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​Indian govt admits rise in religion-based hate crime

India’s pro-Hindu government has presented detailed statistics in parliament showing a surge in religion-based violence since it came to power four years ago. The data reveals the veracity of reports provided by human rights agencies for the duration of the Narendra Modi regime. In 2017, 111 persons were killed and at least 2,384 injured in 822 cases of sectarian violence, the highest figue in the past three years. In 2016, 86 persons were killed and 2,321 injured in 703 incidents of religion-based violence. Uttar Pradesh India's most populous state registered the largest number of incidents, a statewhich has 200 million people, some 40 m...

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Suspect from Shahdara blasphemy case in critical condition after mysterious fall

A man suspected to have been involved in the Shahdara blasphemy case, which erupted earlier this week is fighting for his life after allegedly having “fallen off” the fourth floor of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Punjab headquarters building, during an investigation.  Patras Masih surrendered himself to lawmen after he had been accused of posting blasphemous images on his Facebook page, resulting in a mob of over 3000 Muslims demanding his death as they gathered near his home. Later Patras Masih's cousin Sajid Masih was also arrested after also being implicated by Muslim witnesses. Patras and Sajib both deny the charges (click here)...

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Pakistani Christian leader writes tribute for Billy Graham after the 'Great man' dies at 99 - 'Wembley was my first encounter with God'!

Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, Wilson Chowdhry has praised Reverend Wiliam Graham the world renowned global evangelist attributed with initiating televangelism, in words of tribute today, after hearing of the prominent Christian ministers death on 21st February 2018, at 99 years of age.  Read tribute by Premier Christian Radio (click here).   Wilson Chowdhry, recalled travelling with his father in a beat-up car in 1989 to view Rev Billy Graham as he led a huge outreach programme at Wembley in 1989.  At the time Mr Chowdhry was the tender age of 13 and he did not really understand what was awaiting him a...

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Quetta Bomb victim Aleeza recovering well but needs operation to connect intestine to bowel

Aleeza Ashiq (1 yr), was the youngest victim of the Quetta Church Bomb attack during which she was hit by shrapnel in her right leg and abdomen leaving her needing emergency surgery.  We reported on 5th January 2018 that the injured child a needed life saving operation due to her wound becoming severely gangrenous (click here). Through God's grace and help from BPCA donors we were able fly Aleeza to Karachi with her sister and some volunteers  to be treated at Aga Khan Hospital (click here).  The operation was successful and further required treatment helped Aleeza recover quickly bring her to a level of stability with her health...

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Lost phone leads to mob calling for the beheading of 17 y/o Pak-Christian boy in Shahdara Lahore

Image of teenager Patras Masih Today a Christian teenager from Dhair a village in Shahdara town, Lahore has been accused of blasphemy by local Muslims after he lost his phone a few days back and an unknown person added blasphemous content to his FB, the 17 year old youth named Patras Masih alleges.  A local Muslim man named Muhammad Awais took matters to the police and demanded a First Information Report (FIR) and local police duly obliged, registering a crime of blasphemy under section 295c of the Pakistan Penal Code.  After registering FIR 174/18 police initiated an investigation and began a search for Patras Masih, who could ...

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Justice for Zainab has been achieved but public execution would set an alarming precedent.

After what has been deemed the swiftest murder trial in Pakistan's history,  Imran Ali the serial killer who raped and murdered 7 year old Zainab after kidnapping her within the city of Kasur, was sentenced with four death penalties within a week of the initiation of the trial. Read original story (click here) Anti-Terrorism Court Judge Sajjad Ahmed issued the order at Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore at which his trial was heard. Judge Sajjad also separately sentenced Imran Ali to life imprisonment and a 7 year term, in addition to a federal fine of 3.1 million rupees and a compensatory fine of 1million rupees to be paid to the family of Zainab.&nb...

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Four rapists sexually assaulted Christian girl of 16 yrs, however local,police only register one in attempt to fudge investigation

Sabha with her family and BPCA Officer Ambreen Amber A 16 year old girl with a mental impairment that has left her with a stammer was gang-raped by four Muslim men while her widowed mother was out shopping in the local markets preparing to celebrate Christmas. Rukhsana Kausar  (42 yrs) and her family originally heralded from Sargodha but moved home 163km away to Gujrat 10 years ago, as her husband had gained better employment there. Sadly her husband died 4 years ago leaving 4 daughters and 3 sons behind to be brought up by Rukhsana on her own.  To maintain her children Rukhsana took up employment as a sanitary worker for Aziz&nb...

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Christians surprised after 12 year old child granted return to her parents by Islamabad High Court despite false Islamic marriage certificate.

Last week a landmark decision in a Islamabad High Court hearing resulted in the emancipation of 12 year old Christian girl from her Muslim rapist despite her captor having an 'official' Islamic marriage certificate.  Elisha (12 yrs) was kidnapped from the village of Pindorian, Islamabad in November last year.  After a few days a stranger brought papers to her father Iqbal Masih confirming that she has been married to a Muslim man named Qadeer Ismael and was now legally bound to him.  However Iqbal Masih then took the papers to the local police station and demanded that his daughters rapist and kidnapper be arrested and Elisha returne...

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Indian Pastors arrested for forced conversion despite converts declaring they would rather die than return to Hinduism

Two Pastors were arrested in the city of Amroha in Uttar Pradesh under charges of forcible conversion despite many who claimed to have converted quite openly declaring that they chose to change their faith and would not return to Hindusim. Pastor Maan Singh (40 Yrs) from Delhi and Brahmanand (30 Yrs) a local man where arrested from the home of Brahamand in Mandi Samti after a local BJP activist lodged a First Incident report against the duo on 30th December 2017, at Hasanpur Police station.  Three other unidentified men have also been charged and remain at large while a search continues.  The men were booked under IPC sections 295A (deli...

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Indian Pastor rescued from burning Church village describes ongoing fear of Christians in Jammu Kashmir

An Indian Pastor who narrowly escaped with his life after Sehal Christ Church (linked to Friends Missionary Prayer Band) was subjected to an arson attack  (click here) has spoken out against the ongoing community tension and hatred that Christians in Jammu Kashmir have been facing since the incident. Pastor Jaggar Singh had to flee his home in the district of Sehal last month after zealots began a search for him with intent to lynch him for alleged forced conversions.  There has always been great suspicion and animosity for his rapidly growing church which had over 70 members from several local villages.  Many of the parishioners...

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