Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Six years since the brutal incarceration of Asia Bibi - yet no freedom in sight!

Asia Bibi still hopes and prays for freedom despite the cruelty of the nation of Pakistan. Sign our petition (click here) Last week, an emaciated, desperately ill mother of five endured a milestone, six years since the brutal start of her incarceration that has led to her being left on death row.  The innocent victim of abuse, in a land where innocence is no excuse if you are of the wrong creed, Asia Bibi has languished for six years in prison.  She has wasted away as her appeal was delayed time and again and then rejected.  Her crime was to stand up for her Christian faith after her Muslim co-workers abused her for an act of kindness on her part....

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BPCA sponsors World Refugee Day held by Pak-Christians in Thailand

By Christian Malik Listen to Premier Christian Radio (Click here) "Refugees are not terrorists but they are often the first victims of terrorism" On Sunday, June 21st 2015, the BPCA sponsored a celebration event held to commemorate World Refugee Day. The event was organised by Urdu Church in Hands of God which is run by Papa Thongchai, a local Thai preacher in Bangkok. The congregation consists of more than 250 Pakistani asylum seekers and they all gathered to worship, celebrate the day, and remember the sufferings of refugees around the world. Our lead officer in Thailand, Christian Malik, was also present and witnessed the beautiful Urdu worship. The people wo...

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Persecution of Christians

Asia Bibi an innocent mother of 5 imprisoned for five years simply for enacting kindness. Persecution of Christians – Where, How Bad, and What Can We Do? More and more, the persecution of Christians is getting into the mainstream media. We hear of Egyptian Christians lined up and shot or beheaded in Egypt, nearly 150 Christian university students massacred in Kenya, hundreds of Christian girls kidnapped from school or college in Kenya, crucifixions and beheadings of Christians – even children – in Syria, suicide bombs against churches in Pakistan. This year is also the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Over the space of several years, ...

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Please join us in prayer for Charleston

In order from left to right by row: Ethel Lance, 70, Tywanza Sanders, 26, Cynthia Hurd, 54,  Reverend DePayne Middleton, 49, Reverend Clementa Pinckney, 41, Susie Jackson, 87, Myra Thompson, 59, Reverend Daniel L. Simmons Sr., 74, and Sharonda Coleman Singleton, 45.   We were very shocked and saddened by the events that took place during a mid week meeting at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Police say Dylann Roof shot the pastor and eight other church members in cold blood as they gathered to do a bible study.  A church is a place where everyone is welcome and Christians should feel safe, but it is increasingly somewhere t...

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BPCA honours the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide on World Refugee Day

Our lead project manager in Thailand, who operates under the pseudonym Christian Malik, has been busy purchasing food for the World Refugee Service at Urdu Church in the Hands of God, Bangkok. British Pakistani Christians are challenging people of good conscience to do something to help refugees this weekend when the UN designated "World Refugee Day" celebrates it's 14th anniversary on June 20th 2015.   This day was designated by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to bring attention to the plight of approximately 14 million refugees around the world.   Our lead officer in Thailand going under the pseudonym of Christian Malik will be speaking at a servi...

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Silver Jubilee brings humanitarians together.

Canon Andrew White the Vicar of Baghdad and Wilson Chowdhry. On Tuesday 16th June, the Conservative Christian Fellowship celebrated their silver Jubilee.  Guest speakers included: Dave Burrowes MP Political Secretary of CCF, David Urqhart Bishop of Birmingham, and Canon Andrew White aka the vicar of Baghdad. The meeting was interspersed with some wonderful worship, including performances by Chen Wang, Noel Robinson, Dave Bilbrough and Trinity Baptist Choir (West Norwood).   Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry, who was invited in his capacity as leader of the British Pakistani Christian Association, was surprised to be invited since he follows his convictions at ...

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Bomb victims of Lahore still desperate for help.

Qaisor Pervez cousin of Wilson Chowdhry survived the bomb blast despite 85% burns.   Most of his teeth shattered and he has lost significant eye performance, yet his recovery is being reported as a miracle.  Sign our petition here: (Click here) Learn more about further persecution of Christians in Lahore here (Click here) By Mehwish Bhatti On my most recent visit to Lahore I was shocked to see the state that Christian victims have found themselves in.  Despite the numerous charities that have promised long term support few, if any, are actually providing any real assistance.   I visited Qaisor Pervez cousin of our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry w...

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Christian man charged for murder at 15 years hanged after confessing to triple murder under duress.

Pakistani prison officials released a statement confirming the death by hanging of a Christian man Aftab Bahadur on  Wednesday (10th June 2015).   Despite insistence by lawyers of his innocence and attempts to bring a reprieve by Catholic Bishop of Karachi Joseph Coutts and Bishop of Rochester, Salvatore Ronald Montano, the death sentence was allowed to continue. Mr Bahadur was only 15 years old at the time of the murder and had spent 23 years in jail, before he was hanged at Kot Lakhput Jail in Lahore.  He claimed that he had been tortured to confess to the killings of Sabiha Bari and her two sons in 1992. The legal team supporting Aftab Bahad...

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Save the Children charity ordered to leave Pakistan

Our officer Mehwish Bhatti visits the Save the Children offices to learn the truth. Neurotic Pakistan authorities have ordered that Save the Children leave the country.  Local police have sealed off their Islamabad offices and foreign staff working for the international charity have been given 15 days to leave the country.  Save the Children have not had foreign staff working in Pakistan over the last 18 months for their safety. The Government have said the action taken is in riposte to anti-Pakistani activities undertaken by Save the Children, including alleging the charity were involved in the fake vaccination programme used by the CIA to t...

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Karachi Church Threatened with False Blasphemy Charges by Muslim Land Grabbers

by Joy Hancock The congregation of Jerusalem Church, Karachi is being threatened with false blasphemy charges by Muslims who wish to seize the church's land.  Jerusalem Church is reported by the Christian Post as being a Pentecostal church of around 300 families strong.  The members have told International Christian Concern that they have even received death threats from a group of armed Muslims who are well known for seizing church property from poor congregations, and have carried out targeted killings. The church was built in the 1990s and according to John Nazareth Adil, a local social activist, the Muslim group wants the land for their own agenda,...

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