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BPCA counsels several recent Christian victims in Pakistan.

Elishba Bibi meets with Shamim Masih BPCA Pakistan Officer at offices of Sharing Life Ministries. We asked Shamim Masih our officer in Pakistan to visit some of the most recent Christian victims of attacks in Pakistan to provide some counselling, advice and prayer.  We also wanted to elicit what other assistance could be provided to the victims to make them more comfortable with their increased vulnerability and anxiety.  Shamim Masih provided the following report Elishba Bibi Expecting mother who miscarried after being beaten by two men (original story): I started my journey Friday morning at 6:30 am from Islamabad towards Sheikhupura.  ...

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Two Christian village girls raped during visit to outdoor toilet.

For more details on the two sisters please click here By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Two Christian girls Sehrish (18yrs) and Farazana (14yrs) were forcibly raped by several Muslim men in District Jaranwala on 29th November 2014.    Sehrish and Farazana daughters of Ilyas Masih went to the fields nearby house where they have a communal cesspit as an outdoor toilet.  While there several very aggressive and lecherous Muslim men grabbed then and took them deeper into the local woods, where the two innocent virgin girls were gang raped.  The men laughed and mocked the girls as they took away their innocence, stating this was the fate of all Christ...

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Justice for Musadaq 12 year old Christian victim of rape!

Rape victim Muqadas Image altered to protect identity. LAHORE: Report by Mushtaq Gill BPCA Partner group LEAD  protested on Tuesday after complaints of police not investigating fairly in the case of a twelve-year-old Christian girl's rape. Liaqat Masih has four daughters all four work in the homes of Muslim Landlords as maids, as does his wife. One daughter called Muqadas, a 12-year-old regarded as a minor in Pakistani law. On August 2,2014 at about 14:00 PM when Muqadas and her elder sister Asma were returning home from work, Muqadas was forcibly kidnapped by two men and three unknown women. Muqadas was taken into a school building wher...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan 12 year old Shazia Bashir

Rape and murder victim Shazia Bashir was presented to her mother. Some lawyers groups are, to all intents and purposes, Muslim extremist pressure groups in themselves, whom police are often afraid to go against, as witnessed in last year’s case of the 12 year old Shazia Bashir, a Christian girl who was raped, beaten and tortured to death by her employer, a supreme court advocate. The police covered up the cause of death by falsifying the autopsy until the family ordered a second autopsy, and the police refused point blank to accept a report about the murder. Thank you for reading this and please know that your sharing, liking and commenting on this post go...

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Easter day rape of 7 year old Pakistani Christian girl!

Victim Saira recovers at Alama Iqbal Civil Hospital Here is a report of another Christian girl that was raped in Pakistan. The report was received from Advocate Mushtaq Gill and is copied in verbatim: Sialkot: On Easter Day, Saira,a Christian girl (7 yrs), was raped by one Muslim man Mohammad Fakhar Alam alias Phool in village Mahly Ki Tehsil Daska District, Sialkot. The little girl was not hospitalized for three days despite severe bleeding .Two Muslim Landlords Mr. Ahmad Yar Nagra and Mr.Zulifqar Nagra pressurized her family not to file a complaint against the rapist. On 22 April the FIR NO.152/2014 under sections 201,376 PPC was registered against the rapist...

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Another three year old Christian girl raped

Rape of women and young girls is unfortunately increasingly very common in Pakistan, and often Christian women are an especial target. Most go unreported to the police. We have reported on just a few of these cases, and a few months ago five year old Sumbal was snatched and raped off a city street. It is not clear whether the girl was a Christian, although Christian activists have been among those protesting over the case. A year before we reported on a 9 year old Christian girl gang raped by three Muslim boys. Sometimes boys are sodomized too, including several years ago a rogue police unit or officer who raped and murdered teenage boys. Recently a thirteen yea...

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Sadistic rape and killing of Shazia Bashir a 12 year old Christian girl in Pakistan

Disgraceful! Look at the wounds on Shazia's neck and face. Her body lying peacefully in death - subjected to torture in her last moments. Just a child - her body had not even developed full adult characteristics! At 14 this child living a life of poverty, needed to work to support a family. Wounds cover her face, head and neck! Tortured and beaten before being raped - I pray for justice for the child and her family. The accused Lawyer smirks in a photograph. Last night we heard of the tragedy that has befallen the nation of Pakistan. It has been alleged that Shazia Masih a 14 year old Christian Girl in Lahore, Pakistan - as killed in an act of vile debauc...

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Persecution in the UK

From The Sunday Times March 15, 2009 My Imam father came after me with an axe Hannah Shah had been raped by her father and faced a forced marriage. She fled, became a Christian and now fears for her life We are all too familiar with the persecution of Christians in countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Yet sitting in front of me is a British woman whose life has been threatened in this country solely because she is a Christian. Indeed, so real is the threat that the book she has written about her experiences has had to appear under an assumed name. The book is called The Imam’s Daughter because “Hannah Shah” is just that: the daughter of...

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