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Australians draw attention to plight of mother facing death sentence in Pakistan during peace rally. Asia Bibi's trial date set for 13th October 2016

Dozens of Christians of Pakistan origin and their supporters converged outside the New South Walesd Parliament House in Sydney at 10:00am on Saturday 8th October 2016, calling for freedom of Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victims. Armed with posters and leaflets demonstrators set out to help free Asia Bibi a Christian mother of five who they believe is innocent of the blasphemy charge that led to her incarceration. Protesters called for the Australian Government to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi, who they say was falsely accused of denigrating the Islamic prophet Muhammed. They seek diplomatic engagement between the Austr...

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Blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman's plight triggers demonstration in Australia

The plight of a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been jailed for seven years under the notorious blasphemy laws of Pakistan, has led to a demonstration in Sydney Australia. The demonstration coincides with the start of a Supreme court appeal against the blasphemy charge laid against her. FREE Asia Bibi and ANTI SHARIA LAW RALLY SATURDAY 8th OCTOBER 2106 The rally will Start at 11am on the steps of the Parliament House of NSW 6 Macquarie St Sydney. A petition will be presented to the Pakistani Consulate at 109 Pitt St Sydney at 12.30 pm - a short walk from Parliament house. We ask Australians to Step Up and involve themselves...

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Asia Bibi Supreme Court Appeal date set for second week in October - Pakistani Christians pray for her freedom and their safety!

Pakistani Christians have expressed great joy and fear after receiving news that Asia Bibi, Pakistan's most famous blasphemy law victim, will finally have her long awaited Supreme Court appeal hearing during the second week of October. The Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered the Supreme court to fix a date in October yesterday, BPCA were advised by Asia's solicitor.        Asia Bibi was brutally beaten after drinking water from a well that was specifically for the use of Muslims in highly discriminatory Pakistan. After she offered water from the same well to Muslim co-workers they started to beat Asia, whilst cursing her and her f...

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Listen to Wilson Chowdhry speak on Asia Bibi live on a BBC local radio station near you!

Image of Wilson Chowdhry interviewed about asylum seekers in Thailand on 8th June 2015 Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association will be interviewed on 7 local BBC radio stations today on the topic of the plight of Asia Bibi. You can listen live to any of them on-line wherever you are: SUNDAY 26TH JULY 1805 BBC LEEDS Presenter Mussy Abbasi 1830 BBC WEST Presenter Manny Masih 1840 BBC STOKE Presenter Ajmal Hussain 1910 BBC MANCHESTER Presenter Talat-Farooq Awan  1920 BBC DERBY Presenter Satvinder Rana  1935 BBC Sheffield Presenter Gul Nawaz 1945 BBC NORTHAMPTON Presenter Jona Kotnis Learn more about Asia Bibi (click here) Hannah ...

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Asia Bibi's husband desires more visits to see her!

Ashiq Masih meeting with Shamim Masih of the BPCA earlier this year after a failed Lahore High Court appeal. In a very frank interview with the Daily Mail, facilitated by the BPCA, Ashiq Masih described the plight of his family who have had to change their place of residence 15 times in the last 6 years.  During this time the mother of five, Asia Bibi, has been incarcerated in a dingy cell in complete isolation for her own safety, and has had a very recent health scare after a period of intestinal pain and vomiting blood.  Asia Bibi was jailed on 14th June 2010 after she drank from the same well as her Muslim co-workers and then offered the same water to t...

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Six years since the brutal incarceration of Asia Bibi - yet no freedom in sight!

Asia Bibi still hopes and prays for freedom despite the cruelty of the nation of Pakistan. Sign our petition (click here) Last week, an emaciated, desperately ill mother of five endured a milestone, six years since the brutal start of her incarceration that has led to her being left on death row.  The innocent victim of abuse, in a land where innocence is no excuse if you are of the wrong creed, Asia Bibi has languished for six years in prison.  She has wasted away as her appeal was delayed time and again and then rejected.  Her crime was to stand up for her Christian faith after her Muslim co-workers abused her for an act of kindness on her part....

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Concern grows over declining health of Asia Bibi

Image of Ashiq Masih, who recently held an interview with BPCA's Mehwish Bhatti Please sign our petitions (click here) and (click here) Reports from the family of  Asia Bibi, the 50-year-old Pakistani Christian women on death row for alleged blasphemy, a charge she vehemently denies, suggest the mother of five is now suffering from intestinal bleeding and requires urgent medical treatment. (click here) Asia Bibi has a death sentence looming over her after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, an accusation that she wholeheartedly denies. She has been described by her family as “so weak she can hardly walk.” Her family rushed back last we...

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We still believe God will set Asia free!

Ashiq Masih believes God will set his wife Asia Bibi free! Please sign our petition for Asia Bibi (click here) By Mehwish Bhatti: It was cold and dreary morning (13th February 2015) as I set off on my four hour journey to meet with Ashiq Masih, the husband of Pakistan's most famous prisoner Asia Bibi. In my role as lead officer for the BPCA in Pakistan I often find myself travelling in dangerous areas in Pakistan, a country full of bandits, highwayman and insurgents. It might not seem much of a task till you realise I am a vulnerable 26 year old Christian women in a country where both my faith and gender single me out for discrimination, pe...

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Bishop Michael Nazir Ali is not sanguine that Supreme Court of Pakistan will release Asia Bibi.

L-R Bishop Emeritus Michael Nazir-Ali, MP Rehman Chisti, Former High Commissioner for Pakistan Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Baroness Berridge Chair All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious Freedom. Religious freedom in Pakistan was highlighted as a serious concern, during a series of talks at the Grand Committee Room, UK House of Commons, Monday 9th February 2015. The meeting which was co-ordinated by MP Rehman Chisti included; Anglican Bishop Emeritus Michael Nazir Ali, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Freedom  Baroness Berridge and former High Commissioner for Pakistan Wajid Shamshul Hasan. Bishop Michael explained within the ...

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BPCA efforts to highlight Asia's plight result in BBC Story

You may have heard the Radio 4's Today Programme dedicated to blasphemy law victim Asia Bibi (Click Here). What most of you will not realise is that it was the BPCA who facilitated the interview between the BBC and Ashiq Masih.  This followed an interview we organised between Asia Bibi and BBC Asia Network aired in December. The interview was also conducted in December and released this month as media teams across the globe, re-channel their attention to the plight of this innocent mother of five, as she awaits her appeal hearing in the Supreme Court. Our work is developing and taking a more important role in the campaign for justice and equality for Pakistan...

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