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Thanks to your donations Sarafina now has a retirement visa for Thailand


In our last e-newsletter we informed you about Sarafina a grandmother who has been seeking asylum in Thailand (click here). We initiated an appeal to obtain a retirement visa for her which allows her to remain in Thailand without fear of arrest as she awaits a decision on her application for asylum via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

British Pakistani Christian Association offered £200 towards the cost of Sarafina's visa from unrestricted funds and were  assisted later by another donor who covered the remainder of the cost at a further £300. Sarafina, said:

"I am so grateful to all the donors that helped me get this visa. Without this I could have been arrested at any time and incarcerated in the horrible Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

"At my age living in the IDC would be extremely difficult - I have many health complications. 

"I pray God's blessings on all those that have helped me and other asylum seekers."

Sarafina has agreed to help us deliver food to malnourished detainees in the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok, once every month.  100's of Detainees held in these centres are crammed into a room designed for 80 people. Moreover the only chance of any movement these victims have is when visitors come to see them.  Only one person is given the chance to roam per visitor meaning those who have no visitor only get to see the four walls of their disease-ridden communal cell. If you would like to sponsor our work visiting detainees or would like to contribute to the cost of the gift of a nourishing meal, please (click here)

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