Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


BPCA Flood Appeal - we have raised £500 in our first week!

The recent deluge in Pakistan has decimated the country and has made millions homeless across the country. Conservative estimates indicate that around 700,000 people have been made homeless and that 3million people have been affected by the floods. Newer reported figures of around 14 million people having been affected by the floods illustrate that the destruction and desolation affecting Pakistan are the worst in their known history. Charities up and down the country have been mobilising to react to the catastrophe in an attempt to bring succour and respite to a beleaguered people, however, as road/rail and other transport links have been destroyed or made unsafe fo...

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Monsoon Floods Devastate Southern Punjab

Today (10th August 2015) news of massive floods in Pakistan reminds us of the frail nature of Asia's ecosystem.  Already reports of 170 deaths in Southern Punjab are indicative of the human cost and dangers faced living in the region.  The impact on Pakistan will grow as days pass, and our fears are that other lives will be lost before we see any cessation to this large scale inundation.  Initial reports estimate one million people have been affected  with acres of agricultural land and crops being lost and at least 500,000 homes rendered uninhabitable. The British Pakistani Christian Association has a long history of flood response disaster reco...

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Sight for Sore Eyes!

Sikander Inayat one of the many victims of the Lahore twin church bomb attack March 2015 A Pakistani national hero, Sikander Inyat, was given the gift of sight, despite strong fears he would become blind after he risked his own safety to save others during the recent Lahore twin bomb attack (click here) (click here) and (click here).  Sikander was left with severe damage to his right eye which, if left untreated, would have caused potential blindness to his remaining left eye.  Shrapnel had become embedded in the right eye rendering it defunct, the shrapnel damage was slowly causing a poisoning in the vicinity of his enduring left eye. Sadly General Hospit...

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Help For Pakistani Christians In Thailand Fundraiser

In 2015 it's hard to believe that a woman and her husband can be burned alive in front of their children, simply for their beliefs (reference here) In 2015 it's hard to believe that young girls, sometimes only 2 years old, are raped because of the faith they belong to (reference here) It's hard to believe that in 2015 those governments people elect, and put their faith in, provide little protection, instead preferring to turn a blind eye as millions are persecuted in the land they call home (reference here) Parents mourning over the body of Shazia Bashir aged 14 We have become accustomed to hearing stories of adult men raping 14 year old girls, leaving only ...

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Concern grows for Pak-Christian girl kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage!

Family of Fouzia desperate for help. Mehwish prays with the family for Fouzia's protection and safe return Sign our petition (click here) The kidnap of a Christian mother of three who was raped and then forcibly married by her Muslim landlord, has again highlighted the dangers faced by young women followers of Christ.   The incident occurred July 23rd 2015 when the young woman Fouzia Sadiq was abducted from a field located at at Burj Mahalam, Chak No.35, Pattoki, where she worked on as a bonded labourer.  Details of the abduction have not yet been made public.  Muslim landlord Muhammed Nazir (60 years) employed the whole family, including t...

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Listen to Wilson Chowdhry speak on Asia Bibi live on a BBC local radio station near you!

Image of Wilson Chowdhry interviewed about asylum seekers in Thailand on 8th June 2015 Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association will be interviewed on 7 local BBC radio stations today on the topic of the plight of Asia Bibi. You can listen live to any of them on-line wherever you are: SUNDAY 26TH JULY 1805 BBC LEEDS Presenter Mussy Abbasi 1830 BBC WEST Presenter Manny Masih 1840 BBC STOKE Presenter Ajmal Hussain 1910 BBC MANCHESTER Presenter Talat-Farooq Awan  1920 BBC DERBY Presenter Satvinder Rana  1935 BBC Sheffield Presenter Gul Nawaz 1945 BBC NORTHAMPTON Presenter Jona Kotnis Learn more about Asia Bibi (click here) Hannah ...

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Asia Bibi grounds for appeal accepted by Supreme Court. Death sentence stayed during leave to appeal!

Asia Bibi Pakistans most famous blasphemy law victim. Sign our petition (click here) Listen to Wilson's premier Christian radio interview (click here) Asia Bibi has been granted leave to appeal her death sentence by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.  There is still some serious legal process to follow before she can be acquitted, but this action is a serious step in the right direction. Asia is in a much more hopeful position now but the process will be long and drawn out.  Please continue to pray for her.  By accepting her appeal the Court has inferred that there is a possibility for grounds for Asia being exonerated. Only minutes earlier our officer ...

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Pak-Christians in Thailand need urgent medical support

By Christian Malik I woke up early in the morning and braced myself for a long journey to the outskirts of Bangkok. Dao Khanong Pinkala Hospital was my destination and a mother and daughter infected by Tuberculosis were waiting for me.  It was a tiring day but time I was willing to spend in helping them. When Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of BPCA, visited Thailand he witnessed the lives of poor Pakistani Christians living here. We have tried to do something to help them from providing food packages to 40 families on World Refugee Day to paying for an operation for Salmoon Barkat who had a nasty skin infection.  We also gave an underprivileged family one week's ...

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Bomb Blast Hero Fears Total Loss of Sight

Security guard Sikander Inyat lost his right eye in the Taliban attack By Mehwish Bhatti Sikander Inyat (28 years old) was working as part of the volunteer security team protecting St James Catholic Church on March 15th 2015, a day when Sikander's church and nearby Christ Church were struck by Muslim suicide bombers.  Whilst on duty Sikander heard a call that a potential bomber was travelling towards the church. Alerted to the attack, he and his colleagues rushed into action, their main aim being to protect the church and parishioners at all costs.  Sikander's responsibility was to shut the large iron gates to prevent the hate-filled attackers enter...

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School's in for summer!

I am excited to bring this update to you about the school that we are initiating in Thailand. For many weeks we have been discussing and making plans and it seems things are now rapidly progressing. I, Christian Malik lead officer for the BPCA in Thailand, have been overseeing the project and sent these images of the hired hall as it develops into the proposed classroom area.  It will not be a huge school but will still serve fifty or more needy children and adults and we are very grateful to God for the opportunity to serve and bless them. The centre will contain five working laptops, a series of educational books, and will be equipped with chairs and tables...

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