Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Welsh Christians moved to prayer for persecuted Church in Pakistan

Welsh Christians from Newport gathered to remember the victims of the Lahore Twin Bomb attack that occurred on March 15th this year, in which 27 people were killed and a further 87 were injured, and to learn about the ongoing persecution of the millions of Christians in Pakistan. The service at New Seasons Church in Newport  was presided over by Bishop Winston Taylor, who invited Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association to share his testimony as a reformed drug user, who turned to Christ and now champions the cause of Pakistani Christians. Pastor Mehboob Ellahi who runs an Urdu Fellowship in Newport, also prayed at the service ded...

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Caged and abandoned - Pakistani Christians in Bangkok

Increasing discrimination, humiliation, vulgarity, vengeance, hatred, killings and harassments on a daily basis have dried up all tears from the eyes of Christians in Pakistan.  The reality is a that behind those embankments of dry eyes is a huge flood, which is ready to burst open. When Christians leave the country they are considered as “traitors”, but before judging them no one bothers to look into the situation that forced them to leave and suffer in a foreign land where they are forced to eke out deprived existences when once they had plenty albeit under great discrimination and persecution.  Here is a humanitarian crises that is festering. ...

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Church attacked by armed assailants injuring six including pastor.

Armed assailants vandalized a church and beat six people including a pastor the second such attack to occur this week. The incident occurred Chakwal City (near Lahore) on Tuesday when a group of armed men attacked a church after allegedly being incited to violence by a local cleric.  Pastor Suhail Masih and five other people were present at the church during the attack. The attackers beat brutally using metal bars and clubs.  After vandalizing the church the assailants escaped quickly, before police arrived. Those who sustained injuries were rushed to local hospitals.  All of them are said to have stable health.. Tariq Bhatti an influential person ...

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The truth about Christians in Thailand

Pak-Christian refugees and asylum seekers obtain food parcels from the British Pakistani Christian Association BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry recently visited Thailand to gain direct knowledge of the situation of Pakistani Christian refugees there.  The BPCA had been aware it is very bad and being there confirmed that reality.  He first went to an English speaking church in Bangkok led by Tim Eaddy, where he experienced a wonderful service in a vibrant, multi-racial church. He spoke to Tim Eaddy who reported that although a local group provided a little aid with rent arrears, as well as food, the need was still immense and the church is unable to cope....

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Lahore Christians face further attack after man accused of blasphemy

Many Christian families have fled Dhoop Sari after threats were made of a second impending attack. Sign our petition (click here) Violent clashes erupted in Dhoop Sari last night (24th May 2015), in a densely populated Christian Colony within Gulshan Ravi, an area of Lahore, after a 27 year old Christian man was accused of desecrating a Quran. The accused man was named as Humayun Faisal Masih who worked as a local street sweeper, and he was accused of the blasphemy after Muslim youths allegedly found burnt shreds of the Quran in a pile of garbage he had placed his swept rubbish into.  The Muslim youth then proceeded to film the ga...

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Pak-Christians Face Asylum Ordeal in Thailand

by Christian MalikOn Sunday, May 10th 2015 I met Mr. Wilson Chowdry who had just come to Bangkok last night. Mr. Wilson had come to Bangkok with a compassionate heart after hearing about the ordeal of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Bangkok. He met me in a Church and asked me to share with him the crisis of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers. I told him the problems that people are facing daily. Paying the monthly rents, food shortage, problems in obtaining a visa were on top of the list which if discussed all could fill scores of pages. Mr. Wilson was moved after hearing and asked me if we could visit some people in Bangkok. I agreed to accompany him so we went ...

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Iqbal Masih Pakistan's Unsung Hero

by Alison Houghton I am certain that all of you will have heard of Malala Yousafazai. Female education activist and world-wide speaker, she was catapulted to international renown after she was shot three times by a Taliban gunman who boarded her school bus. In contrast, until recently, I had not heard of Iqbal Masih.  To my shame, I knew nothing of his bravery or his pioneering spirit that brought liberation to thousands of Pakistan's enslaved children. He worked tirelessly to highlight their plight both at home and in the international community, until his life was brutally cut short on 16 April 1995. Iqbal was born...

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Jaranwala community water project

Boring in Jaranwala begins. Many of you have been asking for a progress report on our Jaranwala water pump project and I am pleased to advise that the project is underway and we hope to have two of our pumps installed by the end of the week.  Money for the project was given by a Christian charity who work mainly in Africa.  They will be paying for Mehwish Bhatti to go on a trainers course so that further help can be provided to this carpet-making community through the set up of a 'Village Savings and Loan Scheme', entrepreneurial skills and start up assistance. Two houses have been selected after communal approval by local people.  The proposed&nbs...

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Bomb Blast Victim's Children Face Uncertainty

Mewish Bhatti (centre) with seven of the eight Masih children Please sign our petition (click here) By Mehwish Bhatti           On Sunday 15th March twin bomb attacks occurred on two churches in Lahore killing 17 people and wounding at least 80 parishioners.  An usher named Kushi Masih was at the church gate at the time the attacker's arrived at the church, bravely he rushed to apprehend the armed men but was shot in the head sustaining serious injuries.  The 55 year old volunteer security team member was taken to ward 19 in Lahore General Hospital where he died the followi...

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Christian men arrested in Lahore riots flee home town.

7 Many young men protested and rioted over the twin bomb attacks Please sign our petition (click here) After the twin bomb attack on two churches in Lahore (15th March 2015) scores of young Christian men caught in mass hysteria over the deaths and injuries of their friends and family members, took to  the streets and rioted.  Two police officers who had apprehended believed gunmen, travelled the wrong way and instead of escaping through a side exit delivered the two believed gunmen into the baying crowd.  This resulted in the two believed gunmen being beaten to death and the...

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