Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Christian Resources Exhibition: Your complimentary ticket from British Pakistani Christian Association

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Lahore bomb victims revisited

By Mehwish Bhatti Victims of the Lahore twin bomb attack are still desperately seeking help for the survival and many feel they have been forgotten only weeks after the terror attack that destroyed their lives took place.  On a recent visit to Lahore I met with some of the victims we are working with and met with many new ones. I joined with Pastor Samuel Masih from Raiwind at the behest of a pastor from America concerned about the plight of the victims of the Lahore explosions.  All the victims I met shared their utmost disappointment and concern at the manner in which they were abruptly discharged by the staff at the General Hospital, Lahore. &n...

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Plight of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand

By Joy Hancock The problems of Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand stem partly from the fact that Thailand has not signed United Nations Convention on Human Rights 1951 (UNCHR) regarding the status of asylum seekers and refugees. click here All refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand, including Pakistani Christians, are therefore considered to be illegal immigrants and risk deportation if caught.  400 Pakistani Christian refugees, including children, were arrested in Bangkok in March 2015.  click here They were Christian converts who had fled Pakistan following threats of death, with hopes of being granted asylu...

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Supporting Perscuted Christians Through We Are One T- Shirt

All around the globe Christians are being persecuted for their faith. Mr Parr stands in solidarity with us in supporting our persecuted brothers and sisters.


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Pakistani peace activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead

Sabeen Mahmud (RIP) murdered Pakistani activist By Joy Hancock On Friday evening 24th April, sometime after 9pm,  Sabeen Mahmud was shot dead in her car.  Mahmud was 40 years old and had for many years campaigned for human rights and particularly for the "disappeared people" of Balochistan.  She was a director of T2F (the Second Floor) a café and arts space in Karachi.  She was on her way home from an event at the café called "Unsilencing Balochistan Take 2".  The Guardian reports that she organised the event with Mama Abdul Qadeer, an elderly Baloch activist campaigning on behalf of so-called “missing people&rdquo...

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Western Nations Should Open Doors to Persecuted Christians

12 Christians were thrown overboard by Muslim refugees in a recent refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean sea (click here) In a recent interview with ITV News, UKIP's leader Nigel Farage has said he would "happily" accept Christian refugees into Britain because they have "literally got nowhere to go."   To hear the ITV interview with Nigel Farage (Click here) Despite declaring his opposition to any European Common Immigration Policy, which he advised Britain to stay out of, he said: "Having said that, I particularly feel for the plight of Christians who have got no where to go in that region - I would happily as a country take Christian refugees."...

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Children of Shama and Shahzad are rehabilitating positively and have gelled well with our nanny team

Nanny with all children of Shama and Shahzad and Mehwish Bhatti Mehwish Bhatti visited the children of Shama and Shahzad during her recent trip to Lahore, to help the family of murdered teenager Nouman Masih, who was set alight in a hate attack by local Muslims.   The parents of these children also suffered a severe beating and were roasted alive while the children watched, after the couple Shama and Shahzad, were falsely accused of a blasphemy.  (click here)Attempts were also made to burn one of the children, but did not proceed when guilt manifested through the collective conscience of the violent mob. Since the incident BPCA's teams have been maint...

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Another Christian killed in Police custody

Farman Masih received by his family still in police handcuffs despite him being in no state to cause harm to anyone! Another Christian man has been killed whilst in Police custody in an incident that is remarkably similar to previous ones. This victim is the first on record to not have had a blasphemy charge laid against him, he was accused of theft of a battery. Farman Masih a 25 year old Christian man was found dead in a stream on Saturday 18th April 2015, after a bungled police arrest apparently allowed him to plunge to his death whilst trying to escape.  Or so say Pakistani mainstream media. Reports suggest that Mr Masih was arrested at his home by the As...

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Sherish and Farzana show significant signs of recovery from gang-rape ordeal.

Maths is fun for formerly illiterate sisters Sherish and Farzana The number of recent attacks on Christians in Pakistan has diverted us from reporting on Sherish (14 years) and Farzana (16 years), the two sisters whom we have taken into our safe custody, after a terrible 14 hour gang rape ordeal. The girls were abducted at gun point while using a field as a toilet. (click here) The two sisters were suffering great trauma after their ordeal, which was compounded by threats from other young men of a repeat attack, claiming it was what Christians deserved. We installed a washroom facility in their home as they were too scared and traumatis...

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Family of Nouman Masih (RIP) speak of the great solace they have knowing he is in heaven in a place without intolerance and free of pain.

BPCA Pakistan lead officer Mehwish Bhatti prays with the family of Nouman Masih. Today British Pakistani Christian Association Lead Pakistan Officer Mehwish Bhatti met with the family of deceased teenager Nouman Masih (RIP).  The unfortunate 15 year old was set alight after being doused in kerosene by Muslim youths in Pakistan after he admitted he was Christian, when questioned.   By a miracle he survived the initial attack despite being treated at Mayo Hospital without a special burns unit.  However, after five days and plastic surgery - treatment despite his health vulnerability - he passed away on Friday. Mehwish Bhatti met his paternal uncl...

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