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Islamic Clerics Fight to Keep Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws That Persecute Christians: 'Those Who Insult Muhammad Deserve to Be Killed'

Aftab Bahadur (RIP) at 15 when he was convicted of a double murder - he always professed his innocence. LAHORE: By Simon Wilson Pakistani lawmakers met to consider legislation to reform the nation's corrupt blasphemy laws during at a 6pm seminar at Lahore Iqbal Library 12th September 2015.  During the meeting Islamic clerics vented frustration towards the government of Pakistan for even considering such an option, and are calling for the release of the murderer of the former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who advocated for blasphemy reform in 2011. The seminar, which was attended by 10 Muslim scholars and a former Pakistani judge, gathered at a "s...

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Pakistani Army warns ISIS about to target Christians

Image of ISIS graffiti in Karachi Read 'Christian Today' article (click here)   'The Tablet' article  (click here)  Sign our petition (click here) For some time, reports have been emerging of the progress ISIS is making in Pakistan, drawing the allegiance of many from existing extremist groups such as the Taliban.  Some Taliban units have remained within the Taliban, but declared themselves local representatives of ISIS, while others have said their men will join ISIS "when the time is right".  The head of the Taliban in Pakistan declared allegiance to IS in January 2015. In the last couple of days, the Pakistani Army has started ...

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Desperate Pak-Christians in Thailand receive help from BPCA

The BPCA has been receiving aid requests from several people during the past few days. Our officer in Thailand, Christian Malik visited the homes of the asylum seekers affected to assess what was needed. BPCA helped pay medical bills, room rents and provided infant powdered milk and nappies to the families. Surraiya Gill Surraiya Gill, a 63 year old widow, had been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes since becoming an asylum seeker Thailand.  This was gravely worrying to her as she has no means of supporting herself and cannot afford the vital, but expensive, medications she now needs. She recently had a fall while taking a bath and this further prompted her...

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Britain urged to change risk profile for Pak-Christians on anniversary of Peshawar Bomb attack

Please sign our petition to the Home Office click here   Please purchase our book click here     Fox News report click here    Premier Christian Radio interview click here Pakistani Christians across the globe are mourning their lost and injured on the 2nd anniversary of the Peshawar twin bomb attack (click here) which killed over 100 people and injured over 250 more, an incident labelled the worst attack on Christians in the nation.   The unwarranted and unprovoked attack was simply an act of violence against the innocent Christian minority who are treated as anathema in a nation where they ar...

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Pastoral, Spiritual and Medical Care for Kasur Christians

BPCA banner displaying Mark 16 vs 15-16: '15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptised will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned."'  Our officer Mehwish preaches from Psalm 91 to the eager group After a recent report regarding our appeal for Christians from Bikiwind in Kasur was featured in Christianity Today, we gratefully received donations from Christians across the globe. The donations exceeded expectations and have enabled us to provide a full programme of restoration for the beleaguered families, of which many had lost eve...

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Christian residence set ablaze over Muslim property dispute

SHAMIM MASIH ISLAMABAD:  The home of a Christian family was set ablaze by a violent mob in the capital of Pakistan on Thursday (September 10th 2015). Muslim extremists tried to burn alive the Christian family who resided in the home in order to gain the land and property said Boota Masih, owner of the house.  Despite witnesses to the attack and a written report having been submitted to the local police station, authorities  are still refusing to register a First Incident Report (FIR). A large group of men and two women arrived at Boota's house and started to bang on his door shouting for him to come out. When he got to the door he was sur...

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Britain's risk profiling for Pakistan condemned by scholars - believed to be a contributing factor in UN apathy to Pak-Christians!

Dead bodies strewn over courtyard of All Saints Church, Peshawar BBC News feature on Lahore bombing March 2015 (Click here)  Premier Christian radio Interview (click here) Purchase our new book in electronic format "The Scandal involving UNHCR and Christian asylum seekers in Thailand" for the special price of £2.50. To buy please click here. Today as we near the 2nd anniversary of the Peshawar twin Church bomb attack (22nd September 2013) that killed over 100 Christians in Pakistan, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) is launching a new campaign to get the UK to change its badly out of date and out of touch policies regar...

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Enough is enough! Pak-Christians in Bangkok challenge Thailand UNHCR to fulfil their duty!

Reverend Tim Eaddy of Christchurch Anglican Church, Bangkok, prays over the report, for Lord Alton (centre) and for Pak-Christians Please sign our petition (click here)   Fox News report (click here) Premier Christian radio Interview (click here) Genocide scholar Desmond Fernandes and Rainer Rothfuss have challenged the UNHCR in Thailand in a recently published book to be more proactive in ensuring the safety of thousands of Pak-Christans in Thailand. The book, authored by Desmond Fernandes and with a Foreword by Rainer Rothfuss, was delivered by hand by the Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry, to Peter Trotter, Senior Pro...

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Hundreds of Pak-Christian asylum seekers detained in crackdown following Islamic extremist bomb attack in Bangkok

Thailand's military apprehend Pak-Christian women Please sign our petition (click here)   Fox News report (click here) Premier Christian radio Interview (click here) Purchase our new book in electronic format "The Scandal involving UNHCR and Christian asylum seekers in Thailand" for the special price of £2.50. To buy please click here. In a major police crackdown in Bangkok, Thailand hundreds of asylum seekers were arrested for overstaying their tourists visas. The majority of those arrested were the ignored Pak-Christian asylum seeker community, two Somali families and one Afghan family. At 10 am on 10...

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BPCA urge UNHCR in Thailand to protect asylum seekers from existing brutality

Lord Alton visits Thailand Immigration Detention Centre Please sign our petition (click here)   Fox News report (click here) In a few hours Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry,  will be leaving for Thailand for a three day trip during which he will meet Lord Alton, senior officers of the UNHCR, and the British Embassy.  During this meeting Mr Chowdhry will raise concerns about the mistreatment, brutality and destitution faced by thousands of Pak-Christians in Thailand.   After a series of email and telephone conversations with Mr Chowdhry in July, Lord Alton added a two day visit to Thailand (4th and 5th September) into his schedule in S...

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