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The Portuguese connection


Wilson Chowdhry with Intern on Human Rights Filipa Sena Marcos

Many of you will be wondering how the BPCA have managed to produce two ground breaking books on the current prejudices and discrimination faced by Minorities in Pakistan.  Well now we tell you!  

South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) led by Paulo Casaca a former European Parliamentarian of Portuguese descent, currently residing in Belgium, was our generous Benefactor.  He and his assistant Antonio Viera da Cruz kindly provided us with the support and finance necessary for publication of our seminal works.

Today, BPCA chairman Wilson Chowdhry had the honour of meeting with SADF Human Rights intern on placement in the UK, Filipa Sena Marcos, who collected three copies of our most recent book; "The education system in Pakistan; Discrimination and the targeting of Minority 'Others.' (click here)

Filipa who is also of Portuguese descent and purchased one of our "We are One! T-shirts (Click here) at the BPCA 10 Downing Street protest on 8th December 2014, for Shama and Shazad. Filipa proudly wore the T-shirt whilst collecting our books.  A Muslim steward from the reception desk at Stratford's internationally acclaimed "Westfields' shopping mall, who offered to take our picture spoke words of encouragement for BPCA's work, after viewing her T-shirt and reading the summary on the back of the book.  This was a moment of elation for both Filipa and Wilson and illustrated how greater awareness of global persecution can build hope for the future.  Wilson Chowdhry said;

"This most recent book is a key to discovering the fundamental flaws in Pakistan's existing education system.  If used for greater introspection by Pakistani authorities, it could pave the way for a more focused and concerted approach to tackling existing prejudices, discrimination and persecution.  Over time that would no doubt generate a fairer society for all Pakistanis."

Sales of the book have been phenomenal and we currently have less then 50 remaining from the initial print.  Please contact us for details of how to get your copy at £15.00 each.  The book will soon be republished through Amazon and we will notify you of this when complete.

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