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Parlez-vous Francais Asia Bibi - Bibi seeks political asylum in France!

Asia Bibi has declared her love for France and is seeking political asylum there to be reunited with Anne-Isabelle Tollet a French Writer who was influential in her campaign for freedom. Asia Bibi is currently in France promoting her latest biography 'Enfin Libre' (Finally Free) which is published in French and is already able to be bought on Amazon while an English version will be launched in September. On a radio Interview on RTL on Monday Asia Bibi, said: "My great desire is to go to France."Asia explained that she she did not have any meeting scheduled with President Emmanuel Macron, but “obviously I would like the president to ...

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Asia Bibi finally shares her testimony in published biography

A recent image of Asia Bibi's used with permissionAnne-Isabelle Tollet, Asia Bibi Free at last ! By Asia Bibi Co-written with Anne-Isabelle Tollet Asia Bibi and Anne-Isabelle Tollet Asia Bibi a mother of two and step-mother to three other children persecuted for her faith in Pakistan and incarcerated under the draconian blasphemy laws of Pakistan, has written her account of what happened in a book co-written by Anne-Isabelle Tollet.  A copy of the book in French can be bought on Amazon an English translation will be available from September. In a press release Asia Bibi wrote: "How could I ever have imagined that I at my age will bec...

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Asia Bibi is free at last!

Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim Asia Bibi was finally released from her homeland where she has become the most hated figure in the country despite law courts exonerating her from the false charges that had kept her incarcerated in solitary confinement for almost 10 years. In the early hours of the morning today(1am) BPCA received confirmation from a British diplomat that Asia Bibi had safely exited Pakistan.  Asia Bibi bravely held on to her faith through the most brutal of incarcerations that involved her having access to sunlight for two hours per month. Now she finally travels to Canada to be reunited with her children. ...

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Finally Asia Bibi is declared free! Her acquittal was upheld despite petition from hardliners!

This story will be updated In a long drawn out hearing of a devious and infamous petition submitted to Lahore Supreme Court  by Qari Muhammed Salaam on behalf of firebrand preacher Khadim Hussain Rizvi which sought to quash the acquittal received by Asia Bibi, a positive result has led to the end of Asia Bibi's long running saga! Asia Bibi, Pakistan's longest serving and most famous blasphey victim has finally won her freedom.  A three judge panel has declared her innocent and now no further right of appeal against her acquittal exists. A three-member bench Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa; Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice ...

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BREAKING NEWS: Asia Bibi's judicial review set for the 29th of January

Asia Bibi's Supreme Court judicial review date is set for the 29th of January, 2019.  The now infamous petition submitted by Qari Muhammed Salaam on behalf of firebrand preacher  Khadim Hussain Rizvi which seeks to quash the acquittal received by Asia Bibi is the last hurdle in the long running saga of Asia Bibi. The world waits anxiously to see whether the Pakistani government and courts will be true to their word and uphold the rule of law  or whether more delays will ensue.  LAHORE: News of the long awaited judicial review date came via lawyer Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry who filed the petition for judicial review. (click here) He said to...

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Where is Asia Bibi?

There have been many inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Asia Bibi's family to both the charities and governments around the world. Understandably it is difficult to be patient with an innocent woman still being restricted in her movements nd prevented form getting on with her life because of the outcry of extremists. However, the general belief among the world leaders who have registered concern is that we need to be just that and let the judicial process run its course.  Keri-Lynn Gibbs BPCA representative in Canada said: "For example, I was asked by the Huffington Post (Canada) whether I was in touch with the family an...

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Asia Bibi and other blasphemy victims will spend another Christmas alone in Pakistan

While the worlds attention is focused on freedom for blasphemy victim Asia Bibi over a dozen other innocent Christians are still languishing in prison cells awaiting their own appeal to Pakistan's blasphemy laws.  We remind our readers of those we have to pray for over Christmas.  To the world freedom for Asia Bibi after 9.5 years of brutal incarceration is regarded as a victory for justice, despite no arrest or convictions being placed on the persecutors who had falsified their witness testimonies to imprison Asia Bibi.  Moreover, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK, in a meeting with Wilson Chowdhry, affirmed the officia...

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Asia Bibi is welcome in Australia, now Pakistan needs to demonstrate "fair play"

Australian Minister for Home Affairs, the Hon Peter Dutton grants asylum to Asia Bibi amid protests calling for her safe asylum.  Read more (here) The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) held a vigil in Sydney today commencing at 12pm at NSW Parliament House, fighting for the rights of Asia Bibi and other persecuted Christians in Pakistan. In 2009, Asia Bibi, was accused of blasphemy after an argument related to drinking at a communal well designated for Muslims. In their minds, Asia's ritual impurity meant that the water was contaminated. Blasphemy allegations are often contrived to wound, marginalize and vilify the alrea...

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SYDNEY: Australians rally to ask their Government to grant Asia Bibi asylum  Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian woman accused of blasphemy in 2010 and sentenced to death by hanging. She spent eight years on death row, languishing in squalid conditions. The Supreme Court of Pakistan recently exonerated her in late October. However, although she was acquitted, her fate and that of her family still very much rests in limbo. Following the Supreme Court’s acquittal, hordes of extremists took to the streets like lions salivating, calling for the death of Asia Bibi and any of her sympathisers. Two people have already been assassinated in connec...

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Watchful eyes watch over Asia Bibi, while her family remains in peril

British Pakistani Christian Association, has been informed that the family of Asia Bibi is worried about extremists who are trying to trace them by knocking on doors with images of the family, asking if local people have seen them. While Asia Bibi is being protected by the Government of Pakistan the rest of the family are still moving from house to house for their safety. British Pakistani Christian Association was assured by the Pakistani High Commissioner's First Secretary in London that Asia Bibi is in a safe and secure location, and understood from them that Asia was in the company of her family. However, BPCA has since been informed by their ...

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