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Thirsty Christian Accused of Blasphemy for Drinking Water from Mosque

Bashiran Bibi forced to live alone since her son Aftab Gill was accused of blasphemy    A Christian family accused of blasphemy narrowly escaped an extra-judicial killing after a Muslim lynch mob assembled to murder them.   Aftab Gill, 40, lived in Railway Colony in Wazirabad, Distt Gujranwala, and worked as a master tailor. He has five children, three sons and two daughters. Their house is near a local mosque and, like many other local people, they regularly drew water from the water tap outside the mosque as no other clean water mechanism is available in the community. The water was paid for as per the Mosque policy. ...

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  Rev Tim Eady of Christchurch Bangkok, praying for Lord Alton and the BPCA report to help change the lives of persecuted Pak-Christians. Please sign our petition (click here) Fox News report (click here) Premier Christian radio Interview (click here)  In a Parliamentary Reply (see below) Lord (Michael) Bates, Minister of State at the Home Office, has promised to make a full assessment of the evidence of persecution of Pakistani Christians and, if appropriate, reconsider Home Office Guidelines. In addition, in November, the All Party Group on Freedom of Religion and Belief has announced that it will hold two days of hearings at Westminster...

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BPCA Partnership Prevents Pak-Christians' Detainment at Brutal Central Jail

Please sign our petition (click here) Fox News report (click here) Premier Christian radio Interview (click here) On Wednesday 6th October, Royal Thai police arrested 26 Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, including children, from an area called Pracha Songkhro 28 in Bangkok. The terrified families were arrested very late at night from a condo called Phasuk mansion, taken to Huai Khwang police station and from there will eventually be transferred to the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC). Due to an extremely slow processing time none of these suffering families have ever been assessed for asylum determination by the UNHCR, and in fact many of them...

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BPCA reconstructs way of life for impoverished Christians of Kasur

  BPCA build large plinth and new brick homes for Christians previously living in mud homes.  Christian Post story (click here) Please sign our petition (click here) During the first week of August 2015 there was extensive flooding in Kasur, Pakistan, caused by heavy rainfall and the callous opening of Indian dams into the river Sutlej.  The inundation destroyed over 100 acres of crops in the locality and caused severe damage to several villages including Ganda Singhwala and Bhikki vind, communities that the BPCA felt led to help.        On 8th August the BPCA team assessed the impact of the deluge on the Chris...

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​UK Home Office to review guidance after BPCA report.

Lord Alton meets with Wilson Chowdhry and a delegation of Pak-Christians in Thailand Please sign our petition (click here) Last evening (Monday 5th October) the UK Home Office agreed to at least review its guidance around the situation facing Pakistani Christians and to consider the latest report from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) entitled Education, Human Rights Violations and the Scandal involving UNHCR and Asylum Seekers in Thailand. In a formal response to a question in the House of Lords tabled 19 September 2015 by Lord Alton, Lord Bates, responded on behalf of the Home Office. (view question and answer at bottom of pag...

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Ailing Scottish Father Enlists BPCA to Help Search for Missing Daughter in Pakistan

  Rev Harrison Summit, Jimmy Gunn Leader of Let's Find Alison Campaign, BPCA's Wilson Chowdhry, Hannah Chowdhry and Alison Houghton   The British Pakistani Christian Association are helping relaunch a campaign to find Alison MacDonald who went missing thirty years ago on the border of India and Pakistan.  Alison's family have never given up hope of finding their daughter alive, despite the length of time that has passed, as they believe that a vision her father Reverend Kenny MacDonald had of meeting his daughter will come to fruition. Alison was brought up in the Free Church of Scotland, of which her father is an ordained minister, and had ...

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Prayer for Roseburg

Mourners take part in a candlelight vigil for all those affected by the shooting By Kendra Malczyk Father in heaven, You see and know all things. You even warned us that perilous times would come. We are blessed that You love us so much to warn us and to offer help to us in these times. Today, Lord, many need Your great comfort not only in Roseburg, Oregon, but all over the earth. Christians are being mercilessly murdered everyday, right before our eyes in the media, or in our own home towns. This is so grieving as we observe this evil, Lord. Our hearts race at the anguish and tragedy, our minds race to understand. But, You told us that if th...

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Brave Christian woman who lost baby in Muslim attack continues to fight for justice!

Naveed Aziz with Elishba Bibi Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: After a violent attack on an expectant Christian mother who lost her child due to the severity of the attack, humanitarians and lawyers are calling for justice.  The incident which occurred in November last year was based on the apparent untouchable status of Christians (Read more). The vicious attack involved Elishba being hit with metal poles while other men watched and jeered after an altercation with clients. The argument began after Elishba who provides beautician services asked for the fees for her service from a woman called Rani and her daughter-in-law, who Elishba had just completed w...

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Islamic Clerics Fight to Keep Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws That Persecute Christians: 'Those Who Insult Muhammad Deserve to Be Killed'

Aftab Bahadur (RIP) at 15 when he was convicted of a double murder - he always professed his innocence. LAHORE: By Simon Wilson Pakistani lawmakers met to consider legislation to reform the nation's corrupt blasphemy laws during at a 6pm seminar at Lahore Iqbal Library 12th September 2015.  During the meeting Islamic clerics vented frustration towards the government of Pakistan for even considering such an option, and are calling for the release of the murderer of the former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who advocated for blasphemy reform in 2011. The seminar, which was attended by 10 Muslim scholars and a former Pakistani judge, gathered at a "s...

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Pakistani Army warns ISIS about to target Christians

Image of ISIS graffiti in Karachi Read 'Christian Today' article (click here)   'The Tablet' article  (click here)  Sign our petition (click here) For some time, reports have been emerging of the progress ISIS is making in Pakistan, drawing the allegiance of many from existing extremist groups such as the Taliban.  Some Taliban units have remained within the Taliban, but declared themselves local representatives of ISIS, while others have said their men will join ISIS "when the time is right".  The head of the Taliban in Pakistan declared allegiance to IS in January 2015. In the last couple of days, the Pakistani Army has started ...

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