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Quetta Bomb victim Aleeza recovering well but needs operation to connect intestine to bowel


Aleeza Ashiq (1 yr), was the youngest victim of the Quetta Church Bomb attack during which she was hit by shrapnel in her right leg and abdomen leaving her needing emergency surgery.  We reported on 5th January 2018 that the injured child a needed life saving operation due to her wound becoming severely gangrenous (click here).

Through God's grace and help from BPCA donors we were able fly Aleeza to Karachi with her sister and some volunteers  to be treated at Aga Khan Hospital (click here).  The operation was successful and further required treatment helped Aleeza recover quickly bring her to a level of stability with her health (click here) Aleeza was required however to maintain a colostomy bag due to the fact that her bowel was disconnected from her intestines while she underwent essential healing.

Doctors have today informed us that Aleeza is in good shape with her intestinal recovery and they would like to begin surgery that will re connect the intestine to the bowel and remove her dependency for colostomy. Dr Ronny, said:

"Bomb blast victim Aleeza Ashiq 1 and half year old was previously treated by your help  we are thankful to you. Now she is about to have another surgery which is called ileostomy reversal in Aga Khan Hospital on 21st Feb 2018.

"She had bomb pellets in her abdomen for which she had exploratory laprotomy and her intestine was closed.and an opening was made on her abdomen.  Now that opening is about to close via surgery known as ileostomy reversal.  For that 3 lacs 50 thousand rupees are required.  Your help is kindly required please help us."

He added:

"In this procedure her abdomen will be opened by mid-line incision. The intestine which was previously closed will now be opened and connected to the fellow bowel.  After that the opening that was made on the abdomen will closed because the opening was to channel the stool. After this the mid-line incision will be closed via suture and two drains will be placed in the abdomen.  Aleeza will be kept in hospital for 3-5 days after the operation."

This is quite a serious operation and cost could increase if any complication arises.  The family do not have the funds to pay for this operation have asked for help and as you can see hospital staff have contacted us directly in hope we can help bring this to fruition. 

We would like to help with the costs of the operation and have initiated an emergency appeal to raise the 350,000 pak rupees  (£2,240) required to pay for it.  if you would like to donate to this fund please donate by clicking (here).   In 3 months time Aleeza will have to return to Aga Khan Hospital to begin work on a prosthetic leg.

We have a video of Aleeza with her abdominal wound.  Please be aware that this video is very graphic.  You may want to avoid watching it:

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