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We are making good progress towards bathroom facility for Sherish and Farzana

Sisters Sherish and Farzana by the new bathroom facility provided by the BPCA. For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mehwish Bhatti Progress towards the bathroom for Sherish and Farzana has been good.  The physical structure is almost complete and looks solid and fit for purpose, the builders inform me that the building is strong enough to withstand local flood and other potential weather concerns.  Moreover it will add a buffer and some support to the existing less stable mud house the family reside within.  A solid foundation was laid and the whole entire internal building has been lined with concrete.  The door is solid woo...

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Tears of sadness become pools of hope as Christian victims of gang rape begin to see development of new washrooms.

A competent experienced builder begins work of the new washroom facilities for Sherish and Farzana. For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mehwish Bhatti Building work is now almost complete on the toilet facilities for the two Christian girls Sherish and Farzana who were brutally gang raped by three Muslim boys (Decemebr 3rd 2014), after they were abducted whilst using a forest as a toilet.  Use of outdoor locations as toilet areas is a common practice amongst the extremely poor community from the deprived area within Jaranwala, at which they reside. Since the incident Sharing Life Ministries a group supported by Release International clai...

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Sherish and Farzana forgotten victims of gang rape.

Mehwish Bhatti shares a simple message of God's love and the hope of new life with the two Christian girls gang-raped in Faisalabad. For more details on the two sisters please click here By Mehwish Bhatti, Islamabad: After so many obstacles with a woman's passion in my heart, I travelled the long distance from Islamabad to Faisalabad.  I did not let the failures or the let downs from my previous trip (click here) deter me.  Yes I was frightened, but I knew by the grace of God I would make it. ...

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Christmas gifts for victims of Peshawar twin bomb attack

Mrs Joseph receiving colostomy bags, incontinence nappies and antibiotic injections to tackle bed sores. 22nd September 2013 was one of the darkest days in the memory of Pakistani Christians. After a twin bomb attack in Peshawar 127 people were killed and over 250 people were injured, in one of the biggest losses of life to terrorism globally. Despite Government assurances few victims have received any level of compensation and children and adults of all ages scarred by physical and mental defects as a consequence of the traumatic event, have had to survive with little help.   BPCA continues to pay the annual fees for six students who were either orp...

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BPCA counsels several recent Christian victims in Pakistan.

Elishba Bibi meets with Shamim Masih BPCA Pakistan Officer at offices of Sharing Life Ministries. We asked Shamim Masih our officer in Pakistan to visit some of the most recent Christian victims of attacks in Pakistan to provide some counselling, advice and prayer.  We also wanted to elicit what other assistance could be provided to the victims to make them more comfortable with their increased vulnerability and anxiety.  Shamim Masih provided the following report Elishba Bibi Expecting mother who miscarried after being beaten by two men (original story): I started my journey Friday morning at 6:30 am from Islamabad towards Sheikhupura.  ...

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Eldest son of Shahzad and Shama witnessed the horrendous murder of his parents

BPCA'S Pakistan officer Shamim Masih with The eldest son of Shahzad and Shahzad's Brother. People of good conscience are urged to continue signing the our on-line petition, which will be submitted to the Pakistani Government, and again to 10 Downing Street on New Years Day 2015: (click here) By Shamim Masih The family of Christian couple Shama and Shahzad Bibi are still reeling from the horrific crime that tragically took their loved ones away. Shama Bibi, 24, and husband Shahzad Masih, 26 were burnt alive in the brick kiln in Kot Radha Kishan of Kasur district, 50 kilometres from Lahore.  The eldest son of the couple who witnessed the horrendous murder of...

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Flood relief brings hope to beleaguered community

(Update Sorry due to a technicality some images are missing we are in the process of retrieving these images) By – Shamim Masih I report back to you on the BPCA aid distribution for the flood affected Pakistani Christians near the Korang Nala (river). During a previous visit  we had provided food and medicines to fifteen Christian families from the most affected areas. However, there were many more families in need of our support so we called for further funds.  With thanks to God we received better donations then our first appeal and more substantial work was made possible.  Many people lost their employment through simply n...

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Ashiq Masih husband of Asia Bibi; "How can I tell my children their mother is not free? This will kill them!"

Shamim Masih with Ashiq Masih Lahore: By Shamim Masih A farm worker also a mother of 5, Asia Bibi has been kept away from her children for five years and four months. Her crime? Although an untouchable Christian, she dared to drink water from the same well as her colleagues. Later she was accused of committing blasphemy. Asia Bibi has been in jail since June 19th, 2009 - she was sentenced to death by the additional District and Sessions Judge Justice Muhammad Naveed Iqbal, despite a huge lack of evidence, in November, 2010. On 16th October, 2014, a special division bench of the Lahore High Court dismissed her sentence appeal,  condemning her to further time ...

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Christian flood victims in Pakistan's capital recieve food and medicines from BPCA - more help needed especially funds towards building repairs.

Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD:  During the monsoon season this year, torrential rains have caused widespread destruction throughout Pakistan. This year's flooding has affected in excess of 11.4 million men, women and children. Read previous report (click here) Many villages were simply washed away and people have been left without shelter simply seeking help and support.  Rescue operations are still under-way, however, relief will take years to fully rehabilitate affected communities and infrastructure will need to start from the beginning. People need food, safe drinking water, shelter and healthcare to survive from the catastrophic effects of this flood. On...

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Zafar Bhatti blasphemy accused has not been attacked, however he still needs your prayers! Wife Nawab Bibi hopes for early release.

Basharat Khokhar, Tahir Naveed Chaudhary and Zafar Bhatti's Family By – Shamim Masih ISLAMABAD: Zafar Bhatti accused of blasphemy case confined in the Central Jail Adiala Rawalpindi, is perfectly fine and fit, says his wife Nawab Bibi after visiting him the jail on September 29, 2014. She is thankful to Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Alliance – PMA and Basharat Khokhar, Right Activist for arranging their visit to Adayal Jail. According to false reports Zafar Bhatti victim of the 295-C imprisoned in Adayla Jail was attacked some time after after the attack on Muslim victim Muhammad Asghar, another blasphemy inmate at the same prison...

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