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry who filed the petition for judicial review. (click here) He said to...

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Pakistani diaspora group backs changes to Australian consular service for grooming victims

The British Pakistani Christian Association has launched a campaign to change the way Australian consular officials assist grooming victims and those who have suffered sexual assault while in Pakistan.  AUSTRALIA: To sign our petition to the Australian Government demanding they review their consular policies and procedures towards sexual assault and grooming victims (CLICK HERE) In 2018, Australian citizen, Lara Hall found herself the victim of a predatory online groomer who was related to some local Aussie friends from Pakistani origin. The man, lured her to Pakistan on false pretences, confined her in his family's dilapid...

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Innocent Pak-Christian man accused of blasphemy due to business rivalry acquitted after 3.5 years

A Christian man who has had to relocate his home and spent 3.5 years fearing a long tme in prison for a blasphemy charge has been acquitted by Session Court Judge Ijaz Ahmed Basol (15th January 2019), presiding over the case at Kasur Session Court. In an historic court procedure Pervaiz Masih the accused blasphemy victim was released on bail after serving only 20 days in prison. The family were relocated to a place far from the incident location and continued to battle for the exoneration of the innocent man. Aneeqa Maria the family's lawyer spoke to BPCA, she said: "While Pervaiz Masih was in jail awaiting a decision on his bail his wife,...

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Atrocities against Christians are not new to Tamil Nadu

Atrocities not new to Kanyakumari a small district in Tamil Nadu where a pastor and his congregants were attacked recently while conducting evangelism  Submitted by our BPCA India correspondent 15/1/2018 Kanyakumari a small district in Tamil Nadu witnessed a brutal attack on a pastor and his church members when they went to visit a village in Perumalselvavillai in Agatheswaram taluk for there regular outreach in the area. On 13th January 2019 Pastor Selvakumar a pastor of the Full Gospel Pentecost church along with his six member team  were engaged in distribution of an outreach tract in the village.  At aro...

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BPCA guidance on signing petitions in our new GoPetition platform

GoPetition Instructions for BPCA supporters British Pakistani Christian Association supporters may have noticed that we have a new petition platform that allows us to communicate better with you. We have chosen to use GoPetition because it allows us to target petitions in our various locations.  BCPA now has both an Australian and a Canadian Branch. The GoPetition platform allows you to email us, but does not allow you to donate from the petition .  There are two tabs in GoPetition. One tab in blue says "Sign the petition" and that is where you sign your name and add your information. There is another tab n...

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Police undress in front of and torture young Christian bride-to-be and 11-year-old girl after false theft allegation by rich homeowner in possible fraud scam

Photo Caption: Saima was sent home after being beaten and kicked at her employers' house FAISALABAD: Following being falsely accused of theft by her Muslim employer, a Christian domestic worker Saima (24), and her young female cousin Sinaha (11) were held for several days and tortured by male police officers who disrobed in front of the innocent girls, beat, and kicked them. The older maid endured a harrowing ordeal of being hung by her arms, having boiling water poured down her throat in order to try to get her to confess something she did not do while her mother - who had also been beaten - was forced to listen outside. A pre-dated ...

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Converts from Islam respond to threats of rape by Muslim man intent on fomenting hatred

Converts from Islam call out Zaheer Hussain on his carefully phrased apology. Profanity-laced threats directed at apostates via a social media video caused great hurt yet in his follow-up he did not apologise to his actual victims! The targets of hate fear an apostasy backlash in the current environment of impunity. Apostacy-related hate crimes must be qualified - the threat is real! To sign our petition STOP APOSTASY ABUSE IN THE UK (CLICK HERE) PRESTON: Two prominent converts from Islam to Christianity have asked for Zaheer Hussain the man implicated in a profanity-filled rant against Christians who have quit Islam, to be prosecuted under...

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Canada flaunts diplomatic strain with the Saudis and cuts in front of Australia by flying Al-Qunun to freedom - The role of social media cannot be understated in her success

Canada's swift action to snap up asylum-seeker Rahaf Al-Qunun and to fly her true north as Australia contemplates is sure to annoy Saudis - Social media and high visibility played a significant role but other asylum-seekers have not been so lucky. BANGKOK-TORONTO In a bold move Canada has flown Saudi asylum seeker Rafal Al-Qunun out of her week-long purgatory in Thailand to the freedom of Ontario's crisp January air. To read our earlier coverage (click here) Canada has been very vocal in their criticism of Saudi Arabia's human rights record - even before the brazen murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey last ...

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Police and Preston Council address Hackney Carriage driver's rape threat in apostacy-hatred rant

Preston Taxi-driver who threatened to sodomise converts  from Islam to Christianity after seeing a baptism - which includes a profession of faith - on Facebook turned in his license to the review board 9th of January. An online outcry was registered and a petition launched by a private citizen garnered almost 2000 signatures. A police investigation was also initiated and his Hackney Carriage license is under review.   Read our original story (here)    To sign our petition STOP APOSTASY ABUSE IN THE UK (CLICK HERE)  A Hackney Carriage Driver Zaheer Hussain (41 yrs) who launched a hate-filled tirade, threa...

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While judge deliberated over grievous breach in court protocol Christian pastor seeking asylum taken to airport for deportation

Deported Pakistani Christian pastor did not behave "evangelical" enough to warrant asylum in the UK despite death threats while conducting outreach - Pakistan deemed safe for terrified man to return to by the Home Office despite 99.8% rate of violence against Christians by persecution watchdog The credibility of Pastor Samson was evaluated on the basis of inadequate information. Though he is an accomplished theology graduate who entered the UK to study at a theological college under a student visa granted by the Home Office, Asher was shockingly told that "the evidence did not show he has previously behaved in an evangelical way". Application for Jud...

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