Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Gang Raped Teenage Pak- Christian Sisters Lose Legal Battle!

Farzana, Mehwish Bhatti, Sherish and their younger brother all images taken when provided with new temporary home, before sorrowful court result. Please sign our petition (click here) Sadly Sherish and Farzana have lost their fight for justice. As you may recall, the two young teenage sisters lost their innocence after being abducted at gunpoint while using a field as a toilet, and were then subjected to a torturous 12 hour gang rape ordeal by local Muslim boys (click here). The family have been living in hiding at a house paid for by British Pakistani Christian Association after severe threats were received at the family home which was also sub...

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Pastoral, Spiritual and Medical Care for Kasur Christians

BPCA banner displaying Mark 16 vs 15-16: '15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptised will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned."'  Our officer Mehwish preaches from Psalm 91 to the eager group After a recent report regarding our appeal for Christians from Bikiwind in Kasur was featured in Christianity Today, we gratefully received donations from Christians across the globe. The donations exceeded expectations and have enabled us to provide a full programme of restoration for the beleaguered families, of which many had lost eve...

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Floods worsen already deplorable lives of Pak-Christians

Flood ravaged Christians of Kasur are desperate for food and clean water. Naveed Aziz our Pakistan officer visited Kasur to meet with victims of the massive deluge in Pakistan earlier this month.  Christians living here have received no help or response from the Government of Pakistan or any charities.  They have been affected by the Pakistan floods every year since 2010 and yet no disaster recovery plan or infrastructure has been put in place to enhance their safety or security.  Our work itself was delayed due to the fact that our officer had travelled to Layyah and Gilgit first, both areas where all the Christian communities have survived quite mira...

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BPCA Flood Appeal - we have raised £500 in our first week!

The recent deluge in Pakistan has decimated the country and has made millions homeless across the country. Conservative estimates indicate that around 700,000 people have been made homeless and that 3million people have been affected by the floods. Newer reported figures of around 14 million people having been affected by the floods illustrate that the destruction and desolation affecting Pakistan are the worst in their known history. Charities up and down the country have been mobilising to react to the catastrophe in an attempt to bring succour and respite to a beleaguered people, however, as road/rail and other transport links have been destroyed or made unsafe fo...

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Bomb Blast Hero Fears Total Loss of Sight

Security guard Sikander Inyat lost his right eye in the Taliban attack By Mehwish Bhatti Sikander Inyat (28 years old) was working as part of the volunteer security team protecting St James Catholic Church on March 15th 2015, a day when Sikander's church and nearby Christ Church were struck by Muslim suicide bombers.  Whilst on duty Sikander heard a call that a potential bomber was travelling towards the church. Alerted to the attack, he and his colleagues rushed into action, their main aim being to protect the church and parishioners at all costs.  Sikander's responsibility was to shut the large iron gates to prevent the hate-filled attackers enter...

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Bomb Blast Hero's Daughter Receives Surprise Scholarship

Aneeka's brothers and sisters celebrate her acceptance on subsidised Midwifery course that prevents her premature marriage. Many of you will be aware of the huge Facebook campaign that erupted following the twin bomb attack, in Lahore.  Khushi Masih, a father of 6 daughters and two sons (click here), was killed in the attack whilst saving others, and since he was the only breadwinner the family was suddenly met with a financial crisis. The family could no longer meet their daily needs such as food, schooling of the children, clothes and other needs.  After much soul searching and due to a lack of external support, the family had decided to marry off...

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BPCA honours the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide on World Refugee Day

Our lead project manager in Thailand, who operates under the pseudonym Christian Malik, has been busy purchasing food for the World Refugee Service at Urdu Church in the Hands of God, Bangkok. British Pakistani Christians are challenging people of good conscience to do something to help refugees this weekend when the UN designated "World Refugee Day" celebrates it's 14th anniversary on June 20th 2015.   This day was designated by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to bring attention to the plight of approximately 14 million refugees around the world.   Our lead officer in Thailand going under the pseudonym of Christian Malik will be speaking at a servi...

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The truth about Christians in Thailand

Pak-Christian refugees and asylum seekers obtain food parcels from the British Pakistani Christian Association BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry recently visited Thailand to gain direct knowledge of the situation of Pakistani Christian refugees there.  The BPCA had been aware it is very bad and being there confirmed that reality.  He first went to an English speaking church in Bangkok led by Tim Eaddy, where he experienced a wonderful service in a vibrant, multi-racial church. He spoke to Tim Eaddy who reported that although a local group provided a little aid with rent arrears, as well as food, the need was still immense and the church is unable to cope....

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Jaranwala community water project

Boring in Jaranwala begins. Many of you have been asking for a progress report on our Jaranwala water pump project and I am pleased to advise that the project is underway and we hope to have two of our pumps installed by the end of the week.  Money for the project was given by a Christian charity who work mainly in Africa.  They will be paying for Mehwish Bhatti to go on a trainers course so that further help can be provided to this carpet-making community through the set up of a 'Village Savings and Loan Scheme', entrepreneurial skills and start up assistance. Two houses have been selected after communal approval by local people.  The proposed&nbs...

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Children of Shama and Shahzad are rehabilitating positively and have gelled well with our nanny team

Nanny with all children of Shama and Shahzad and Mehwish Bhatti Mehwish Bhatti visited the children of Shama and Shahzad during her recent trip to Lahore, to help the family of murdered teenager Nouman Masih, who was set alight in a hate attack by local Muslims.   The parents of these children also suffered a severe beating and were roasted alive while the children watched, after the couple Shama and Shahzad, were falsely accused of a blasphemy.  (click here)Attempts were also made to burn one of the children, but did not proceed when guilt manifested through the collective conscience of the violent mob. Since the incident BPCA's teams have been maint...

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