Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


British Pakistani Christians gather in Nottingham to share concerns about the treatment of Minorities in Pakistan

Protesters clamour for justice and protection for the victims of the Lahore twin church bombings. Pakistani Christians across the UK made their way to Nottingham to condemn the violence and persecution faced by minorities in Pakistan. Peacemakers brought focus to the Lahore Twin Bomb attack that has currently resulted in 19 deaths and 80 casualties.  They also described their frustrations that Pakistan's media failed to highlight that two men beaten to death by hysterical and frenzied Christians after the explosions, had already been arrested by police officers as gunmen involved in teams of three containing one suicide bomber. Instead the b...

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Modern Slavery Act receives Royal Assent

                        UPDATE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE INDEPENDENT ANTI-SLAVERY COMMISSIONER   Modern Slavery Act receives Royal Assent Thursday 26 March 2015   The landmark Modern Slavery Act has today received Royal Assent and will be one of the final pieces of legislation added to the statute books by the coalition government. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is unique within Europe and one of the first pieces of legislation globally to focus on modern slavery and human trafficking.   The Act contains a package of legal reforms designed to improve the response of law enforcement and ensure that v...

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Shama and Shahzad's children are in good hands!

Suleman, Sonia and Poonam meet their new nanny, Elizabeth Dildar By Mehwish Bhatti Although it's a very difficult to find a substitute for a lost mother or father we at the BPCA have tried to do this as best we can, for the darling children of Shama and Shahzad.  In the media and charitable frenzy it is always difficult to assess what service to offer the three children of parents lost so brutally and cruelly in an unwarranted act of hatred - not that this type of hatred is ever condoned.   The parents Shama and Shazad were beaten to an inch of their lives and then burned alive, twitching their bodies in an attempt to cope with what must have been excr...

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Twin Lahore Church bomb attack victims remembered by European Pak-Christians in demonstration before EU Parliament

Over 70 Pak-Christians gathered in a circle A vigil was held outside the European Union Parliament on Friday 27th March 2015 to remember the victims of the Lahore twin church bomb attack that killed 17 people and maimed a further 80 victims. A riot ensued after the explosions, after Christians in a frenzied hysteria failed to hold back their emotions, in the first incident of its kind recorded in the history in Pakistan. Two men apprehended by local Policemen were taken from them and beaten to death, then burned, after police chose to walk the gunmen towards the Christian mourners caring for the dead and injured.  It is believed the direction taken by ...

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The Education System In Pakistan: Discrimination and The Targeting Of The 'Other'

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Christians complain about forced police Jizya tax in retribution for killing of two Muslim men

A locked, empty house in Youhanabad: a common sight during these times of great fear! By Mehwish Bhatti Police have arrested 106 Christians as part of their clampdown on the recent rioting after the twin Lahore bomb attack states Pakistan Today, a Pakistan daily.   In the report click here they identify the two men who have been arrested for instigating the burning alive of two Muslim men.  Leaders of Sharing Life Ministries, are the accused perpetrators of these killings and were tracked from Lahore to Gujaranwala and Sialkot, as they tried to escape the law. Police have stated that the two men already had a number of criminal convic...

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Vigil for victims of Lahore twin bomb attack in Nottingham 28th March 2015

A vigil has been organised by Nottingham Asian Christians and the British Pakistani Christian Association.  The event will remember the victims of the recent twin bomb attack in Lahore and we will call on the Government of Pakistan to improve it's poor human rights record. Event: Vigil for Lahore twin bomb attack victims Time: 2pm - 5pm Venue: Old Market Square, Nottingham NG1 2JS Contact: Pervaiz Sardar Tel:  078 4670 4670 or 0115 924 1917 email: pervaizsardar@hotmail.co.uk Contact2: Wilson Chowdhry Tel: 020 8514 0861  email: admin@britishpakistanichristians.org Please bring candles, banners and posters and declare your solidarity.

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BPCA reponds to needs of victims of Lahore bomb attack

Sister of slain 10 year old, Abishake, is still coming to terms with the loss of her brother.  Mehwish is providing counselling and prayers. Sign our petition (click here) Join our peace vigil in Nottingham (click here) Sunday 15th March was another bleak day in the ongoing persecution saga of Pakistani Christians.  As Christians were nearing the end of their communion service at Christ Church, a congregation belonging to the Church of Pakistan, gun fire shots could be heard followed by a loud explosion.  The church was being led by Reverend Irshad Ashkanaz. Two Muslim gunmen approached the church from one side and a suicide bomber ...

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Watery treat for Pakistan Day decided on UN World Water Day!

Image of the BPCA pump we installed for gang-raped Christian teenagers Sherish and Farzana. We are very pleased to announce that the BPCA has received funds to build five water pumps for the deprived Christian community of Jaranwala.  Many living in this community have suffered the ignominy of poor health and regular taunting because of the inability to wash properly and drink clean water.   Poor Christians in this community earn around £600 per year and the boring of pumps would cost over a year's salary.  No help has ever been provided to the Christians of this community despite it being the worst off community in the area....

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Relief Aid for victims of Lahore bomb attack starts in earnest after pacifying expected Lahore attackers

Mehwish Bhatti prays over coma victim Qaisor Pervez (Chairman Wilson Chowdhry's extended cousin) one of the brave volunteer security at St James Catholic Church, Lahore.  His and other security volunteers' sacrifices saved hundreds from death and serious injury. Please sign our petition (click here) Dear all, we can draw a deep breath of relief.  Church services completed on Sunday and the expected and threatened attack from a Muslim mob never materialised. Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry informed people about this on Facebook, Sunday 22nd March 2105. He said:   "I spoke to Mehwish after the service and she is just about to attend a meeting with pa...

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