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British Pakistani Christian Association protest for Asia Bibi

Video of London protest 18.10.14:  The last five minutes of this video has a powerful re-enactment of Asia Bibi's tragic incident, by Latasha Sinclair a British Champion in Lyrical, Modern and Acro Dancing.  We hope to use this as part of an empathy campaign.  Please share widely and make this video viral!  For correct petition for Asia Bibi  (click here)  Web TV wrote incorrect details on video.

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The Targeting of Minority Others In Pakistan Asia Bibi

An excerpt from the book The Targeting of Minority 'Others' in Pakistan The country’s Christian population faces increasing threats to their lives from the Pakistani Taliban, as well as other Muslim extremists, who demand that they convert to Islam. At village level, Christians are also vulnerable to arbitrary arrest and detention, as they have limited access to justice ... In one high-profile case, [Christian] Asia Bibi became the first woman to be sentenced to death for blasphemy. Several people accused of blasphemy” have “died in custody, or were murdered by unknown individuals when they were granted bail or acquitted ... Christian and Ahmadi co...

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Christian boys marriage to a Muslim girl causes torture of family and his arrest - despite conversion to Islam to avert persecution!

Image containing Kheirat and Akram Masih -both arrested under the blasphemy laws of Pakistan By Mushtaq Gill A Christian boy Akram Masih and his family, including several females, were  severely beaten and tortured by Policemen and other extremists in Multan, on 16th October 2014.  The policemen entered his home by climbing over the perimeter walls in order to arrest Akram, because he was in marriage with a Muslim girl, Maria Bibi (originally from District Shiekhupura). Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD was informed by Moderator Bishop Asher Kamran, of Methodist Church of Pakistan,Multan  who requested for legal ass...

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Ashiq Masih husband of Asia Bibi; "How can I tell my children their mother is not free? This will kill them!"

Shamim Masih with Ashiq Masih Lahore: By Shamim Masih A farm worker also a mother of 5, Asia Bibi has been kept away from her children for five years and four months. Her crime? Although an untouchable Christian, she dared to drink water from the same well as her colleagues. Later she was accused of committing blasphemy. Asia Bibi has been in jail since June 19th, 2009 - she was sentenced to death by the additional District and Sessions Judge Justice Muhammad Naveed Iqbal, despite a huge lack of evidence, in November, 2010. On 16th October, 2014, a special division bench of the Lahore High Court dismissed her sentence appeal,  condemning her to further time ...

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DISGUSTED LONDON BAND SCREAM OUT FOR JUSTICE Yesterday, 16th October 2014, death row mother of 5 Asia Bibi heard her appeal for mercy rejected by Lahore High Court. Sentenced to death by hanging under Pakistan’s notorious Blasphemy laws, Asia returned to her squalid prison cell to await her fate. In disgust, London band ooberfuse today release FREE, a music video crying out for an end to the persecution of non-Muslim religious minorities in Pakistan and around the world. They join a British Pakistani Christian Association protest this Saturday from 11:00 - 13:00 at 10 Downing Street.   You can hear the radio play edit by clicking (here).  Cherrie...

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Asia Bibi Appeal hearing rejected

Article written by Shamim Masih and Wilson Chowdhry Pakistani Christians across the globe shed tears of disgust and horror as innocent Christian mother of five Asia Bibi, has had her blasphemy law appeal hearing rejected. Literally minutes ago a two member bench of Lahore High Court, led by Justice Anwar-ul-Haque decided to uphold her existing blasphemy sentence, meaning Asia will remain on a death/life sentence and will now have to appeal through the Supreme Court of Pakistan - which will be the last chance of justice through Pakistan's flawed legal system. Asia Bibi has been in jail since 2009 in a blasphemy case, then an additional district and session judge con...

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Potential death sentence dropped from 55 Christians in Faisalabad, following exoneration from false blasphemy charge.

Christian graveyard in Which Christians have been forced to reuse graves 3-4 time each due to lack of land. Christians living in the outskirts of Faisalabad have escaped a death sentence after blasphemy charges were dropped, following an out of court compromise with local Muslims.  Today 14 prisoners including one child of 12 held in custody were released. The poverty stricken Christians of Tehsil Samandri District, Faisalabad were given permission to utilise a former Muslim graveyard by a compassionate local Muslim man, who recognised the Christian community had little land between them and could not afford or locate appropriate burial sites for the...

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Zafar Bhatti blasphemy accused has not been attacked, however he still needs your prayers! Wife Nawab Bibi hopes for early release.

Basharat Khokhar, Tahir Naveed Chaudhary and Zafar Bhatti's Family By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Zafar Bhatti accused of blasphemy case confined in the Central Jail Adiala Rawalpindi, is perfectly fine and fit, says his wife Nawab Bibi after visiting him the jail on September 29, 2014. She is thankful to Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Alliance – PMA and Basharat Khokhar, Right Activist for arranging their visit to Adayal Jail. According to false reports Zafar Bhatti victim of the 295-C imprisoned in Adayla Jail was attacked some time after after the attack on Muslim victim Muhammad Asghar, another blasphemy inmate at the same prison...

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Muslim Blasphemy victim shot in Adalia Jail - fears grow over safety for Zafar Bhatti a Christian victim of the same laws incarcerated in the same jail!

Rawalpindi: (Shamim Masih) – Asghar Ali victim of blasphemy case was shot by the police constable within the premises of Central Jail Adayla Rawalpindi this morning. According to reports, Asghar Ali s/o Hakam Dad, A Muslim by faith and victim of the notorious blasphemy laws (Section 295-C) of Pakistan, case FIR No. 665/10 PS Sadiqabad, was being confined in Adalia Jail, Rawapindi.  Today he was  shot by a police constable named Yousaf, who was appointed for his security. He was immediately taken to hospital and is in critical condition. Mr Ali was sentenced to death in January.  Today's shooting incident occurred within the confines of...

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Hindu convert accused of blasphemy for converting to Christianity not Islam

Government Excellence High School A Christian convert from Hinduism and his Hindu co-worker  were arrested in Lahore for allegedly burning a Koran and a chart of Koranic verses. The legal defence lawyer has argued that the victim has been the target of an attack, as a consequence of fear amongst Muslim's, of the growing conversion rates of Hindu's to Christianity, in Pakistan. Javed Masih, A Christian and his colleague Anand Lal, a hindu were arrested after senior headmaster Abdul Ghafoor Shah, of Government Excellence High School, filed a report about charred Koranic verses at the institution.  Though the two men were not named on the FIR, they were p...

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