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Muslim Man Attacks 7-year-old Christian Girl and admits to 21 rapes after being caught!

A 7-year-old Christian-girl crossing a wheat field alone on the way home to celebrate Easter with her grandmother was rescued from an attack when locals heard her screams. Nadia Masih was travelling alone to a local farmhouse at 8pm on 11th April a journey of around 5km distance, when she was grabbed by a 24 year old Muslim Neighbour Muhammad Shoaib.  Usually Nadia would undertake the long and arduous journey with a friend, but in her excitement milk for her grandmother to make fer favourite Kheer dish for Easter, meant she rushed home.       Fortunately for Nadia her screams were heard by a local Muslim landowner who ca...

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Muslim Gang Threaten Christian Church with Land Grab

  A gang of Muslim men took advantage of deserted streets during the lockdown period to break into a church and threaten its Pastor. At midnight, on the 9th May, local residents from a small town in Sheikhupura heard men attempt to break open their local church doors by removing it from its hinges. The vandals were taking advantage of the surrounding quiet and deserted streets during the COVID-19 lockdown, to break into a deserted church. Aun Abbass Malik and Ali Shan, well-known land mafia gang members, were armed with guns and pistols, along with 5 or 6 other men, while shouting words of hate, as they threatened to set fire ...

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Lahore Lockdown Relief Aid

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe the working-class labouring colonies of Pakistan are hit the hardest as the imposed lockdown bites hard. BACA answered the call of many families of Green Town in Lahore to drop much needed food aid to the desperate starving community, which is made up of mostly of hard working low paid labourers. Before the lockdown the families were surviving on a hand to mouth daily wage. However, when their employment was temporarily terminated due to lockdown restrictions, these families soon realised how bleak their immediate future was. Food parcels were prepared by BACA, each of which will feed families of around 5-6 p...

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Fearful but determined BACA feeds Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

As the lockdown in Thailand gets closer to a months duration many Pak-Christian families are feeling the pressure of no income and a reduction in the help received by local charities.  On a daily basis our officer in Thailand, John, is receiving calls from families seeking help with the basic necessity of food and of course rent. Empty Bangkok streets create new set of dangers for asylum seekers. Though we have not begun any grants towards rent which would cost around £60 per month, we have began our food programme. Over 15 families were given supplies including cooking oil, rice flour, spices, milk, salt sugar and pulses. ...

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Teenager's request for food for beleaguered Christian community leads to food distribution

A desperate plea for help from a teenage Christian boy in the Punjab, led to BACA delivering their second batch of food aid during the Coronavirus pandemic. Saqib Maish, (17 yrs), contacted BACA for help after remembering restoration work that we had completed after the 2017 floods, which devastated his village of Sheikhan and the surrounding Punjab province. This plea was one of many requests for help BACA receives for food throughout Pakistan since the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we were eager to help as this community is one we are already connected with.  Our earlier work included medical camps, clean water and installing toilets to promote cleanliness and good ...

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Fewer food programmes are placing a burden on BACA who continue to feed Homeless people despite COVID-19

A reduction in the number of groups providing food for the homeless in Ilford has meant that some of them go a day or more without food. Local groups have shut their premises and stop serving for a number of reasons, including fears of being infected and the loss of volunteers who are self-isolating.  One local group has been waiting for clearer government guidance and after a conversation with BACA, may be collaborating with us on a feeding project every Sunday.  Our ability to adapt to the new guidelines is proving to be very beneficial locally.   To be compliant with existing government guidelines, BACA has had to transform t...

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BACA launches appeal to counter fears of starvation for Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand

Pak-Christian asylum seekers in Thailand are close to starvation due to a Government lockdown imposed in Bangkok since the 18th of March 2020.    So far (26th March) the number of those infected by COVID-19 has reached 1045 cases of which 6 deaths have occurred and 7 people have recovered.  All the recreational places, mall, schools and offices are closed and will not be reopened till 12th April.  Thailand’s Ministry of Public health explained today that the sharp rise in confirmed Covid-19 coronavirus cases reported in recent days is due to new testing standards. Men in Thailand are more likely to be infected at a ratio of 2:1 and ...

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Christian boys Raped by Muslim Motorbike Gang

Two Christian 12 year-old boys were snatched by a gang of Muslim men on motorbikes and raped. Suneel Naeem and his friend Harry Boota were playing video games along with Harry’s brother Yash when four men on motorbikes took the three Christian boys to a remote location for 30 minutes, where they were stripped and raped. The incident happened at 9.30pm on the 1st March when Suneel (12 yrs) met up with his friends Harry (12 yrs) and Yash (14 yrs) to play video games at a local games arcade and were approached by the gang after 30 minutes. The alarm was raised by Suneel’s parents who called the parents of Harry and Yash when he failed to return home, as it was unusual for...

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Beleaguered self-isolating Pak-Christians from poorest communities given food to last fortnight

After Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan introduced a country-wide lockdown on 22nd March, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  We predicted that thousands of Christians would die form either starvation, depression or the virus itself (click here).  We immediately set about travelling to poverty-stricken Christian communities across Pakistan to provide food supplies and prayers.  Here are accounts from 8 of the families we have helped so far: British Asian Christian visited the community of Momin Pura a rural area near Wagha Border Lahore to distribute food supplies to cover the next two weeks.  Our aid was in response to families who h...

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London must brace itself for potential food shortages while devious local council parking regimes add to stress of economic downturn

Image taken from a Tesco Metro Store last night British Asian Christian Association is warning the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that something must be done to brace an unnecessary food crises. Today an email has been sent to both calling for improved measures to calm the disastrous panic-buying of recent weeks that threatens our economy. The recent panic-buying across the country has now dissipated to some extent, with queues in shops noticeably smaller. However a lack of workers in distribution factories has meant that their is still limited stocks for many food and sanitary essentials in st...

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