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Asia Bibi Supreme Court appeal hearing date set for this friday - please pray for a successful result!

Please sign our petition for Asia Bibi (click here) The Supreme Court of Pakistan have tabled in an appeal hearing for Asia Bibi, now Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim.  The Appeal hearing will begin this Friday 5th December 2014 and BPCA calls on people of good conscience to support her freedom. Asia Bibi was cruelly imprisoned in June 2009 after she drank from the same well as Muslim's despite her untouchable status. After drinking from the well she offered water to Muslim colleagues who threw water in her face and beat her.  In an ensuing argument after she Asia Bibi had been ridiculed for her faith and her God was insulted, she simply said "M...

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Asia Bibi Supreme Court Appeal submitted. Please pray for her freedom!

By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, has today (Monday 24th November) filed an appeal in Pakistan's Supreme Court after an appeal to Lahore high court was rejected, last month. In the appeal Asia has asked the court o reconsider deficiencies in the case which include poor investigation and manipulated evidence by the local police. Asia Parveen known as Asia Bibi was sentenced to death on November, 2010 after the Sheikupura Distric court found her guilty of committing a blasphemy during an argument with Muslim colleagues,  over a bowl of water. Earlier this month, Aashiq Masih, husband of Asia Bibi asked President Mamnoon ...

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European Parliament Delegate for the EU calls for Freedom for Asia Bibi and Justice for Shama and Shahzad!

Message from Jean Lambert London Green MEP And South Asian Delegate for the European Parliament. At its October session, the European Parliament debated the case of Asia Bibi and will return to it in the November session next week. It's the view of the European Parliament that the guilty verdict should be quashed. Pakistan's blasphemy laws are all too often used to settle scores or intimidate minorities, doing little to uphold the values they aim to protect. People of all faiths can all too easily find themselves victims of these laws, and many never have the chance to defend themselves. Those in Pakistan who dare to question these laws risk intimidation and even d...

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Powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident

On the 16th October 2014, death row mother of 5 Asia Bibi heard her appeal for mercy rejected by Lahore High Court. Sentenced to death by hanging under Pakistan’s notorious Blasphemy laws, Asia returned to her squalid prison cell to await her fate. On the 18. October 2014 the BPCA organised a protest the last part of the protest was a powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident, by Latasha Sinclair a British Champion in Lyrical, Modern and Acro Dancing.  

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British Pakistani Christian Association protest for Asia Bibi

Video of London protest 18.10.14:  The last five minutes of this video has a powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident, by Latasha Sinclair a British Champion in Lyrical, Modern and Acro Dancing.  We hope to use this as part of an empathy campaign.  Please share widely and make this video viral!  For correct petition for Asia Bibi  (click here)  Web TV wrote incorrect details on video.

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2000 people gathered in Paris calling for freedom for Asia Bibi!

Christianophobie Hebdo held a 2000 strong protest in Paris, France for victim Asia Bibi: A story in french can be viewed (click here)  and (click here) They interviewed Our Chairman Wilson Chowdhry for the forth coming weekly edition of Christianophobie Hebdo: 1. In your capacity as Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association how do you react upon the decision of the High Court of Lahore upholding the death sentence for Asia Bibi ? With frustration and sadness, but no especial surprise.  It is normal for Christian blasphemy victims to be convicted at a lower level when huge pressure from Islamic clerics and extremists are brought to bea...

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By the Numbers: Pakistan’s Perilous Religious Laws

HTTP://SOUTHASIA.FOREIGNPOLICY.COM/POSTS/2014/10/30/BY_THE_NUMBERS_PAKISTAN_S_PERILOUS_RELIGIOUS_LAWSBY KNOX THAMES Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi's death sentence for blasphemous activity has shone a spotlight on the perilous situation for religious communities in Pakistan. The country's laws repress religious freedoms for all and are vigorously enforced, especially against religious minorities. In addition, an alarming level of violence against the religious "other" is plaguing Pakistan. Extremists victimize not just non-Muslims but Muslims who dissent from the extremists' radical interpretations of Islam. Impunity increasingly reigns, as militants a...

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Hundreds of Pakistani Christians flock to Protest and Asia Bibi re-enactment outside UK Pakistan Embassy.

Hundreds of protesters met outside the UK Pakistan High Commission on  Saturday 26th of October 2014, calling for freedom for Asia Bibi. This was the second of two London protests, the first was held at 10 Downing Street on Saturday 18th October after the now famous Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi - a mother of five children - was refused her appeal for freedom at Lahore High Court.    Asia Bibi who has now been incarcerated for over five years will now have to appeal to the Supreme Court within thirty days of this latest refusal, her final access to freedom through the legal system, of Pakistan. The protest was organised by the British...

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The Targeting of Minority Others In Pakistan Asia Bibi

An excerpt from the book The Targeting of Minority 'Others' in Pakistan The country’s Christian population faces increasing threats to their lives from the Pakistani Taliban, as well as other Muslim extremists, who demand that they convert to Islam. At village level, Christians are also vulnerable to arbitrary arrest and detention, as they have limited access to justice ... In one high-profile case, [Christian] Asia Bibi became the first woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy. Several people accused of blasphemy” have “died in custody, or were murdered by unknown individuals when they were granted bail or acquitted ... Christian and Ahmadi co...

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10 Downing Street protest held only days after Asia Bibi's appeal hearing was rejected!

Around 20 protestors took to the streets of London to clamour for justice on Saturday 18th October 2014. The wonderful Cherrie from Ooberfuse led the worship sogns nearer the end of the protest. Ooberfuse also performed a live version of their "Free Asia Bibi" song with MC Wizard aka Wilson Chowdhry - Chairman for the BPCA. Despite the sadness of Asia Bibi's recent rejection worshippers sang "How great is our God," fully believing God has a plan for Asia's life.  The small volunteer joined us despite the weather and little Dominic showed that age is no barrier to standing for justice. Volunteers shared news of Asia's plight with visitors to the busy cit...

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