Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Bail allowed for refugee moms with children as clemency calls for Pak-Christians in IDC continue

Appeals for clemency continue for Pak-Christian asylum-seekers detained in Bangkok’s Immigration Detention Centre.  Great fear of deportation still looms as there have been no public reports that have indicated the Thai governments plans to change their plans to deport asylum-seekers within the month. It is now unclear if Pakistani has properly inked the understood deportation deal with Thailand, who with great diligence set forth to arrest a large number of Pak-Christians in their anti-immigration thrust against overstayers. Those asylum seekers who are yet to be determined, are under appeal, or whose cases have been closed are set to ...

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Floods worsen already deplorable lives of Pak-Christians

Flood ravaged Christians of Kasur are desperate for food and clean water. Naveed Aziz our Pakistan officer visited Kasur to meet with victims of the massive deluge in Pakistan earlier this month.  Christians living here have received no help or response from the Government of Pakistan or any charities.  They have been affected by the Pakistan floods every year since 2010 and yet no disaster recovery plan or infrastructure has been put in place to enhance their safety or security.  Our work itself was delayed due to the fact that our officer had travelled to Layyah and Gilgit first, both areas where all the Christian communities have survived quite mira...

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BPCA Flood Appeal - we have raised £500 in our first week!

The recent deluge in Pakistan has decimated the country and has made millions homeless across the country. Conservative estimates indicate that around 700,000 people have been made homeless and that 3million people have been affected by the floods. Newer reported figures of around 14 million people having been affected by the floods illustrate that the destruction and desolation affecting Pakistan are the worst in their known history. Charities up and down the country have been mobilising to react to the catastrophe in an attempt to bring succour and respite to a beleaguered people, however, as road/rail and other transport links have been destroyed or made unsafe fo...

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Sight for Sore Eyes!

Sikander Inayat one of the many victims of the Lahore twin church bomb attack March 2015 A Pakistani national hero, Sikander Inyat, was given the gift of sight, despite strong fears he would become blind after he risked his own safety to save others during the recent Lahore twin bomb attack (click here) (click here) and (click here).  Sikander was left with severe damage to his right eye which, if left untreated, would have caused potential blindness to his remaining left eye.  Shrapnel had become embedded in the right eye rendering it defunct, the shrapnel damage was slowly causing a poisoning in the vicinity of his enduring left eye. Sadly General Hospit...

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Help For Pakistani Christians In Thailand Fundraiser

In 2015 it's hard to believe that a woman and her husband can be burned alive in front of their children, simply for their beliefs (reference here) In 2015 it's hard to believe that young girls, sometimes only 2 years old, are raped because of the faith they belong to (reference here) It's hard to believe that in 2015 those governments people elect, and put their faith in, provide little protection, instead preferring to turn a blind eye as millions are persecuted in the land they call home (reference here) Parents mourning over the body of Shazia Bashir aged 14 We have become accustomed to hearing stories of adult men raping 14 year old girls, leaving only ...

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Bomb Blast Hero's Daughter Receives Surprise Scholarship

Aneeka's brothers and sisters celebrate her acceptance on subsidised Midwifery course that prevents her premature marriage. Many of you will be aware of the huge Facebook campaign that erupted following the twin bomb attack, in Lahore.  Khushi Masih, a father of 6 daughters and two sons (click here), was killed in the attack whilst saving others, and since he was the only breadwinner the family was suddenly met with a financial crisis. The family could no longer meet their daily needs such as food, schooling of the children, clothes and other needs.  After much soul searching and due to a lack of external support, the family had decided to marry off...

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Bomb victims of Lahore still desperate for help.

Qaisor Pervez cousin of Wilson Chowdhry survived the bomb blast despite 85% burns.   Most of his teeth shattered and he has lost significant eye performance, yet his recovery is being reported as a miracle.  Sign our petition here: (Click here) Learn more about further persecution of Christians in Lahore here (Click here) By Mehwish Bhatti On my most recent visit to Lahore I was shocked to see the state that Christian victims have found themselves in.  Despite the numerous charities that have promised long term support few, if any, are actually providing any real assistance.   I visited Qaisor Pervez cousin of our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry w...

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Caged and abandoned - Pakistani Christians in Bangkok

Increasing discrimination, humiliation, vulgarity, vengeance, hatred, killings and harassments on a daily basis have dried up all tears from the eyes of Christians in Pakistan.  The reality is a that behind those embankments of dry eyes is a huge flood, which is ready to burst open. When Christians leave the country they are considered as “traitors”, but before judging them no one bothers to look into the situation that forced them to leave and suffer in a foreign land where they are forced to eke out deprived existences when once they had plenty albeit under great discrimination and persecution.  Here is a humanitarian crises that is festering. ...

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Urgent Appeal for Pakistani Christians Suffering in Thailand

                                                                         Receiving prayer and fellowship at church service Please sign our petition (click here) At the end of this week, British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) chairman Wilson Chowdhry is travelling to Thailand to meet with the massively suffering, oppressed and impoverished Christian refugees and asylum seekers there. He will also meet with the churches and Christia...

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Hatred towards Christians in Lahore results in teenager being severely burned!

Nouman Masih (15 years) survived hate attack! Please sign our petition (click here) Update on the 15th April saddly Nouman passed away from his injuries click here for more. Yesterday Friday 10th April Muslim extremists tried to burn a Christian teenager alive in Lahore.  The boy, 15 year old Nouman Masih, was shutting up shop in the Tailor’s shop he was working at, at about the time Muslims were going to Friday prayers when two young men came up to him and asked him his religion.  When he said ‘Christian’ they started to beat him, and when he ran away, they chased him, threw petrol on him and set him alight.  He came across a pile of sand an...

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