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Floods worsen already deplorable lives of Pak-Christians

Flood ravaged Christians of Kasur are desperate for food and clean water. Naveed Aziz our Pakistan officer visited Kasur to meet with victims of the massive deluge in Pakistan earlier this month.  Christians living here have received no help or response from the Government of Pakistan or any charities.  They have been affected by the Pakistan floods every year since 2010 and yet no disaster recovery plan or infrastructure has been put in place to enhance their safety or security.  Our work itself was delayed due to the fact that our officer had travelled to Layyah and Gilgit first, both areas where all the Christian communities have survived quite mira...

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BPCA Flood Appeal - we have raised £500 in our first week!

The recent deluge in Pakistan has decimated the country and has made millions homeless across the country. Conservative estimates indicate that around 700,000 people have been made homeless and that 3million people have been affected by the floods. Newer reported figures of around 14 million people having been affected by the floods illustrate that the destruction and desolation affecting Pakistan are the worst in their known history. Charities up and down the country have been mobilising to react to the catastrophe in an attempt to bring succour and respite to a beleaguered people, however, as road/rail and other transport links have been destroyed or made unsafe fo...

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Flood relief brings hope to beleaguered community

(Update Sorry due to a technicality some images are missing we are in the process of retrieving these images) By – Shamim Masih I report back to you on the BPCA aid distribution for the flood affected Pakistani Christians near the Korang Nala (river). During a previous visit  we had provided food and medicines to fifteen Christian families from the most affected areas. However, there were many more families in need of our support so we called for further funds.  With thanks to God we received better donations then our first appeal and more substantial work was made possible.  Many people lost their employment through simply n...

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Christian flood victims in Pakistan's capital recieve food and medicines from BPCA - more help needed especially funds towards building repairs.

Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD:  During the monsoon season this year, torrential rains have caused widespread destruction throughout Pakistan. This year's flooding has affected in excess of 11.4 million men, women and children. Read previous report (click here) Many villages were simply washed away and people have been left without shelter simply seeking help and support.  Rescue operations are still under-way, however, relief will take years to fully rehabilitate affected communities and infrastructure will need to start from the beginning. People need food, safe drinking water, shelter and healthcare to survive from the catastrophic effects of this flood. On...

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Pakistan floods devastate several Christian villages - Emergency aid required immediately.

By Shamim Masih BPCA correspondent in Islamabad Incessant rains have killed hundreds of people and damaged thousands of houses throughout Pakistan.  Over 500 roads have been submerged and the last body count, which is by no means accurate, suggest at least 340 people have been killed. Since 9th September persistent rains and the release of water from dams in India have brought great suffering on Christian communities.  I visited three local flood ravaged areas to assess the needs of innocent victims, left destitute. Many Christian slum areas have been completely washed out.  In the main, Christians reside in the flood plains where land is ch...

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