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Victim of kaffir hatred receives morale boost for Christmas


After a Kirklees woman suffered her head being smashed against a wall by three alleged Muslim youths, which rendered her unconscious (click here), BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry visited Nikki Hurst to pray with her and provide any possible assistance.

Despite having been attacked by what is believed to be three Muslim youths of Pakistani background, Nikki was willing to meet with Wilson Chowdhry who is of Pakistani origins and welcomed him to her home without suspicion, making him feel extremely welcome.  'Nikki's manners were impeccable and her hospitality second to none, an exemplary character trait' said Mr Chowdhry.

Mr Chowdhry, drove Nikki and her husband to a restaurant in the middle of town, one of the first jaunts of that distance that Nikki had made since her traumatic attack. Nikki described the trip as cathartic, whereas Mr Chowdhry has simply described the remarkably pleasant nature of the couple.

During a sumptuous meal Mr Chowdhry discussed the incident with Nikki and was surprised to discover that local police had described the attack incorrectly in their press release, describing the geographical location of the incident a few metres from the actual site which could confuse would-be witnesses, they also showed an image of the wrong site. In addition Nikki also described details of the culprits that would suggest they were all attending a specific local school and desired information on what approaches had been made to the school. 

Nikki was exhibiting tell-tale signs of post-traumatic stress disorder through isolation and great anxiety yet to date the neither the local police, nor the local council has made any counselling provision available to Nikki.  BPCA responded by sending emails to the local police, Kirklees Council and local MP's on two occasions, thus far no reply has been received by the BPCA.  We will however continue to pursue a response through these bodies.

We are also still seeking a church in the vicinity that might be able to help with either some counselling or some friendship.

Mr Chowdhry, drove the couple back to their home after the meal and was disturbed to discover that the couple were without electricity at their home. Nikki then admitted that she had lost her employment as a food packer, due to time taken off to recover from her injuries. She had only been working for a few weeks which meant she was easily dispensed with by her previous employers.  Moreover, as she was sacked she could not gain her full Jobseekers allowance despite the mitigating circumstances of her attack. 

Nikki Hurst took an image with her first pament from us of £180

Mr Chowdhry left £40 with Nikki and through an appeal we were also able to help with a hardship fund of £280 that Nikki was able to pay of some of her outstanding debts with, which included money borrowed from friends and family.  She was also able to buy a Christmas meal for herself and her husband which was something she was not expecting this year.

Nikki was  able o buy back some jewellry she was forced o sell to pawnbroker.

Nikki has called the BPCA office several times and shared this message recently that she has asked us to publish to thank all those who donated:

I'm sending out this message filled with huge amounts of love❤ , thanks🙏  and gratitude👏 from the hearts of both my partner Mark and me for all the amazing support, kindness, donations and sincere hope we've been receiving and are still receiving from all you truly amazing kindhearted people. Even though most of you are people neither my partner or I have had the pleasure of meeting, you're the ones that are still giving us the strength to carry on with both hope and faith. Hope and faith was something that we were so very close to losing from our hearts and lives but because of all of you with each day that passes there's that little bit more light in our hearts and our lives. Before meeting Wilson I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff with only one choice, the choice to give up on all hope and faith; on not only being happy in daily life, but also on ever having the strength to fight to not lose myself, to still be the happy go lucky confident person who loves to meet new people and trust that not all people who I meet in this life are dark, bad people with cold-hearted motives for coming into our lives.  It's such a strange situation to be in, being the person to be so lucky to have so many of you out there giving your support for no other reason other than you're all truly so amazing, kind, huge-hearted people who have chosen to find it within your hearts, souls, minds to pray for my partner Mark and me. Please know from our hearts to yours that each and every one of you have given us the strength, hope, faith, and the light that we needed to know there's still great good that is pure in so many people in the world.  You'll all forever and always be in our thoughts, prayer and hearts. I'll never be able to put it into words, the right words that will come close to expressing the truly amazing things you're all still doing each time we're in your thoughts and prayers. You are showing me the light to the path leading back to getting myself back...   Thank you all so so much! 😄Happy New Year and best wishes to from us to each and everyone of you and yours. All the best for 2018  😘 OX

If you would like us to reach our target of £410 to meet the costs of her personal loans you can still donate for Nikki Hurst (here)

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