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People of good conscience in the UK mourn the victims of Sri Lanka bombings at several events


In the wake of the devastating bomb attacks on churches in Sri Lanka the global mourning amongst people of good conscience from all walks of life has been  palpable.

Events have sprung up across the UK as well as across the globe starting with a memorial service on Thursday 25th April, at Beulah Family Church, Thornton Heath,  at which Pastor Ceaser led the event and involved several other Tamil Pastors.

Before the short service which featured on BBC's Songs of Praise a candlelight vigil was held in rememberance of the dead invited guests Wilson and Juliet Chowdhry of the British Asian Christian Association, spoke about the need for solidarity and peace and the need to remember that God calls us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. Mr Chowdhry, said:

"Christ died and rose on a cross that we might not perish but have eternal life - once we have mourned we must rejoice in the gift of heaven that is the last resting place for those killed.

"They are now in the presence of God in a place without the imperfections of this earth and one day we will be reunited."

Wilson and Juliet Chowdhry light candle of rememberance at Beulah Family Church.

Later the same day in the London Borough of Redbridge a peace vigil was held outside Ilford Town Hall, at which the surprise arrival of MP Mike Gapes warmed the hearts of the local Tamil Community, who were represented by Pastor Kanagaratanam Joseph leader of Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Ilford.  His moving speech united the local well-wishers form many faiths who stood in solidarity with the nation of Sri Lankan people who had suffered so much loss in the recent attacks.

Pastor Andrew Willis Ilford High Road Baptist Church speaks to gathered mourners.

A Bagpiper paid a lament at the event before and after a one minutes silence for those slain in the recent bomb attacks, after which he led people to a memorial event in Vine Church. 

A photoshoot was taken at the Redbridge Peace Monument after the event and sent to survivors and mourners in the towns of Negombo, Colombo and Batticaloa church where BPCA has visited.  Local Pastors were so buoyed by the exhibited solidarity that several enthralled pastors from Batticaloa, proceeded by filming a thank you video to the people of Ilford who had passionately expressed support for them.

Thank you was said to the British Pakistani Christian Association, Mike Gapes MP (Ilford South), Pastor Joseph Emmanuel Christian Fellowship and Pastor Andrew White, Ilford High Road Baptist Church.

Today at 6pm a vigil will be held in the Wilson Room at the House of Commons which has been organised by leaders of the Sri Lankan Christian Community in the UK.  Wilson Chowdhry was co-opted as a member of the committee and will be giving a short statement of solidarity this evening with his daughter Hannah Chowdhry.  People of good conscience are invited to attend and details can be read in the e-flyer below:

Wilson and Juliet Chowdhry light candle of rememberance at Beulah Family Church.

Pastor Kanagaratanam Joseph - Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Mike Gapes MP Ilford South, Pastor Andrew Willis - High Road Baptist Church.

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