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Militant Islamists demand hanging of Asia Bibi and threaten Christian communities and churches that they will pay if Asia is set free!

Militant Islamists are demanding  the hanging of  Asia Bibi and their rioting is bring the country to a standstill.  Many cities have been targeted with large numbers of rioters in the thousands smashing public buildings and openly inciting the murder of any judges or Government officials who may give freedom to Asia Bibi. While large numbers of Muslims pray for Asia's death and clamour for her blood quite conversely Christians are entering their churches and praying for her freedom.  Millions of Christians have been involved in prayerful fasting and say despite the threat to them they want the ailing mother of five to be se...

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Two brave young women boldly share accounts of Christian persecution in Pakistan at Notre Dame University

L-R Baroness Cox, ACNUK officer, Judy Hutchinson (Director of Student Affairs for Notre Dame University), an Aid to the Church in Need officer, and Hannah Chowdhry BPCA Vounteer. A young Redbridge girl of only 14 yrs slammed the Pakistani Government for failing to protect vulnerable young girls in Pakistan at an event at Notre Dame University, Suffolk Street, London yesterday.  The event was organised by Aid to the Church in Need a Catholic charity that helps Persecuted Christians. During a ten-minute speech at the prestigious university Hannah described the torrid treatment of Pakistani Christians in a nation where intolerance has re...

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The appeal is over, but we must continue to pray for Asia Bibi, the Justices and for Pakistan

Young boys hold signs of encouragement at a BPCA prayer gathering on the anniversary of Asia Bibi's arrest   We must continue to pray for Asia Bibi, the Justices and for Pakistan.  The appeal is over, the arguments made and the Special Bench of the Supreme Court is now in chambers. We do not really know how long it will be before they render their verdict and make their judgement public. They must write it out clearly and lucidly so that even a person with little education will see that it is just. A special three-member bench of the Pakistan Supreme Court comprising Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and J...

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Asia Bibi's fate is sealed after final appeal but the decision is reserved

In breaking news from the Islamabad Supreme Court: The final verdict has been reserved until further notice. The special bench of Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled on Asia Bibi's death sentence appeal but has yet to render their verdict. Media were left to scrum outside the courtroom as the court heard the final appeal on the most well-known blasphemy case in recent history. Asia Bibi was working in a field with other women and shared water with them. Incensed that an "unclean" Christian had defiled their drinking water they took their complaint to a Imam who admittedly was not present to have her charged with blasphemy. ...

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Asia Bibi death sentence appeal lights up social media: Christians call for prayer while Muslims call for riots

Hang Asia riot image from 2016 After an annoucement that Asia Bibi's Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim would have her appeal heard on Monday, Pakistani Christians began praying with hope that Asia Bibi will be released and granted asylum in a western country.  This is despite the concerns they have about rioting and a Muslim backlash a common for of suffering they have endured in the past. They are watching and praying for a peaceful resolution  Meanwhile Christian NGO's are demanding that the Government of Pakistan must provide adequate protection for Asia Bibi, her family and Christian communities country-wide. They fear ...

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Final death penalty appeal for Asia Bibi will be heard by Supreme Court judges

An Image of Ashiq Masih and his daughter at Lancaster University has been taken down in the interest of their safety. After repeated rejection on Monday 8 October 2018 the long awaited final appeal to prevent the execution of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, will be heard at Pakistan's Supreme Court by a special three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar in conjunction with Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel. Her husband, Ashiq Masih, and oldest daughter Eisham who spoke at an event organized by Aid to the Church in Need at the Catholic Chaplaincy of Lancaster University on 4 October said that...

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Concerns about the onset of dementia for Asia Bibi leads to 21km run to raise awareness of her plight

To raise the plight of Asia Bibi and millions of other Christians faced with either deep set discrimination or severe persecution in Pakistan, a team of international humanitarian leaders from the community converged in Zurich to plan how to get the nation of Switzerland aware.  In attendance were key figures from around the globe including Sarwar Bhatti from Italy representing All Pakistani Christian League, Advocate JJ George from France representing Pakistan Orient Christian Organisation, Samson Javed and Dr Akhtar Injeeli representing Pakistan Christian Press Club,  Gulbaz Fazal from Holland, representing Overseas Pakistani Christian ...

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Asia Bibi Supreme Court appeal to be given trial date soon!

The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar on Saturday announced that the Supreme Court will hear Asia Bibi's appeal against her blasphemy case soon.  He also  gave an order for a restoration of full security provisions to Asia Bibi's counsel Advocate Said Ul-Malook Justice Nisar directed the Punjab Inspector General of Police (IG), Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan, to restore the provision of police security to  Saif Ul-Malook. In his remarks, Justice Nisar explained that he personally knows Saif  Ul-Malook and stated that he believes that his requests for additional protective security protocol are legitima...

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EU Commission betrays bravery of Asia Bibi

Pakistani Christians again were left in a quandary by the 'European Union Special Envoy on Human Rights outside the EU' after having heir hopes raised and then dashed by a resolution that linked continued favoured tariff-free trade status, to Asia Bibi's release and meeting the 27 UN human rights conditions originally set prior to acceptance on the scheme. BPCA is embarrassed that we believed this report that appeared on Special Envoy Jan Figel's official website (click here) and praised Europe for their efforts in tackling Pakistan's poor human rights record (click here), which seem to be rather an engagement in real politick at the expense of ...

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Asia's sacrifice will be Pakistan's gain - but what a cost!

A nomination for the Sakharov Prize for a woman who simply chose to stand up for her faith in the increasingly Islamist nation of Pakistan has ignited hope amongst beleaguered Christians living there. Asia Bibi Pakistan's first woman to be given a death sentence under the nations draconian blasphemy laws is the first nominee of six named on the European Parliaments lists which can be accessed  Read More

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