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Waris Masih grateful for BPCA's help in taking time off work to recover from murder of 6 year old child


We wrote about a six year old child who was shot dead by a loan shark after a Christian father failed to pay his monthly interest charge on time. We have since returned to the family with your donations and have provided a months rent. Read full original account (here)

The family were grateful as this allows the father more time to get his thoughts together as he and his family cope with the grief and loss of losing a child.

We intend to provide one more months worth of rent for this family to enable them to pursue justice through the law courts.  Our donations cannot support a lawyer for them but we are praying for justice and God will be the final arbitrator.

Father Waris Masih, said:

"Thank you for your gift and support.  These last few weeks have been very painful for my family and sometimes it is hard to find the will to even wake up.  God will reunite me with my daughter one day and that gives me great hope and so does the love shown by our brothers and sisters everywhere.  Thank you."

BPCA Kanwal Amar met with the family

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