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The Targeting of "Minority" Others In Pakistan Mufti Khalid Shah


An Excerpt from the Targeting of minority "Others' in Pakistan

Minority political rights were also under threat in the province. In July 2007, APMA said that 18% of eligible voters belonging to minorities [inclusive of Christian minorities] were left out of the new voters’ list in North West Frontier Province”.cxxxvii

In late 2006, a self-proclaimed religious leader, Mufti Khalid Shah, “issued a fatwa (religious edict or opinion) printed and circulated in the NWFP province. Declaring a ‘war on the UN and its bodies, NGO’s pursuing Jewish ideology and criminality and other different Christian organisations’, he announced that ‘[i]t is every Muslim’s duty to attack them: kill members of these organisations, destroy their homes and cars. Muslims also have the right to forcefully occupy, lay claim over the properties and assets owned by the infidels, whether through conspiracy or force'

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The Targeting of ‘Minority Others’ in Pakistan?

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The targeting of minority others in pakistan Mufti Khalid Shah
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