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Prayer for Chattanooga

Face of an extremist killer By Kendra Malczyk from Washington State Lord, once again, we offer up prayer to You for another city, more families and friends of victims, because of another shooting.  Please bring them comfort in Your everlasting mercy.  And, in the depths of Your love, bring revival to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring healing, knowledge, and power to the people living there.  Bring revival to America!  Your word says that a wicked ruler will be given to a wicked people.  Our leaders are allowing terrorism to sweep across our nation and our world like a wildfire.  So many tragedies have...

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Asia Bibi to appeal for freedom through Pakistan's flawed legal system

Asia Bibi mother of five convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death Please sign our petition (click here) Asia Bibi has been given one last chance to challenge for her freedom after a Supreme Court appeal date has been set for Wednesday 22nd July starting at 9.00am Pakistan time (5am GMT).  The British Pakistani Christian Association calls on Christians across the globe to pray for her freedom and for justice to be served through the courts. One of the solicitors involved in the case contacted our officer Mehwish Bhatti who informed us only hours ago. Mehwish said: "I am pleased at this early date, the legal process in Pakistan can be so delayed.  Per...

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Bomb blast miracle survivor still desperately needs our help

By Mehwish Bhatti   Mehwish (centre) with miraculous survivor Qaisor Pervaiz, his wife Samina and their one year old son Cornelius The Lahore twin bomb attack in Youhanabad left many Christians crippled and in a helpless situation.  Up until that date Qaisor Pervaiz, 35, worked in a garment factory as a technical officer, but now he is unemployed and in financial ruin.   During the attack Qaisor, a voluntary security officer, saw his colleague rush to apprehend a suicide bomber.  Qaisor also rushed after him and while his friend grappled with the attacker, Qaisor successfully pinned the bomber's arms up to prevent him exploding his device.  ...

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Islamic extremism takes firm root in Britain.

In the last week or two we have had several official moments of silence for victims of Islamic extremism, first for the victims in Tunisia, then the 10th anniversary of the 7-7 attacks.  However, for most of us, the memory is fading, the news headlines taken over by various other issues.  But of course, extremism hasn’t gone away. View ITV London footage of BPCA Lee Rigby concert (click here) There are many victims of such extremism, including fellow Muslims, but Christians tend to bear a great deal of the hatred and violence because they are a rival major missionary religion, and because they are seen to be adherents of a Western reli...

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Bomb Blast Hero's Daughter Receives Surprise Scholarship

Aneeka's brothers and sisters celebrate her acceptance on subsidised Midwifery course that prevents her premature marriage. Many of you will be aware of the huge Facebook campaign that erupted following the twin bomb attack, in Lahore.  Khushi Masih, a father of 6 daughters and two sons (click here), was killed in the attack whilst saving others, and since he was the only breadwinner the family was suddenly met with a financial crisis. The family could no longer meet their daily needs such as food, schooling of the children, clothes and other needs.  After much soul searching and due to a lack of external support, the family had decided to marry off...

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Asia Bibi's husband desires more visits to see her!

Ashiq Masih meeting with Shamim Masih of the BPCA earlier this year after a failed Lahore High Court appeal. In a very frank interview with the Daily Mail, facilitated by the BPCA, Ashiq Masih described the plight of his family who have had to change their place of residence 15 times in the last 6 years.  During this time the mother of five, Asia Bibi, has been incarcerated in a dingy cell in complete isolation for her own safety, and has had a very recent health scare after a period of intestinal pain and vomiting blood.  Asia Bibi was jailed on 14th June 2010 after she drank from the same well as her Muslim co-workers and then offered the same water to t...

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Asia Bibi's plight reaches top US media channel Fox News!

Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry is going to be live tonight on Fox News.  He will be interviewed via Skype on the 'On the Record' programme which goes out at 7pm (EST) on 1st July 2015 (which is 12am on 2nd July in UK.)  The interview will focus on the six year long incarceration of Asia Bibi and the wider persecution of Pakistani Christians.   Please take time to hear about the plight of the millions of Christians suffering in Pakistan and please pray for her that the increased publicity will mean her release will be secured very soon. Learn more about the plight of Asia Bibi (click here) and (click here) Asia Bibi Pakistan's most famous b...

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Pakistani blasphemy victim publicly shorn and dragged through streets as demon

p Once a place of tranquility A new blasphemy accusation case has been reported in Farooqabad within Sheikhupura district today, only days after our chairman updated Fox news about Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim Asia bIbi (click here).  The accused are Awais Qamar (Saraj Masih's son), his wife Ruksana and her sister Farhana, all residents of Chak 460 Makkay.  Awais bought a PVC banner (Pena Flex) from some Muslims to lay on the floor of their mud house as a carpet some time ago.  A Muslim friend Khaneez Bibi visited their house on 30th June 2015 and offered 400 Pak rupees for the banner as they wanted to use it within their home, howeve...

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Appeal for medical needs for Pak-Christians in Thailand

By Christian Malik Our lead officer in Thailand, Christian Malik, has been visiting several families severely in need of food, rent, and most importantly, medical assistance. Medical costs are too high in Thailand where asylum seekers are categorised as foreigners and are charged highly for medical treatment. Minor medical issues are ignored, which in turn grow into more serious conditions.  Consequently and tragically many asylum seekers have died because of this negligence.  Many cannot afford their medical expenses and rely on organisations such as BPC to help them pay. BPC helped to pay medical expenses for Salmoon Barkat who was infected with a skin d...

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Please pray with us for those affected by IS attacks

Security forces are on high alert. by Alison Houghton Please join us in prayer for every person affected by the cruel actions of IS in the last 24 hours. Psalm 121 New King James Version (NKJV) God the Help of Those Who Seek Him A Song of Ascents. 121 I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help? 2 My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. 3 He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber. 4 Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep. 5 The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade at your right hand. 6 The sun shall not strike you by day,...

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