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BBC Interview BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry on Church Bombings in Lahore

On Sunday 15th March 2015 two suicide bombers attacked two different churches in Youhanabad,  killing 17 people instantly and injuring a further 82.  The BBC interviews British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) Chairman for more details on this event and the plights of Christians living in Pakistan.

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Pakistani Christian campaigner receives Anonymous threat!

In the wake of the double suicide bombings in Lahore, a Facebook persona claiming to be acting on behalf of the anarchist hackers group Anonymous placed a threatening post on a major Pakistani Christian Facebook community making false moral equivalence between the Taliban-terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for the bombings on the church services and the Pakistani Christian community as a whole, in a strategy that mirrors the tactics of extremist Muslim groups in Pakistan.  Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, who lost at least one family member in the attacks, said that one of the group’s trustees alerted ...

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Lahore twin church Bombing update

Christian mother and son wail of over her lost son. By Shamim Masih   After receiving a text from Wilson Chowdhry at 5am GMT on Sunday, I immediately set out to investigate the twin bombing at Youhanabad. I arrived there close to 1pm due to many roads being blocked and the poor weather, heavy rain.  I could see immediately that there was considerable unrest.  Everywhere I looked I could see protesters enraged by the attack, in particular a large group at the local Metro Station, and train journeys were being cancelled.  The main Ferozpur road was the scene of a smaller protest despi...

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Two churches bombed in Christian community of Yohanabad in Lahore! Please pray!

Mourners weep over the lost. For the update on the situation in Lahore please click here.   We have received reports that two churches in the Christian community of Yohanabad have been bombed this morning.  Early reports suggest that  14 people have died including a child and a police officer and 70 parishioners of the two churches injured. (click here) One targeted buildings included St John's Catholic church and the other is a Church of Pakistan Church called Christ Church. The suicide bomber in the attack on St John's Catholic church is said to have thrown a grenade into the church before blowing himself up. (click here) Suicide bombers arri...

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The Education System In Pakistan: Discrimination and The Targeting of The 'Other'

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Minority 5% recruitment quota still ignored despite constitutional reform in 2009

Since September 2009, all government departments have been bound by constitutional decree  to implement a set 5 quota for religious minorities when recruiting, but a member of the selection committee in this case appointed his own son. Mr Ashraf said that the Department was prejudiced against him because he is a Christian and also alleged that the department gave the wrong information to the selection committee, mixing his application with another candidate's.   Mr Justice Qasam Khan adjourned this employment discrimination case until 2nd April 2015.   With the BPCA's support LEAD has, in many cases like this, taken the officials c...

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Arrests of 400 Thailand Pak-Christian refugees causes international concern

Dated:13/3/15, Bangkok –Thailand: Urgent message received from Rev Patrick Sarooj (sic): Thai Immigration Police and the Army raided the rooms of asylum seekers living in Samrong district. It was like an operation against Criminals. Asylum seekers were hidden inside their washrooms with their families kept calling around to other asylum seekers for prayers, calling UNHCR also for protection,As soon as the operation started, the Thai Immigration Police and the Army smashed the doors and entered in the rooms of asylum seekers and started arresting them. Minor kids, women, young and old everyone were treated in an inhuman way.Many people were arrested to Samro...

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Ilyas masih father of Sherish and Farzana determined to get justice!

Sarwar Masih a witness, Mushtaq Gill and the father of Sherish and Farzana, Ilyas Masih, determined for justice after submission of power of attorney at Jaranwala Trial Court. For more details on the two sisters please click here Today Mushtaq Gill submitted the power of attorney for Ilyas Masih, the father of Sherish and Farzana, two sisters brutally raped in a 12 hour ordeal early this year.  Mushtaq and his team were appointed by the BPCA and we are supporting the family through this difficult period. The two sisters are now living in a safe house away from the daily taunts and threats they were receiving from other boys and young men in their community. ...

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Let's eradicate modern day slavery together!

Chairman of the BPCA, Wilson Chowdhry, was invited to a roundtable discussion on modern day slavery at the House of Lords, on Tuesday 10th March 2014.  The meeting was chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss, Vice Chair of the Human Trafficking Foundation, and guests included:  Rt Hon Theresa May MP,  Home Secretary Karen Bradley MP, Minister for Modern Slavery, Lord Bates, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Office Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, Churches Together England Kevin Hyland OBE  Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner The meeting was an opportunity to discuss growing concerns about modern day slavery...

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Funeral of Zubair Rashid Masih held under Police auspices!

People gather to pray around coffin of Zubair Rashid Masih  murdered while in a prison cell for a crime his mother did not commit.  A heavy police containment team were present at the sombre funeral held for Zubair Rashid Masih on Monday. Around 50 people showed their respects for the young 20 year old man, who had been killed in a police cell after his mother Aysha Bibi was falsely accused of stealing gold ornaments in excess of 100 grams and 35,000 pak rupees.        The value of the stolen items is the equivalent of over half the annual salary of a whole family of deprived Christians in Pakistan. Many key humanit...

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