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Sister Farha Javeed the latest fatality from the 2013 Peshawar Twin Bomb attack

Farha Javeed (RIP) 26 year old latest Fatality of 2013 Peshawar Bomb Attack Today we received very sad news that Farha Javeed one of the BPCA supported victims of the Peshawar Bomb attack (click here), has passed away. Farha who lost her father and brother to diabetes before the attack was made bed-ridden and dependent on colostomy bags, as a consequence of the severity of her injury.  She remained brave throughout her illness and retained her faith in God, despite the debilitating circumstances.  Farha now becomes the latest fatality of the 2013 Peshawar bomb attack, an attack so severe that the whole global Pakistani Christian communit...

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Christmas gifts for victims of Peshawar twin bomb attack

Mrs Joseph receiving colostomy bags, incontinence nappies and antibiotic injections to tackle bed sores. 22nd September 2013 was one of the darkest days in the memory of Pakistani Christians. After a twin bomb attack in Peshawar 127 people were killed and over 250 people were injured, in one of the biggest losses of life to terrorism globally. Despite Government assurances few victims have received any level of compensation and children and adults of all ages scarred by physical and mental defects as a consequence of the traumatic event, have had to survive with little help.   BPCA continues to pay the annual fees for six students who were either orp...

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Sadness turns into great hope at two memorials for Peshawar attack in London.

Wilson Chowdhry prayed for succour for the families of victims of Pakistan's most recent brutal attack before placing a candle on the altar. Mourners gathered in London to share a moment of reflection on the tragic killing of over 80 school children, their teachers and protectors in Peshawar yesterday.  The brutal attack which involved six Taliban insurgents armed with guns and grenades, sent shock-waves across the globe.   In a show of solidarity around 150 Pakistanis gathered at the High Commission of Pakistan, a marquee was set up by the High Commission to help people grieve together, under a shelter. The High Commissioner of Pakistan Syed Ibne Abbas o...

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