Our vision is to create a network of Pakistanis united in Christ, focused on better quality of life, fellowship and religious freedom for Christians in Pakistan and the UK.


Pakistani Christian refugees shackled and beaten - no end to their misery!

Image of shackled Pak-Christian asylum seekers provided by Pastor Patrick Sarooj  Those relatively few Pakistani Christians who manage to escape to other countries are often not out of danger or trouble.  Even in the UK, we have had at least one instance of a refugee facing physical attacks and false charges typical of Pakistan within a couple of weeks of coming out of the asylum process and into the council housing program of a major Midland city, and abuse within the asylum process is rife, particularly at the detention centres.  However, Pakistani Christians who flee to other countries often have it much, much worse.  Thailand is a case i...

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Gang Rape Case Trial Delayed, Sherish and Farzana's Ordeal Prolonged

Sherish and Farzana: happy, safe and beginning to heal. . In November 2014 the two sisters were the subject of a terrifying and horrific ordeal at the hands of three Muslim boys known to them from their village.  They were targeted by the boys in the early evening, while out using a nearby field as a toilet, and abducted at gunpoint.  The rapists struck because the girls are Christians, despised and deemed easy targets for abuse.  Both their faith and poverty, which meant a total lack of safe facilities, rendered them extremely vulnerable to this kind of attack.   The BPCA has been supporting the family throughout by providing legal counsel, ...

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Shama and Shahzad's children are in good hands!

Suleman, Sonia and Poonam meet their new nanny, Elizabeth Dildar By Mehwish Bhatti Although it's a very difficult to find a substitute for a lost mother or father we at the BPCA have tried to do this as best we can, for the darling children of Shama and Shahzad.  In the media and charitable frenzy it is always difficult to assess what service to offer the three children of parents lost so brutally and cruelly in an unwarranted act of hatred - not that this type of hatred is ever condoned.   The parents Shama and Shazad were beaten to an inch of their lives and then burned alive, twitching their bodies in an attempt to cope with what must have been excr...

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BPCA reponds to needs of victims of Lahore bomb attack

Sister of slain 10 year old, Abishake, is still coming to terms with the loss of her brother.  Mehwish is providing counselling and prayers. Sign our petition (click here) Join our peace vigil in Nottingham (click here) Sunday 15th March was another bleak day in the ongoing persecution saga of Pakistani Christians.  As Christians were nearing the end of their communion service at Christ Church, a congregation belonging to the Church of Pakistan, gun fire shots could be heard followed by a loud explosion.  The church was being led by Reverend Irshad Ashkanaz. Two Muslim gunmen approached the church from one side and a suicide bomber ...

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Watery treat for Pakistan Day decided on UN World Water Day!

Image of the BPCA pump we installed for gang-raped Christian teenagers Sherish and Farzana. We are very pleased to announce that the BPCA has received funds to build five water pumps for the deprived Christian community of Jaranwala.  Many living in this community have suffered the ignominy of poor health and regular taunting because of the inability to wash properly and drink clean water.   Poor Christians in this community earn around £600 per year and the boring of pumps would cost over a year's salary.  No help has ever been provided to the Christians of this community despite it being the worst off community in the area....

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Relief Aid for victims of Lahore bomb attack starts in earnest after pacifying expected Lahore attackers

Mehwish Bhatti prays over coma victim Qaisor Pervez (Chairman Wilson Chowdhry's extended cousin) one of the brave volunteer security at St James Catholic Church, Lahore.  His and other security volunteers' sacrifices saved hundreds from death and serious injury. Please sign our petition (click here) Dear all, we can draw a deep breath of relief.  Church services completed on Sunday and the expected and threatened attack from a Muslim mob never materialised. Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry informed people about this on Facebook, Sunday 22nd March 2105. He said:   "I spoke to Mehwish after the service and she is just about to attend a meeting with pa...

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Lahore twin church Bombing update

Christian mother and son wail of over her lost son. By Shamim Masih   After receiving a text from Wilson Chowdhry at 5am GMT on Sunday, I immediately set out to investigate the twin bombing at Youhanabad. I arrived there close to 1pm due to many roads being blocked and the poor weather, heavy rain.  I could see immediately that there was considerable unrest.  Everywhere I looked I could see protesters enraged by the attack, in particular a large group at the local Metro Station, and train journeys were being cancelled.  The main Ferozpur road was the scene of a smaller protest despi...

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Two churches bombed in Christian community of Yohanabad in Lahore! Please pray!

Mourners weep over the lost. For the update on the situation in Lahore please click here.   We have received reports that two churches in the Christian community of Yohanabad have been bombed this morning.  Early reports suggest that  14 people have died including a child and a police officer and 70 parishioners of the two churches injured. (click here) One targeted buildings included St John's Catholic church and the other is a Church of Pakistan Church called Christ Church. The suicide bomber in the attack on St John's Catholic church is said to have thrown a grenade into the church before blowing himself up. (click here) Suicide bombers arri...

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Police torture to death son of Aysha Bibi after accusation of theft from home where she was domestic servant!

Ayesha Bibi was given the dead body of her son Zubair Rashid Masih (RIP) in a twisted incident of police malpractice. On 4th March 2015 at 7pm a Christian mother, Ms Aysha Bibi, was arrested by police from Harbanspura, near Lahore, for allegedly stealing 35,000 rupees  and gold ornaments weighing close to 100g.  The harassed mother who worked as a domestic servant for her employer Abdul Jabbar and his family, despite many years of loyal service.    Aysha Bibi was accused of stealing the items around the 24th of February, while they were at a wedding.  However, Aysha she claims she stopped working at the house on 20th February for which she ha...

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We still believe God will set Asia free!

Ashiq Masih believes God will set his wife Asia Bibi free! Please sign our petition for Asia Bibi (click here) By Mehwish Bhatti: It was cold and dreary morning (13th February 2015) as I set off on my four hour journey to meet with Ashiq Masih, the husband of Pakistan's most famous prisoner Asia Bibi. In my role as lead officer for the BPCA in Pakistan I often find myself travelling in dangerous areas in Pakistan, a country full of bandits, highwayman and insurgents. It might not seem much of a task till you realise I am a vulnerable 26 year old Christian women in a country where both my faith and gender single me out for discrimination, pe...

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