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Sarah Champion is brave, but it’s not just white girls who fall victim of grooming gangs


Several Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani Christian groups have written a joint letter criticising Labour’s “weak response” to a frontbencher who spoke out about an evident trend in criminality in sex-grooming cases.

The letter, co-signed by Lord Singh of Wimbledon and Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association sets out to defend Sarah Champion, a prominent Labour MP who was forced to quit the front bench after she highlighted that an unusually high percentage of  perpetrators of sex crimes involving street-grooming involved Muslim men of Pakistani origin.

The letter was published in the Times Newspaper on September 5th 2017 and the contents can be read via the image below:

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman for the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

"Pakistani men of the Muslim faith ran a huge child sexual exploitation in Rotherham between the 1980's and until 2013 (click here),
which the police knew about very early on.  However due to the fear of allegations of racism during a time of overladen political correctness, police investigation into the crimes was limited and disingenuous.

"The local Labour council also fearful of a backlash from their Labour voting ethnic minority and complete ineptness,  also lacked a desire to confront the criminals. The resultant failures by statutory agencies led to over 14000 victims being abused by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men.  A similar sexual abuse case in Rochdale around the same period only reinforces a particular ethnic slant towards such crime (click here), as once again the operating gang was Pakistani and Muslim."

"This abhorrent cover up is a poor indictment of the justice system in the UK and evidences a focus on not offending perpetrators,  whereas it is the victims that should be a priority in any criminal investigation.

"Moreover, it is essential going forward that trend analysis is truthful and that instead of labeling the criminals in such cases as 'Asian' they should from the start have been identified as Pakistani and Muslim.  Only using real data can statutory services improve conviction rates and work towards the eradication of such crimes."

He added:

"Muslim men in Pakistan are brought up learning an extremely hardline version of Islam.  The common view of women is that they are a lesser gender and many Imam's preach that the kidnap, rape and forced Islamic marriage of non-Muslim girls is a sacred act that will lead to blessings in heaven."

"Under the backdrop of such lethal theology is it therefore surprising that an estimated 700 Christian girls and 300 Hindu girls are kidnapped raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year in Pakistan.  Moreover these stats having been produced by Muslim NGO 'Movement of Solidarity and Peace evidence that the concern is real - although Christian groups believe the figures are very conservative."

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