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Outraged Christians protest outside Glasgow Pakistani Consulate calling for freedom of Asia Bibi

Several Pakistani Church Ministers are collaborating with the British Pakistani Christian Association, to call for freedom for Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim. Date: Saturday 11th February 2017 Time: 12:00 - 14:00 Location: Pakistani Consulate, 45 Maxwell Dr, Glasgow G41 5JF Details: Protest will finish at 14:00 and a delegation will travel to Edinburgh to submit petition to Scottish Parliament. Event supported by:  Pastor Peter Gill, Pastor Aftab Gohar, Pastor William Phillip, Pastor Philip Teji, Pastor Fredrick Dacosta, Pastor, Pastor Harrison Summit, Pastor George Gill and Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the BPCA. ...

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Date for Asia Bibi's trial expected to be fixed before the end of March

In a private meeting with Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association the First Minister at the Pakistan High Commission in London, assured him that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is likely to fix a date for the appeal case against blasphemy charges against Asia Bibi before the end of March this year. This assurance from the Pakistani High Commission came prior to protest led by Christian charity British Pakistani Christian Association. During the protest outside the Pakistani High Commission and 10 Downing street the Government of Pakistan was urged to hold a fair trial for Asia Bibi and to protect Asia and her...

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Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman's plight triggers demonstrations across the UK

The plight of a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been jailed for seven years under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan, will be highlighted in several demonstrations across the UK. The protests have been organised by the British Pakistani Christian Association and Pakistani origin Pastors throughout Britain, in response to the protracted silence of the Government of Pakistan with regards to Asia's ongoing Supreme Court appeal. Asia Bibi was arrested in June 2010 for an alleged blasphemy after she drank well from a well designated specifically for Muslims. Fearful Muslims berated Asia and threw water offered to them at Asia, ...

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Hate, hate and more hate - Is there any hope for Asia Bibi after judge resigns through fear?

Image shows banner placed up by a Barelvi Sunni cleric in Lahore. The bone-chilling words on the banner translate as 'Anyone who even tries to free this blasphemer, the accursed Asia Bibi is also worthy of receiving death." Judge who withdrew himself from Asia Bibi's appeal hearing now resigns from the judiciary! Asia Bibi's future is hard to predict.  After her already delayed Supreme Court appeal for her blasphemy conviction seven years previous was postponed, many Christians became deeply disheartened.   Apparently a judge who should have been on a panel of three presiding over her trial, failed to recognize until the day...

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Turmoil in Pakistan as extremists call for lynching of two blasphemy law victims

Community tension arises against Christians in Pakistan as Muslims call for the blood of two blasphemy law victims. Over the last two weeks the legal sagas of Asia Bibi (46 years)  and Nabeel Masih (16 years)have been putting  the judicial system of Pakistan through its sternest test,  Sadly for these victims and to the consternation of millions of people around the globe who have been watching intently hoping for Pakistan to bring justice to these innocent victims - the law courts have failed. Last week Asia Bibi a mother of five who has been unjustly incarcerated for seven years had to suffer the ignominy of having her trial being postponed indefinite...

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Asia Bibi's court hearing adjourned after judge abstains from the panel

Australian Senator Eric Abetz gave a statement in favour of Asia Bibi this morning.                                                             Asia Bibi's Supreme Court appeal hearing has been adjourned for an indefinite period of time after Justice Iqbal Hameed  ur  Rahman abstained from the 3 member bench hearing the appeal of Asia Bibi. The ben...

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As Asia Bibi's Supreme Court Hearing is about to begin Australian Senator Eric Abetz calls for Time to pressure Pakistan on persecuted Christians

Lyle Shelton (Australian Christian Lobby), Wilson Chowdhry and Senator Eric Abetz On the eve of a death penalty appeal in Pakistan, Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has joined with the British Pakistani Christian Association and the Australian Christian Lobby to call for greater scrutiny of Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws. Asia Bibi was sentenced to the death penalty for committing blasphemy against the Islamic prophet Muhammed by a Pakistani court in 2010. Ms Bibi was allegedly involved in an argument with a group of Muslim women with whom she had been harvesting berries after the other women grew angry with her for drinking the same water a...

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Australian government urged to pressure Pakistan over religious apartheid as Asia Bibi death sentence appeal opens

Senator Eric Albetz, Wilson Chowdhry and Minister for Immigration MP Peter Dutton The Australian Christian Lobby has joined the British Pakistani Christian Association in calling for the Australian Government to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to abolish its blasphemy laws. The call comes on the eve of a Pakistani Supreme Court hearing this week into the 2010 death sentence of Asia Bibi for allegedly blaspheming the prophet Mohammad. “Australia’s $47 million aid budget to Pakistan should be contingent upon the country providing religious freedom to religious minorities, including its 10 million Christians,” ACL Managing...

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Australians draw attention to plight of mother facing death sentence in Pakistan during peace rally. Asia Bibi's trial date set for 13th October 2016

Dozens of Christians of Pakistan origin and their supporters converged outside the New South Walesd Parliament House in Sydney at 10:00am on Saturday 8th October 2016, calling for freedom of Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victims. Armed with posters and leaflets demonstrators set out to help free Asia Bibi a Christian mother of five who they believe is innocent of the blasphemy charge that led to her incarceration. Protesters called for the Australian Government to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi, who they say was falsely accused of denigrating the Islamic prophet Muhammed. They seek diplomatic engagement between the Austr...

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Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman's plight triggers demonstration in Australia

The plight of a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been jailed for seven years under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan, has led to a demonstration in Sydney Australia. The demonstration coincides with the start of a Supreme court appeal against the blasphemy charge laid against her. FREE Asia Bibi and ANTI SHARIA LAW RALLY SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER 2106 The rally will Start at 11am on the steps of the Parliament House of NSW 6 Macquarie St Sydney. A petition will be presented to the Pakistani Consulate at 109 Pitt St Sydney at 12.30 pm - a short walk from Parliament house. We ask Australians to Step Up and involve themselves...

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