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Sister Farha Javeed the latest fatality from the 2013 Peshawar Twin Bomb attack


Farha Javeed (RIP)
26 year old latest Fatality of 2013 Peshawar Bomb Attack

Today we received very sad news that Farha Javeed one of the BPCA supported victims of the Peshawar Bomb attack (click here), has passed away. Farha who lost her father and brother to diabetes before the attack was made bed-ridden and dependent on colostomy bags, as a consequence of the severity of her injury.  She remained brave throughout her illness and retained her faith in God, despite the debilitating circumstances.  Farha now becomes the latest fatality of the 2013 Peshawar bomb attack, an attack so severe that the whole global Pakistani Christian community felt its impact.  Farha leaves behind her elderly mother a victim of cancer and one brother, we pray for solace for this family.

Juliet Chowdhry one of the executive members of the BPCA and wife of Chairman Wilson Chowdhry, who lost 13 members of her family in the attack, said today;

"This tragedy will never go away.  Pakistani Christians lost so much during the Peshawar twin bomb attack, the scars will never heal.  The death of Farha has made me weep again for Peshawar, BPCA had only just paid for the antibiotics needed to make Farha's existence more comfortable, we bought a years supply of colostomy bags to help the family and now poor Farha has passed away.  It grieves me that we could not have done more to help her while alive."

Ishtiaq Gill, our BPCA Officer in Peshawar attended the funeral.  He tearfully described the ceremony, saying;

"Sister Farha, looked as beautiful in death as she was in life.  My visits to her were always so sad, as I saw a young girl subjected to an awful existence, due to hatred for her adherence to Christianity.  I only gave her latest delivery of colostomy bags on Saturday and now this - the world can be cruel sometimes. She always told me that despite her difficulties she knew God was preparing a better life for her in heaven, and I take comfort in her strong faith." 

There are still many suffering victims who need permanent medical care and the BPCA can only provide a fraction of them with help.  

We continue to support victims of the Peshawar bomb attack and our relief fund is still open.  

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Ministers Pray for the deceased victim of hatred.

The open grave of Farha Javeed (RIP)

Final preparations to lay Farha to rest.

A beautifully decorated coffin for a beautiful 26 year old woman.
Visitors say their last farewells to brave Farha Javeed

Ministers lead the funeral ceremony.

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