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RIP Shanti Shaheen 1st July 1946 - 18th September 2018


L-R Najeeb Chowdhry, Shanti Chowdhry; nephew Wilson Chowdhry with his sister Rebecca Chowdhry

My Aunty Shanti Shaheen Chowdhry wife of my fathers elder brother Najeeb Chowdhry (RIP) passed away on the 18th September after seven years of a battle with severe dementia.

She is a former resident of Haji Pur and attended Sialkot Haji Pur School.  She was the fifth child of Padri (REVD) Yousaf and her surviving daughter Basharat Chowdhry would like to invite all of you who knew her to pay your last respects at her funeral for which details are provided below:

Mourning over body:
Date:    3rd October 2010
Time:   10:30
Address: 333 Amhurst Road, Hackney London, N16 7UX

Church Service:
Time:  11:00 am
Address: St Mark's Church, St Mark's Rise, Dalston, London, E8 2LJ

Cemetry Burial:
Time:   1.15 pm
Address:  City of London Cemetery, 
Aldersbrook Rd, Manor Park, London E12 5DQ. 

Please do not wear black at the funeral as we are celebrating her life.  Her daughter Basharat has advised us that Mrs Shanti Chowdhry always hated the colour black.

Shanti was born 1st July 1946 in a small village of Sargodha, and was the 4th child of Padari Yusaf Mashi. She had 7 siblings that she dearly loved but had a little soft spot for her youngest brother Rahul and youngest sister Seema.

Shanti went to Sialkot Haji Pur school where she spent most of her adult life residing in a hostel. Shanti was a godly and God fearing women who served God by sharing God’s words, praying with housewives and encouraging them in their social, physical and spiritual needs. She was regarded as a respectable women by many for she served in this way during that day and age.

Shanti got married into the Chowdhry family marrying Najeeb Chowdhry in Sialkot. After her marriage to Najeeb Chowdhry she moved to the UK during the 70's and lived in Dalston London with her brother-in-laws and sister-in-law.

She moved to her home in stoke Newington with Najeeb. She worked for a few years and then became a housewife. Shanti has left behind her beloved daughter and grandson.

Shanti was a dedicated wife, loving mother, sister, humble sister-in-law, loving mami tayee, chachi masi and phophoo

May she rest in peace

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