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Child survivor of Quetta Church bomb attack progresses towards future independency

A child of only 1.5 years who lost her left leg and received severe wounds to her abdomen has the colostomy apparatus removed from her stomach helping her recover basic life functions that had been taken from her, by the cruel suicide-terrorists who had targeted Methodist Memorial church, Quetta on 17th December 2017. Read more about the attack ( click here) 9 Christians died during the attack and BPCA continues to support victims with medical fees and substitute wages for those who have lost a main bread-winner. (click here). Aleeza the youngest victim who is still to reach her 2nd birthday, received emergency treatment from Quetta Gener...

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Muslim mob attacks innocent Christians while worshipping at church in Sahiwal

A Christian church and the congregation within were brutally attacked by an estimated 20 armed Muslim hooligans during a worship service on Sunday 4th March 2018. Scores of men, women and children were injured as the mob violently attacked worshippers with large sticks. Members of Pakistani Gospel Assembly (PGA) have expressed great fear and anxiety as they come to terms with the trauma of a unexpected attack during a worship service at their church based at 77/4R in the district of Sahiwal. Pastor Cecil Daniel was leading the service at 9:30am but stopped proceedings to investigate loud noises at the back of the church.  Pastor Cecil then wen...

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Lahore protest for release of two innocent Christians tortured after blasphemy allegation

During a rainswept day in Lahore Pakistani Christian campaigners and Muslim friends rallied peacefully before the famous Lahore Press Club at 3 am, adamant they would raise concerns about the blasphemy laws of Pakistan, which are being used as a tool for  discrimination and persecution against minorities. Read Premier Radio article (click here)Read Breitbart article (click here)Read The News article (click here)Read Dawn article (click here) Despite warnings that the 3rd of March would be the start of a 7 day heavy storm, members of British Pakistani Christian Association, Christian Times, Voice of Minorities and Peoples Democratic Front, Feminist Collective, P...

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Brave Christian family who sold themselves into slavery to save daughter forcibly married to a Muslim have been set free by BPCA

A brave family who have earned the respect of people of good conscience everywhere. When a 12 year old Christian girl named Elisha in Pakistan went missing after leaving her home to go shopping 27th November 2017, her elder sister Rimsha (16 yrs) informed her parents Rubina (35 yrs) and Iqbal Masih (40 yrs) who immediately excused themselves from their work as domestic servants to search for her. That same afternoon after a frantic search of their whole colony they discovered through a neighbour that their daughter had been abducted by a Muslim man over twice her age named Sagheer Ismael (25 yrs). Alarmed by this news a hysterical Iqbal Mas...

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Pakistani Christians protest against ongoing allegations of teenage blasphemy and cruel FIA Sordid tactics that led to 'Leap of Faith' nearly killing an innocent Christian

A leap of faith resulted in critical injury of Pakistan's notorious Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) suspect Sajid Masih. Despite laying in hospital as he fights for his life he shared his account of the vile attempts to make him perform a sex act with his cousin Patras Masih the primary suspect in the blasphemy case, during a sordid FIA interrogation process. By jumping out of a window the brave Christian man prevented a homophobic backlash against the vulnerable Pak-Christian Community. A video can be watched (here) On Saturday 3rd of March Pakistani Christians will be protesting outside the Lahore Press Club calling for a full investigation into the attacks o...

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Canadian PM sends economic valentine to Pakistan prior to India visit seeks to “remove bilateral trade barriers” with countries retaining blasphemy laws

Much ado has been made about Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent trip to India, with much attention paid to his propensity for cultural fashion faux pas and association with a man who has previously attempted to murder an Indian MP. (click here)   Surprisingly it has received little notice in the Canadian press that Mr Trudeau also very recently laid out a special valentine trade overture to the Pakistani government who has been rather hypocritically lodging human rights complaints against India for their behaviour in Kashmir against Sikhs. (click here) Given Pakistan’s treatment of religious minorities, including Sikhs such a complain...

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Rome's Colosseum bathed in Red symbolic of the 'blood of Christian martyrs' while Asia Bibi's husband and youngest daughter meet Pope Francis

On Saturday 24th February 2018 the Pope met the husband and youngest daughter of Asia Bibi who shared accounts of the captivity of Pakistan's most famous blasphemy victim.They were joined by Rebecca Bitrus, a young Nigerian Christian woman, who fled from Boko Aram terrorists after two years of captivity. Watch CBN News feature (click here) While the meeting took place the Colosseum in Rome was bathed in red light at 6 pm (local time) in solidarity with all those who are persecuted for their faith. Organised by Aid to the Church in Need. The Maronite Cathedral of St Elias in Aleppo (Syria) and the Church of St Paul in Mosul in Iraq wer...

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Christian man told to strip and give oral sex to his cousin accused of blasphemy, leaps from fourth storey of Pakistan's 'FBI' headquarters

A Christian man was fighting for his life at Lahore General Hospital last night after he took a 'leap of faith' to escape the brutal intentions of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officers who wanted him to perform sex on his cousin who had been accused of blasphemy (click here),alleged the victim. Sajid Masih was taken to hospital at Ganga Ram Hospital at 6pm (1PM GMT) and later transferred to MAYO Hospital at around 8.20pm (3.20pm) and was expected to pass away, but through the prayers of Christians across the globe, he survived (click here).  Today he gave a revealing statement to his lawyer that has shocked Christians across Pakistan.  In a vid...

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1000 families forced to flee their homes after a fourth teenager has been arrested for blasphemy - matter may simply be cricketing rivalry!

Losing phone and having a Facebook account rank among other normal teen behaviours that are high risk activities for young Pak-Christian men On 19 February 2018 Patras Masih (17 yrs) a member of Bethania Church, faced the terror of having a mob call for his beheading and Hafiz Muhammad Awais rendered an FIR for blasphemy against him. Patras himself has denied that charge insisting that his phone was lost a while ago and that alleged blasphemous content on his Facebook profile were input by an unknown person.   It has been alleged that a shared a photo of a Hindu wearing shoes in Roza-e-Rasool, the burial place of the Prophet Mu...

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​Indian govt admits rise in religion-based hate crime

India’s pro-Hindu government has presented detailed statistics in parliament showing a surge in religion-based violence since it came to power four years ago. The data reveals the veracity of reports provided by human rights agencies for the duration of the Narendra Modi regime. In 2017, 111 persons were killed and at least 2,384 injured in 822 cases of sectarian violence, the highest figue in the past three years. In 2016, 86 persons were killed and 2,321 injured in 703 incidents of religion-based violence. Uttar Pradesh India's most populous state registered the largest number of incidents, a statewhich has 200 million people, some 40 m...

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