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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan

Image via charismanews The extent of the targeting of Christians, noted Gregory in a 2008 report, “is instructive because it shows that violence against Christians is widespread across the whole of Pakistan, from Muree in the North to Karachi in the South and from Lahore in the East to Peshawar in the West. It shows that violence is rural and urban, including in the capital; and that it involves ad hoc apparently spontaneous acts of violence, as well as organised violence and violence in which government authorities, local and national, collude either directly or by omission. It evidences a complex and multi-dimensional pattern of persecution, intimidation and ...

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The targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan "1971 massacre of Bangla-speaking Muslims"

An excerpt from the targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan In April 2012, Nitin Pai, founder of the New Delhi-based think tank Takshashila Institution, expressed concern over the ‘systematic’ killing of Pakistan’s minorities, saying: ‘[The attacks] are called sectarian violence, gang warfare, ethnic cleansing, kill-and-dump or counter-insurgency. It is perhaps because there are individual names for these crimes that we are missing the possibility that they might amount to a bigger one – genocide’. Similar concerns have been raised by others in Pakistan and abroad, particularly by the Shi’ite Hazara community. It should b...

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The targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan "Governement"

According to Genocide Watch in 2012, “the Pakistani government has carried out a cultural onslaught in the region targeting educated professionals such as Baloch historians, healthcare professionals and journalists ... The inability of the Pakistan government to reign in its military and protect its people is a big human rights concern ... In light of these violations, Genocide Watch concludes Pakistan remains at a risk [stage] level of 7 because of these indicators”.cvi Gregory Stanton defines stage 7 ‘Extermination/Current Massacres’ as follows: “Extermination begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called ‘[physical...

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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan Mufti Khalid Shah

An Excerpt from the Targeting of minority "Others' in Pakistan Minority political rights were also under threat in the province. In July 2007, APMA said that 18% of eligible voters belonging to minorities [inclusive of Christian minorities] were left out of the new voters’ list in North West Frontier Province”.cxxxvii In late 2006, a self-proclaimed religious leader, Mufti Khalid Shah, “issued a fatwa (religious edict or opinion) printed and circulated in the NWFP province. Declaring a ‘war on the UN and its bodies, NGO’s pursuing Jewish ideology and criminality and other different Christian organisations’, he announced that &ls...

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Excerpt from the book targeting of minority 'Others' in Pakistan "Christian child burnt alive"

Image via RT.com Excerpt from the targeting of minority 'others' in Pakistan  Terrorisation of Christian communities has taken place for a number of decades. Minority Rights International confirms that “there have been continuous reports of attempts forcibly to convert Christians to Islam. Christian and Hindu religious leaders and places of worship have come under attack, and followers of these religions face threats and intimidation. In May 2007”, to cite another example, “in Charasadda, in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Christians were warned that if they do not convert to Islam, they would be killed. They were also warned that the...

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The Targeting of minority "Others" in Pakistan "Who this book is for"

Excerpt from the Targeting of "Minority Others" in Pakistan In this highly politicised context in which human rights violations against the ‘minority Other’ have been taking place in Pakistan, and many asylum seekers and human rights campaigners have been – and are being – targeted for deportation and/or criminalisation in the UK for exposing the injustices and targeting that befalls the ‘minority Other’, we hope that concerned members of parliament, the public, anti-deportation campaigners, asylum seekers appealing their deportation notices, human rights organisations and campaigners, policy makers, lawyers, students, academic...

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Excerpt from The Targeting of “ Minority Others” in Pakistan "Blasphemy"

Excerpt from the targeting of Minority 'Others' in Pakistan Concerning the shameful manner in which many Pakistani Christians and ‘Others’ are denied asylum in the UK, Nasir Saeed notes that: If any Westerner has any doubt as to the severity of the situation, they need only consider the accusation of blasphemy levelled against an 8th grade pupil at a school near Abbottabad because she misspelled a word in a class test. The school’s decision to expel her only proves the extent to which the blasphemy laws are being misused. Yet, the British Government appears almost determined not to let any asylum seeker in, no matter how desperate or endangered th...

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Excerpt from The Targeting of “ Minority Others” in Pakistan "Asylum Seekers"

I have been contacted on several occasions by Pakistani Christian asylum seekers desperate for help with preparing their appeal. I have also been contacted by the chaplain at Yarl’s Wood detention centre out concern over the lack of support they are receiving. Twin sisters at Yarl’s Wood, who cannot be named, told me that one of them had been kidnapped after refusing to convert to Islam. In another case, one woman’s entire family in Pakistan is suffering because her nephew has refused to convert to Islam. Instead of her nephew, she has had to pay the price of his refusal, having been tortured and sexually assaulted by the Pakistani police during inv...

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Excerpt from The Targeting of “ Minority Others” in Pakistan "Mass Deportation"

There was a mass deportation charter flight to Pakistan from UK on 6th February 2012, it’s unclear if this was the first. Another took place on 19th March 2012 [PVT120] at least one of the airport-transfer buses for this flight was branded “Just Go! Holidays by Coach” and the plane allegedly departed from London Stansted Airport. Then, another took place on 11thApril 2012, and another on 1st May 2012 In the main centres in which many ‘failed’ asylum seekers (inclusive of many people from Pakistan)xi are held before deportation, the following types of targeting measures have been undertaken (the descriptions below do not cover the brut...

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BPCA publication on Pakistan's persecuted Minorities selling rapidly.

Stan Gain of Woodlands Christian Trust purchased our first ever copy! Our publication "The targeting of Minorities 'Others' in Pakistan" has already received 28 orders which is a great testament to the desire for humanitarians to learn more about the diverse communities in Pakistan and the terrible suffering they face. More importantly it justifies the commitment made by the contributing writers from diverse faiths and the wonderful Professor Desmond Fernandes, who ensured this valuable comprehensive report is both fluid and cutting edge. It is not too late to buy your own copy. All proceeds will help the work of the BPCA, and initial sales in particular, will con...

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