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Thailand's forgotten blessing


Though many in Thailand are oblivious to it as a nation they are being blessed by an influx of Christians praying for the nation and sharing their Christian values to a hardened nation.

Who are these Christians?  Thousands of Pakistani Christians who are attending churches and pray for their safety but pray for their host nation daily too.

As Easter approaches the children who are present at our underground asylum seeker school which is now approaching it's third year, are preparing posters and banners so they can brighten up their condo and make the place more festive.

Children will also be making Easter cards to share with family and friends and the local community and a special easter show will be organised, so that children can share what they have learned about the bible with their families.

As always BPCA has tried to make children forget their situation and remember the love of Christ their protector, who himself was once an asylum seeker. 

Annie Ishaq who manages the school, said:

"It is such a great privilege to be involved with such a project. These children have suffered so much upheaval not really understanding why people look at them strangely and why they have to keep hiding from the police.

"We recently shared the story of how Jesus had to flee to Egypt as a baby to escape persecution before his ministry began. This made the children aware of their special connection with God.

"The children have designed some wonderful pieces of art that will make their condo beautiful and colourful, and will help all the residents celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Some much needed joy will enthuse our community."

Our school cannot operate without the generosity of your donations. If you would like to help us ensure these and other children continue to gain an education please contribute by clicking (here)

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