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Ilyas masih father of Sherish and Farzana determined to get justice!

Sarwar Masih a witness, Mushtaq Gill and the father of Sherish and Farzana, Ilyas Masih, determined for justice after submission of power of attorney at Jaranwala Trial Court. For more details on the two sisters please click here Today Mushtaq Gill submitted the power of attorney for Ilyas Masih, the father of Sherish and Farzana, two sisters brutally raped in a 12 hour ordeal early this year.  Mushtaq and his team were appointed by the BPCA and we are supporting the family through this difficult period. The two sisters are now living in a safe house away from the daily taunts and threats they were receiving from other boys and young men in their community. ...

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Let's eradicate modern day slavery together!

Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry, was invited to a roundtable discussion on modern day slavery at the House of Lords, on Tuesday 10th March 2014.  The meeting was chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss, Vice Chair of the Human Trafficking Foundation, and guests included:  Rt Hon Theresa May MP,  Home Secretary Karen Bradley MP, Minister for Modern Slavery, Lord Bates, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Office Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, Churches Together England Kevin Hyland OBE  Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner The meeting was an opportunity to discuss growing concerns about modern day slavery...

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Funeral of Zubair Rashid Masih held under Police auspices!

People gather to pray around coffin of Zubair Rashid Masih  murdered while in a prison cell for a crime his mother did not commit.  A heavy police containment team were present at the sombre funeral held for Zubair Rashid Masih on Monday. Around 50 people showed their respects for the young 20 year old man, who had been killed in a police cell after his mother Aysha Bibi was falsely accused of stealing gold ornaments in excess of 100 grams and 35,000 pak rupees.        The value of the stolen items is the equivalent of over half the annual salary of a whole family of deprived Christians in Pakistan. Many key humanit...

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Father of gang-raped Christian girls demands justice for his daughters!

Ilyas Masih, Father of gang-raped Christian girls Sherish and Farzana takes on the rapists with help of BPCA and LEAD! For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mushtaq Gill, LAHORE: Today 9 March, 2015, Ilyas Masih, father of gang raped under age Catholic Christian girls, came to meet Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and High Court Advocate for free legal assistance to challenge the grant of bail that saw two rapists set free and for trial of the two cases.     The meeting transpired after British Pakistani Christian Association Chairman, Wilson Chowdhry approached Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and ...

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Police torture to death son of Aysha Bibi after accusation of theft from home where she was domestic servant!

Ayesha Bibi was given the dead body of her son Zubair Rashid Masih (RIP) in a twisted incident of police malpractice. On 4th March 2015 at 7pm a Christian mother, Ms Aysha Bibi, was arrested by police from Harbanspura, near Lahore, for allegedly stealing 35,000 rupees  and gold ornaments weighing close to 100g.  The harassed mother who worked as a domestic servant for her employer Abdul Jabbar and his family, despite many years of loyal service.    Aysha Bibi was accused of stealing the items around the 24th of February, while they were at a wedding.  However, Aysha she claims she stopped working at the house on 20th February for which she ha...

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Rehabilitation of Christian girls Sherish and Farzana is slow but progress is good!

Sherish displays her new found writing skills.  She has learnt her complete alphabet in capitals. For more details on the two sisters please click here Gang rape victims Sherish and Farzana, who had to flee their town after two gunmen shot at their home, are now staying in our safe house in a town far away from Jaranwala.  Although they miss their family intensely they have adjusted to their surroundings well. Sherish the younger of the two, (14 years), has shown great progress in learning English and Urdu and she has already mastered the English alphabet in capital letters.  This might seem like a small step to many of you, but I assure you this is ...

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Pakistani Christians join Wanstead Baptists to celebrate diversity of Christian Church

On Sunday 15th March 2015 we are pleased to be joining Wanstead Baptist Church as they learn about the roots of Christianity in Pakistan and the current persecution and discrimination which Pakistani Christians live under,  leaving the majority of them impoverished, illiterate and vulnerable.   The service is the idea of Reverend David Morgan, who leads the church.  He wanted to learn more about the suffering of brothers and sisters in Pakistan and called Wilson Chowdhry, our chairman, who in true fashion organised a series of must-see services at the church. The morning service will be a traditional Christian service with the main focus o...

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We still believe God will set Asia free!

Ashiq Masih believes God will set his wife Asia Bibi free! Please sign our petition for Asia Bibi (click here) By Mehwish Bhatti: It was cold and dreary morning (13th February 2015) as I set off on my four hour journey to meet with Ashiq Masih, the husband of Pakistan's most famous prisoner Asia Bibi. In my role as lead officer for the BPCA in Pakistan I often find myself travelling in dangerous areas in Pakistan, a country full of bandits, highwayman and insurgents. It might not seem much of a task till you realise I am a vulnerable 26 year old Christian women in a country where both my faith and gender single me out for discrimination, pe...

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Gang-raped and persecuted Christian sisters find refuge and chance to rebuild lives.

Desperate to save the lives of his daughters Father Ilyas Masih sorrowfully delivers his daughters to the care of the British Pakistani Christian Association. For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mehwish Bhatti: We left home early in the morning (Sunday 22nd February 2015) my frail elderly mother and I, determined to complete our task of bringing Sherish and Farzana to safety. The two now famous girls have been strong-willed and determined to rebuild their lives, despite being subjects of the cruel perversions of three local Muslim boys, who beat, cut and tortured them while gang-raping them for over twelve hours, mocking the girls vindictively...

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Catholic church robbed at gunpoint for second time!

By Mushtaq Gill KASUR:  Three armed robbers raided 'Our Lady Queen of Angels Church' located at Multan Road, Bhai Pheru District Kasur at 09:00am Thursday morning. The bandits took Church staff hostage including Father Ijaz Bashir the assistant priest.  Church officials say the dacoits (robbers) looted over one million Pakistani Rupees, and stole mobile phones, cameras and seven silver crowns. A police complaint has been lodged under FIR No.48/2015, registered under section 392 of the Pakistan Penal Code, at City Police Station Bhai Pheru. Fingerprints were found at the crime scene but the robbers are still unknown.  The Detective Superintende...

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